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- - By george [us] Date 2008-07-09 5:27 PM
Howdy everyone,

I wrote up a really long (and yet really abridged) synopsis of my 2.5 weeks that I spent in Europe.  Here is the link:

And here is the link to pictures.  Ireland consists of the last 250 or so (and I feel are the most worthwhile; a lot of the first pictures are just from the heavy metal festivals so I realize they may not be everyone's cup of tea) :)
Parent - By Runner Doug [us] Date 2009-03-15 4:13 PM Edited 2009-03-15 4:16 PM
Nice read George. Enjoyed it.

We had a similar plane experience in our very first European trip. Scheduled to fly from Dulles to JFK and then to Paris. Got on the plane at Dulles and a big storm comes through, delaying all flights. Pilot says "Don't worry, the plane at JFK will stay because half of this flight needs to be on it" (same carrier).

After about two hours in this storm, it abates and we start to move. We go about 20', stop and the pilot comes on and says "I've just been informed that the plane in JFK took off". We sit for another two hours and the pilot comes back on and says "See that 747 parked on our left?. It's going to London. All the Paris people will be transferred to that plane and then catch a connecting flight from London to Paris".

It takes another 90 minutes to get everyone and their luggage over to that plane. One good thng is my wife and I got bumped up to first class. By this time however, we're approaching 6 hours on the Dulles tarmac.

We get everyone settled in, roll about 20' and stop. The pilot comes on. He says "Due to the length of time on the tarmac, with the AC running we need to get more fuel". Another 45 minutes goes by getting a truck out there and doing it's thing.

All in all however, we did walk into our hotel in Paris about the same time we would have otherwise but it was nervewracking.

But it pays to have the same carrier.

And read my post in the "Unexpected things you've learned" thread. I note how friendly the French are too.

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