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Up Topic Training / Triathlons / My first Tri post- Power Cranks question.
- - By HeHateMe [us] Date 2008-04-10 5:05 PM
This is my very first Triathlon post. Has anyone here used or familiar with Power Cranks?

I started using them on my bike indoors & have been bummed ever since. I was warned that even experienced riders have to build up to long rides, but WTF? I started with 5 minutes, and added 5mins every other day, but I'm stuck on 30 mins. It seems incredibly difficult to use continuously- I can't imagine a 2+ hour ride. I tried outside once & it seemed even more difficult- my average speed dropped by a whopping 6 mph!

I am almost 50 yo and might not be a champion rider, but I have done several marathons under 3 hours and a couple century rides under 5 hours, and these PC have reduced me to a sniveling little baby!  Can anyone give me some tips, advise or encouragement? Thanks!
Parent - By Certifiable Date 2008-04-10 8:38 PM
I have no experience with them, but I googled and found this write up. They're a training device only, as I understand the article. If all you're getting is the pull and no push, I can understand why speed would drop.
Parent - By Nemo Date 2008-04-11 12:58 PM
Go lurk/search on'll get more advice/opinions on them than you'll EVER want. ;)
Up Topic Training / Triathlons / My first Tri post- Power Cranks question.

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