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Up Topic General / Shoes and Gear / So how many miles do you get out of your Mizunos?
- - By Stace76 [us] Date 2006-06-29 6:31 AM
I've been in Mizunos for awhile, with the last 7 months in Wave Creations, though I recently added some Riders into rotation.  I realized I've been having odd aches and pains this week (I was using only the Creations through the mud/rain/loveliness that's been going on here in the mid-atlantic).  I checked my mileage - I have 383 on the Creations and I think they are shot.  Last time, I pushed the Creations to 400-450 and probably shouldn't have.  380 doesn't seem like a lot of miles, especially since I'm a lightweight runner and the Creations aren't cheap.  :mutmad:

So what kind of Mizunos do you wear and how many miles do you get out of them?:wtf:
Parent - - By keithlong_nm (elite kenyan) [us] Date 2006-06-29 7:59 AM
I had some Wave Creation 4 shoes a couple years back that I got only about 300 miles out of before they started hurting my feet (fortunately I got them cheap on closeout).  We had a thread on RW Shoe forum awhile back about the Wave Riders and low mileage, so it may be that you just don't get the miles from these shoes.

Parent - By Stace76 [us] Date 2006-06-29 9:51 AM
Thanks.  Mizunos fit my feet really well, but I'd really like to get more miles out of them!
Parent - - By nawwal [us] Date 2006-06-29 9:35 AM
I had the Riders but gave them away after 5 runs.  TOO stiff.
Parent - By tescovee (Box O' Wine) [us] Date 2006-06-30 6:08 AM
If they remain TOO STIFF for more than four hours, consult your physician : pbbt:
Parent - By Marshall76 [us] Date 2006-06-29 2:40 PM
Hey Stace76 : pbbt:.

I get 700-800 miles on my Wave Riders, but I'm easy on shoes I guess.  I used to get about 600 on Nike Pegasus, but I've gotten as few as 300-350 on lightweight trainers (Saucony Swerve, Nike Spans).  Mizunos just work for me - I love 'em!
Parent - By ehsiung [us] Date 2006-06-29 4:22 PM
I just retired a pair of Inspires with 400 miles. I have another pair of Inspires with about 250 and a pair of Mercurys with 350, both still going strong.
This is comparable with mileage that I get from other shoe brands.
Parent - By shekhel [us] Date 2006-06-29 8:10 PM
300-ish all mizuno I've tried precision, creation, wave rider  and I buy the less expensive elixer
Parent - By Samantha Date 2006-06-30 5:20 PM
I'm currently in Mizuno Alchemy, though I can also wear the Maverick.
I've been a Mizuno fan for years, but I never get more than 350 miles out of them
And I weigh 108.
Gotta go with what works though. I run in Brooks Adrenaline also, and they get about 400.
Oh well.
Parent - By sibelius [us] Date 2006-06-30 9:32 PM
Hey Stace:

Mizuno Nirvana is my current shoe of choice. Nirvana is the high end stability shoe in their line-up. Unfortunately, I seem to max out at about 300 miles or even a bit less before I need to change.:sad: I seem to have a hard time finding a shoe that fits well and gets good mileage. The last two Asics models I tried (Nimbus and Cumulus) were a no-go as I developed minor foot and knee tweaks shortly after using them. I may need to experiment with brooks or new balance as an alternative. While I really like the fit/feel of the Nirvana, the absolute price is steep (even when getting last years model on E-bay) and the cost/mile does not seem to be competitive. I have heard others say that Mizuno tends to wear out a bit quicker than some other brands.
Parent - By asianfury Date 2006-07-06 6:30 PM
I wear Wave Inspires and I'm not the happiest customer. :sad:  I think they have around 300ish or so, but the shoe drives me nuts!
Parent - By squirrelgirl (Indian Buffet Queen) Date 2006-07-13 2:59 PM
Love my riders but 400 is about my limit before I start to get aches. They fit my feet perfectly so I'll stick with them but I wish I could get more out of them.
Parent - By David_L Date 2006-07-14 2:02 PM
I have a pair of Riders that's over two years old. I run 40-60 miles per week. Maybe they've lost some cushioning (ya think?) but they still work for me on my shorter runs, especially the runs I do on the trails. They still have the little "X" texture thingies molded on the X-10 rubber on the soles. Just won't wear out. NASA should insulate the Space Shuttle with X-10 rubber instead of those tiles. When they finally poop out I'm sending them to Mizuno so they can put them on display.
Parent - - By gottarungirl Date 2006-07-20 7:53 AM
Hi :)

I rotate between my Creations and Riders and only get around 300 miles from each.  I can't find another shoe that fits as well.  In fact, the Creation is feeling extra clunky to me.  I don't know what to make of that.
Parent - By MyFeetHurt [us] Date 2006-07-20 8:14 AM
The Creation is extra clunky!  Seriously though, 300-400 is pretty normal...if you only get 100-200 there's probably a problem with your shoe or gait or something.  But yeah, some people get way more than others.
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