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- - By sarahbanana Date 2006-06-29 4:53 PM
Tessa posted something on the RW daily about tomorrow being the last day of the first half of the year.  So, how has your year been?  Is your mileage on track, have your goals changed?  I thought it was an interesting idea.
Parent - By sarahbanana Date 2006-06-29 5:09 PM
It looks like 404.5 miles run, 393.4 biked, and 69,100 swum, 6:44 of weights and 2:00 of yoga (whoops!)

The per-week averages are 15.5 running, 15.1 biking, and 2650 swimming, and I'm actually quite happy with that.  The biking could be a lot higher but it's just not that easy here (and by easy, I mean convenient).

On January 1st of this year, I hadn't run for almost a month and had been sick off and on since September.  I don't think I set any 2006 goals for that reason, but I'm sure I would have been happy just to be running consistently, which is just what I'm doing.

So, my goals for the rest of the year:  I tend to get on a roll of week after week of great workouts, and then once the slightest thing isn't right it all stops - this is why I'm afraid to even take rest weeks, because rest weeks have a tendency to turn into rest months for one reason or another.  But looking at my average for the first half of the year, and knowing I took at least two and probably four full weeks off, my goal for the rest of the year is to remember that rest, when necessary, is a good thing, and that in the end it won't put a dent in the work I've done.

But I would love to end with 1000 running miles for the year - my highest to date was 965.
Parent - - By noquitter [us] Date 2006-06-29 5:19 PM
My goal as of Jan. 1 was to do 3 local races: A 4 miler(done), a hilly 12K(done) and a 10K which is in 5 days. My milage should be 20 miles per week as of Saturday. This was another goal of mine as I was primarily x-training and running only a few miles per week at the beginning of the year.   Most of 2005 was exhausted coming back from my two prior injuries of 2004 so it is good to see progress made as I look back on the hole I climbed out of.

Now for the rest of the year: I know it's time for a cutback easy month with some  more crosstraining. Once I've regrouped I'll set some new goals.  Get faster for one thing. 
Parent - - By sarahbanana Date 2006-06-29 5:21 PM
Averaging 20 mpw is always sort of my ideal too, but I can never seem to do it!  Nice job on your comeback :)
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2006-06-29 7:16 PM
I have worked my way up to 20.  I'd like to stay there, but I xtrain too so I feel kind maxed out for now.
Parent - - By cinnamongirl [us] Date 2006-06-29 7:04 PM
Wow. Ok, I think I figured out why my knees hurt now!! haha

Jan -70.8292
Feb - 94
March - 105.07
April - 102.465 (one half of a week off)
May - 103.221 (one week off)
June - 170.992

YTD: 649.245 :)

2 PR's of over 2:40 (10K and 7 mile)

My mileage should be on track (although I can't remember exactly what I picked, I think it was 1400) Need to check that thread, if it still exists...
Parent - - By DaffodilRunner Date 2006-06-29 8:03 PM
Somebody didn't follow the 10% rule :evil:

Hows the frisbee guy, did you hear back from him after e-mailing?
Parent - By cinnamongirl [us] Date 2006-06-29 8:16 PM
:blush: who, me??!!
Really the weekly milage didn't spike unreasonably, the previous 2 months had a week off of running, and this month is really when mary training picked up... but yeah. oops.

I emailed frisbee boy the next day to say hey, ahd a good time, here's my real email since hte match one is going ot die, and he wrote back, hey I had fun too, I'll get in touch when I get back, maybe we'll email while I'm away (for 5 weeks, in MT). Sounded interested, which was good. I liked him :)

Thanks for asking :)
Parent - - By cinnamongirl [us] Date 2006-06-29 7:05 PM
Parent - By moonglow9 Date 2006-06-29 7:29 PM
Thank you! I was looking for that...
Parent - - By moonglow9 Date 2006-06-29 7:40 PM
Huh, for some reason my 2006 goals weren't in that thread.  Maybe the change-over at RWOL ate them.  Okay, well, let's see.  <Moonglow opens training log file on computer>

2006 Goals:
--Improve performance on 5K and break under the 20:00 min mark
--Sign up for and run first marathon, location to be determined. 
      --> Build mileage to 45 miles per week by mid-year in prep for this.  Research and pick a training plan
--Have a good mix of training (speedwork, tempo, hard/easy, hills, different routes, etc) without getting too comfy in the 'same old run'
--Listen to the body in order to prevent injury, and rest well if things should occur so you can get back to your training faster.  Don't push too hard so you're stronger in the long run.  If PT is required, follow it.  And stay healthy!

Mid year check in:
--Almost made the sub-20:00 5K! PR is currently 20:04.  I fully intend to break 20 minutes by the end of this summer!
--Eep! I did it.  Signed up for Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, NC for December 9th
       --> Got it :) I'm at a solid base of 45 to 50 miles per week, almost every week for the past month.  Should be ready to start Pfitz 18/55 in a week and a half or so.
--I'm working hard on this.  I have the different routes and types of running okay I think.  Been doing trails, roads, hills (!) alternating workouts during the week, etc.  But the hard/easy is the hardest part for me, as Stormie can attest to ;) I'm determined though, and with the programme I think it'll be easier.  Lots of self-talk and I've been doing it the past couple weeks.
--Happy to say the year so far has been mostly injury free.  Had a little episode in early January, but I was good and totally rested, did the PT thing.  Came back strong, so I know this is the way to go.  Keep on listening.
Parent - By stormcatcher (celebrate with me) Date 2006-06-29 9:04 PM
I'm watching you. :shocker!:
Parent - By SJRunner [us] Date 2006-06-29 9:39 PM Edited 2006-06-29 9:44 PM
Kate, thanks for digging out the goal thread!

For 06:
1) Run another marathon. PR and BQ. There I said it.

Not yet. The goal marathon is tentatively on 9/10. Currently in the midst of Pfitzer 55/18. First 20 miler in this cycle scheduled this Sat!

2) Learn to swim. For god's sake, I don't even aim to be good at it, I just aim not to drown!
Check! I am a swimmer now. Not a good one, but I can front crawl across the pool, a few times!

3) Start biking outside. I've been loving spinning as XT.
Well, no, since I still don't own a bike. Planning to get one after the 'thon.

4) Maintain a 40 to 50 mpw base. Do most of those miles outside.
Other than the month I was injured, it's on track. According to my log:
Year Total So far: 1110.7 miles (averaging ~40mpw)
Jan: 216.2 miles (training for Austin marathon)
Feb: 142 miles (injury hit, scratch Austin :sad:)
March: 145 miles (healing)
April: 194 miles (finally over it)
May: 205 miles
June: 188.5 miles

5) Do more races. I did 2 this year, that's so few considering I love the rush of competition. My excuse is that I was really busy in 05 with moving, new job, new marriage, new house, etc. But I am going to shape up in 06. I've already targeted a few halfs and 10K around here.
Again, that injury interferred with my spring races. So only did K-100 this past weekend, nothing else. Now it's too hot to race in Texas. Other than the planned marathon, I will have to wait until fall/winter to race.

6) Most important: keep enjoying running.
Didn't enjoy running that much during that injury, but appreciate my healthy legs so much more now that I've recovered! Oh yeah, a great running partner like Ruby sure makes running fun!
Parent - By stormcatcher (celebrate with me) Date 2006-06-29 10:31 PM
Goals for 2006:

1) Be healthy.

2) Enjoy every run.

3) Appreciate everything I have and the individuals I choose to have as my family.

Well, I'm still not "healthy". I'm nearing the 1 year anniversary of my current neuroma issue. It's better but I feel like my foot's been shot up with novacaine. I have been enjoying my runs when my stupid foot isn't acting up or my back isn't giving me trouble. I always appreciate what I have no matter how anyone tries to make me feel otherwise. My miles are way low for me. I'm just over the 700 mark but I hope to be much higher these next six months. No racing goals, just running for now. I've got some solid PRs from long ago so I don't have anything to prove. I have a birthday next month and this is my last year before becoming a "master".
Parent - By Jen1979 [us] Date 2006-06-30 7:39 AM
Sadly, it doesn't look like I am going to make my main goal this year, which was to set a new marathon PR.  It didn't happen in the spring, and with me starting this new job its not going to happen in the fall.  Oh-well, there are greater tradgedies in life.  I will get a new PR before I have a baby.  This will be my way of convincing DH to support the 70+ mile weeks it will take to get the PR!

I can't remember all of my goals, but I know one was to start doing speedwork again and I have done that, so at least the year hasn't been a total failure.
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2006-06-30 10:38 AM
Very happy so far My goals were:
Be consistent.  Check, I've been running 5 days a week most of the time.  If achy or fatigued I took days off.

Run a 1/2 marathon. Check.  Did it and although not fast, I enjoyed it and felt good about completing it.

Work on speed. Still working on this.  My 1/2 time was faster than my 10k time, which in my book means I am faster.

My mileage is over 700, not sure because my log book isn't in front of me, but that is good. I plan to continue running my mid 30 mileage and hopefully do some more speedwork when my feet calm down. Planning on a fall half.
Parent - By pricklypear Date 2006-06-30 10:45 AM
Hey, I've done pretty well so far.:grin:

2006 goals:
Get off the injured list and get back into real running. -- not yet, surgery is scheduled for after the wedding.
Keep up with the cross training. -- doing that :)
Take swimming lessons to improve form and get faster. -- check
Save up for a new road bike. - saved up and bought one.  Getting some good rides in.
Hopefully these goals will set me up to try some triathlons, though depending on how rehab goes, probably not in '06. Ah well, as long as I get there healthy. -- Doing my first tri July 23 :cool:  (minus the run)
Parent - By Hay Burner Date 2006-07-02 11:20 PM
I don't remember my exact goals... I think I wanted to run and ultra and I did that.

I also am at a hair over 400 miles for the year so I'm hoping to do better in the second half of the year.  I haven't been keeping track of bike or ET (mainly b/c I haven't done much) and I haven't swum in ages.

I also want to get my upper body buff again.  Started the pushups a few weeks ago and am already seeing improvement.
Parent - - By Nini [us] Date 2006-07-03 11:40 AM
Kate, thanks for finding the accomplishments/goals post!

Goals for 2006:
1. To run another marathon (this time w/o the cookie at mile 12)
2. To get a little faster, I want to PR once this year, don't care at what distance
3. Want to make sure I don't have ITBS issues
4. To never take running for granted.

Progress report:
1. Not going to run another marathon, not going to be ready in time... going to try my hand at triathlon and a couple of half marathons.
2. To get a little faster... I'd need to race more... I don't want to race more right now, I want to do crazy challenging stuff...
3. I haven't had ITBS issues yet this year, I've taken up yoga to avoid it, and that's also why I'm not going to do the marathon this fall (that doesn't mean there won't be one in the spring...)
4. I have not taken running for granted YET this year :)

This year so far has been amazing, once I got back into the swing of running (after having to take of some time post marathon), I discovered a few crazy things... including hill/mountain running.  Now, I'm not doing this on a regular basis, but it gave me something fun and REALLY different to train for.  I got such a high, I want to do it again and again.  Cinnamongirl also turned me on to trail running, which has been UNBELIEVABLE!  I'm all excited for a trail race in the fall, and I did my first trail race a couple of months ago... awesome, absolutely awesome... actually have combined the two, and have been running up the local ski slope... and Saturday had my best run up the slope EVER.  Now I'm training for my first triathlon, I love getting in the biking and swimming... it's just awesome...

So, no, I'm not going to meet the goals I set forth in January because they've changed substantially since then, and I don't regret it for one second!  I'm a very happy runner Nini as of today, July 3, 2006!!!
Parent - By slowgirl Date 2006-07-03 11:53 AM
Love your enthusiasm, Nini!  And yeah, trail running is so very cool.  :cool:
Parent - By moonglow9 Date 2006-07-03 12:48 PM
That was the best goal check-in I've read in a long time.  You do have a lot to be happy about.  Exploring new things, why not? Trail running is the best, and it seems like you have such a balanced and well rounded view of running.  I hope I can be at the same place soon!
Parent - By runninginaustin Date 2006-07-05 3:43 PM
I have done the last but not attacked any of the others.  Got injured first part of the year so my first chance at the marathon and half were out.  I am going to focus on the sub 4 marathon and I hope that a 10k I do three weeks before the mary gives me the sub 50.  May have to run the half at white rock or Houston if I get the sub 4 this fall to try to break 1:45.
Parent - By Pencils [us] Date 2006-07-05 7:05 PM
My main health goal for the year has been to stay out of the hospital, and I've done that.  I had a procedure done at Columbia-Presbyterian in February, but I managed to avoid having to stay.  Yay! 

Running-wise, my goal has been to maintain a 25-27 mile per week average, and I've done that.  I'm not positive what my overall mileage has been, as I've missed logging some runs.  In the mornings I've really been pushing it, with regards to time, so I've frequently put logging in my runs off until later and then completely forgotten later on, and it gets to the point where I don't feel like going back through a week's worth of dailies.  In the last month, I've decided to try to maintain the 25 miles per week goal while only doing four runs instead of five, and it's been working out OK so far.  The hardest part has been having enough time to run that long in the morning.  I hate getting up even earlier, but I can't get out as early as I used to as I need more time to get over my morning pain.  I may have to start dragging my ass out of bed at 4:45.  Horrors! :cry:

For the rest of the year...we'll see how it goes, health-wise.  I'd love to be healthy enough to actually train for something, like a half, but that is a big "maybe."  I've been rather sicker than usual lately, which could mean a lot of things.
Parent - By smiling sara [us] Date 2006-07-05 7:38 PM
RR 2006: Do more than the 3 races I did in 2005. Consistently run 20 miles/wk, preferably without a particularly long run. Don't even think the word "marathon". Figure out this back/siatica issue (MRI next week).

PROGRESS: Haven't done any races yet, but am planning a half marathon (yes that contains the word marathon but is allowed) with DH in September and looking forward to it.  Will see after that.  I'm doing GREAT on my mileage though; right around 20, with 4-5, 3-5mile runs/wk.  :)  No back/sciatica issues (knock on wood).

NRR 2006: Find balance again, between work, DH/family, household chores, friends, running, and volunteering; yet get our finances back in decent shape. Continue to emphasize (stop slacking on) healthy eating as well as exercise. (Working too much leaves less time for cooking, which leaves me less control over what DH and I eat).

PROGRESS: Getting closer to balance....  Finances have made the point that we've been pre-approved for a mortgage way higher than I would've imagined (so we're looking about 25% below that number); would like to pay off a few more things before we buy a new house (closer to my new job, more land) but I guess if not then we can pay them off in the progress (roll into the mortgage).  DH and I have both made exercise and healthier eating a priority - without spending much time in the kitchen; he lost 40#; I lost 7.  Honestly I think that tiny bit of weight helps keep my back issues away.
Parent - By donnybrook [us] Date 2006-07-06 9:27 AM
2006 Goals:
I don't know. I'm in a state of flux at the moment. I wouldn't mind doing another winter marathon training cycle for a spring BQ attempt. But there is that tri thing... I don't know. Okay, here's the goals--I either want to BQ or I want to complete my first "real" triathlon and maybe do some shorter distant road running. We'll see what the year brings.

2006 so far:
Run:  663 miles
Bike:  503 miles and 22 hours 45 minutes on the trainer
Swim:  81,100m (or just over 50 miles)

I've completed two "real" tris, two dus, and a handful of 5Ks (pr-ing at everyone).  I have my sights set on a few more tris before the season is over.  I'm still toying with the idea of running a December marathon, so maybe I'll meet both of my tentative goals this year.  I'm going to wait until after the tri season is over to see how I feel about jumping into marathon training.
Parent - By Grasshopper Date 2006-07-06 12:14 PM
Well.  Since I'll be going back to teaching this fall, I'm wondering how my running will be affected.  I don't know ... I'll have to get up and out the door earlier, I'll be a little more preoccupied with non-running stuff, and I'll be more tired.  I've kept up with my mileage pretty well so far this year, and I should be all set to do whatever training I need to do, but it's a question of commitment more than anything else. 

1.  I still want to train for the 50k, which is in October.  If I can just keep running five days a week with a couple of long runs in there, I should be okay.  If I slack off during the first few weeks of school, I'll scrap this plan and run the 25k instead.  And I won't feel guilty if I have to cut it back to the 25k, because that's life.

2.  I would like to train for the Houston marathon, which is next January.  There really isn't any reason I can't do this.  I won't be doing any serious high mileage, but I'll still do what I need to do.

That's it!  I'll see how things are looking for me by mid-September.  Maybe by that time I'll have settled into a good routine.
Parent - By swordchick [us] Date 2006-07-06 4:05 PM
So far so good ...

At the beginning of the year, I was on crutches ... and I really thought I'd be running again by February. Unfortunately, it wasn't 'till almost April that I was able to run again. In January my goals were:

- 5K PR (under 30 min)
- Complete #2 Marathon

When I started running again in April, I knew I'd be starting over from scratch, and the PR was probably unlikely. I changed my goals to:
- Lose 25 lbs
- Complete the Peachtree in a respectable time
- Do the Atlanta Half Marathon
- Work back up to 20-25 mpw by July and maintain.

So far, here's how I'm doing:
- 7 lbs down, 18 to go
- Completed Peachtree in a crappy time, but not too unhappy about it.
- the 1/2 is in November.
- Had my first 20 mile week a couple weeks ago, and this week is looking like a 20+ week. I'm a little behind, but I've been extraordinarily cautious to avoid injury. So far so good.
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