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- - By kerbear [us] Date 2006-06-30 9:23 AM
What is your strategy for long runs? Do you rest before? After? Both? And why?
Parent - By SJRunner [us] Date 2006-06-30 9:38 AM
I typically do my LSD on Sat. Fri is a XT day, and Sun is a complete rest day. I surround my LSD days with enough rest mostly to prevent injury.
Parent - By Caylynn Date 2006-06-30 9:40 AM
Rest day before.

XT day after.
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2006-06-30 9:49 AM
I take a rest day after. I've done a few easy runs the day after and my body didn't recover as well. I always run the day before.
Parent - - By stormcatcher (celebrate with me) Date 2006-06-30 12:16 PM
Normally I have a hard workout (or race) on Saturday, run long on Sunday and have a shortish easy run on Monday. When I was running on the team at college, we normally had 700m repeats, a tempo run or double easy runs on Monday so I've softened in my old age. :wink:
Parent - - By SJRunner [us] Date 2006-06-30 12:23 PM
That brings up a question: what about the hard/easy rule? LSD is considered hard right? So is tempo/repeats? But it's okay to do them back to back?
Parent - - By stormcatcher (celebrate with me) Date 2006-06-30 12:46 PM
I don't consider the long run a hard day. If I'm going to run it "hard", then I'd go easy on Saturday and move my hard day back to Thursday or Friday. You'll notice the Hanson plan does something similiar as did my college running program.
Parent - - By SJRunner [us] Date 2006-06-30 12:51 PM
I see. Is it still true if I am in marathon training and the long run gets to 20 miles? I can actually see my "non-training mode" 15 mile long run not being very hard, but anything more feels hard.
Parent - - By stormcatcher (celebrate with me) Date 2006-06-30 12:56 PM
I've not marathon trained so I don't feel I can answer that question. I would think that your overall volume would increase and support that 20 miler as your current volume supports your 15 miler. Does 15 miles seem hard? When I've done weeks and weeks of 15 as my long run, it becomes more like 12 used to feel.
Parent - - By SJRunner [us] Date 2006-06-30 1:32 PM
You are right about the 15. I have 45mpw base to support the 15, and it doesn't feel hard after being at that mileage for 3 weeks or so. But most of the training plans I read usually ramp up the long run to the first 20 miler 6 to 8 weeks into the program, in the mean time the overall volume also increases. There doesn't seem to be a "hold steady" peorid for the long run to feel easy. A lot of people who are training for marathons, including me, view the long runs as the hardest part of the training. I guess it's because the training plans are only 16 to 18 weeks, not long enough for the peak mileage to feel comfortable. That might be the difference between basebuilding and marathon training. I am rambling. Just want to bounce running ideas off you.
Parent - By moonglow9 Date 2006-06-30 2:08 PM
I agree about the longer runs feeling easy after holding the higher mileage.  My midweek medium/longish runs of about 11 miles feel totally normal now, and the long ones of 15 also don't feel "hard" per se.  But like you, there is the 45 mpw base to support them.  And it took quite a while to get t
The concern I am having, looking at the 18/55 plan, is that I'm not going to spend enough time holding at each level of long-run for it to feel natural.  It just keeps moving up, you know? So will the 20s still/always be a push, or can I really build up endurance so they are managable?
Parent - - By stormcatcher (celebrate with me) Date 2006-06-30 6:36 PM
You are right. Most "training" programs just increase and increase. Optimum would be to hold each increase for 21 days (or three weeks) for adaptation to occur before increasing again. The programs are not long enough. A 24 week program would be almost. You would be in base building for 12 weeks and in the real training phase for 12 weeks. For maximum performance, a year long program would be even better.
Parent - By SJRunner [us] Date 2006-06-30 7:00 PM
Very interesting. I guess for practical purpose, few can make the commitment to train for a marathon a year in advance, even fewer would stick to it and make it to the race. Such is life.
Parent - By dangerousdan (bear terrorist) [us] Date 2006-06-30 12:22 PM
Well these days I'm doing a long run on Saturday and a long bike ride on Sunday.  Fridays are usually 5-8 easy miles.  Well, all my miles are easy these days :blush: but I don't like to start the weekend tired or sore.
Parent - - By Turtlegirl Date 2006-06-30 12:38 PM
what do you consider a "long run?"
Parent - By stormcatcher (celebrate with me) Date 2006-06-30 6:37 PM
What do you consider a long run?
Parent - By spartanrunner Date 2006-06-30 8:22 PM
I run 6 on Friday, 6-8 on Saturday, go long on Sunday, and then business as usual (6) on Monday.  I rest one day a week, usually Wednesday or Tuesday, depending on work.  This is per Hanson's plan (as Stormy mentioned).  Their theory is to go into your long runs tired, as to simulate the last miles of the marathon.  Its tough to do but once you get used to it, its fine.  I must admit, it has done a TON for my endurance!  I also must mention, that I have never really been injured from running.  This might not be recommended if you are prone to injuries.
Parent - By belle and seb [kr] Date 2006-07-01 8:10 AM
I rest the day after (almost always). My legs usually feel sore/tired the day after. Ice baths do help alleviate that though :wink:
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