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Up Topic General / Injuries / Radiofrequency injection? WTH?
- - By Ankah Date 2008-05-15 9:22 PM Edited 2008-05-15 9:24 PM
Anyone ever heard of this?

So, they're like, going to deaden my nerves? :shocker!:

(for those who don't know what's up, trust me, there's one hell of a back story.)
Parent - By jalashkar (Yahd) Date 2009-08-10 8:04 AM
Hey, I've heard this might work for some people.  : pbbt::laugh:
Parent - By 26miler Date 2009-08-24 9:31 PM
Mu husband has had this done twice. He didn't think it helped the first time, until it wore off and then he realized it had to an extent. It did not take away his pain though. I have heard from others that it worked well for them, so I guess everyone is different. From someone who has witnessed their spouse with chronic back pain for over 5 years, I wish you a lot of luck. It sucks.:sad:
Up Topic General / Injuries / Radiofrequency injection? WTH?

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