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- - By BobSanone [us] Date 2008-09-08 6:15 AM
Do any of you have a neuroma? if so any suggestions as to how to treat it?

Parent - - By miniscraper Date 2008-09-08 7:55 PM
It helped me a lot to wear shoes with a wider toe box and metatarsal pads.  Also, I looked closely at the shoes I was wearing when I wasn't running and tried to make sure I was choosing good, supportive shoes all the time.  I guess high heels don't really apply to you :wink: but avoiding those helped me a lot, too.
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2008-09-09 2:01 PM
Thanks for the info and I only wear High Heels about once a decade after many beers.:laugh::laugh::laugh:

I see my orthapedic guy next Monday for a final check on my broken left foot. I'll have him check out the neuroma on the right one then.

Parent - - By BobSanone [us] Date 2008-09-15 4:00 PM
Turns out it's Metatarsalitis.....The doctor gave me an Rx for Orthotics w/ metatarsal pads.

Parent - - By Becky1 Date 2008-10-18 8:46 AM
This is what I have been dealing with on/off since Feb.  The orthotics should help.  Also, avoid walking barefoot around the house.  I wear flip/flops for the cushion.  www.myfootshop also has some great met pads you can add to other shoes.
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2008-10-24 2:57 PM
Thanks Becky, I'll check it out as I need some pads for my dress shoes.

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