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- - By Certifiable Date 2008-04-20 7:45 PM
I was in the Spring Migration Triathlon for the second time today. Last year, I finished in 1:10:10. This year 1:05:45, a 4:25 improvement. :happy:

Swim: I was placed at number 60 for the 400m pool swim. It seemed less congested in the pool this year. I stayed calmer and tried to focus on form, but not worry about how frequently I was breathing. The tiled walls of the pool are really slick and it's hard to get a good pushoff after a turn. In the 200-225m range, I passed the swimmer who had started 58th. Then, at the last turn, I let #61 go by me, only to bump into her when she couldn't get around #59 because of on coming traffic. This year's swim time was 7:45 (compared with 7:48 last year).

T-1: It's a pretty healthy distance out of the swimatorium to the transition area. I ran as hard as I could barefoot, put on my helmet, and sunglasses, forced my wet feet into my bike shoes and took off with my bike. 1:19 (compared with 1:23 last year).

Bike: The 20K out and back bike course goes north first. When I mounted and sprinted off, I could not see any other bike riders. :wtf: With the moderate south wind pushing me on, I clicked off some quick miles to the turnaround. I finally could see other riders and was gaining on them, but passed no one - and no one passed me. I made the turnaround and started back into the teeth of the wind. I was immediately passed by #62. He seemed to be a grinder and was handling the wind pretty well. I told myself to stay close and get him on the run. Finally, I started to pass other riders about 12K miles into the ride. :cool:The last 8K I passed probably a dozen people as the wind really seemed to be taking a toll. 36:14 :happy:(compared with 39:40 last year, albeit in a stronger wind)

T-2: Rack the bike, take off helmet, switch Garmin from handlebar mount to watchstrap mount. Swap bike shoes for elastic laced run shoes. 47 seconds. (compared with 46 seconds last year)

Run: It's a 5K course on rolling hills. Similar to the start of the bike segment, No one was immediately visible when I started running, It didn't take long, however, as the start is uphill and after a couple of turns through the Emporia State University campus, I had #62 and a younger looking runner in range and numerous others spread out before me. #62 went down in the first half mile, and I continued to chase the other guy. He passed about 10-15 other runners and I followed. Around the two mile mark (per Garmin) I finally caught and passed him, but I heard him fall in behind me. I chased down a few more runners, and then was repassed by the guy I had chased for so long in the last .2 of the race. Rather than try to outsprint him to the line (I have no sprintability), I followed him in. 19:40 :grin: (compared with 20:29 last year).

My overall time of 1:05:45 was good for 19th overall, out of 151 total finishers, and 3rd in the 45-49 age group. I'll have to knock about 2 minutes more off my time next year if I'm going to stay on the podium, because there were three 44 year olds ahead of me. Silly kids:roll:

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Parent - By Ankah Date 2008-04-20 7:49 PM
Wow, those seconds you saved in all the disciplines really add up! Nice job taking an AG award and placing in the top 20!
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