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Up Topic General / Injuries / ITBS-anybody have any success stories or advice?
- - By BAMArunner Date 2008-02-25 9:23 AM
7th month of this. Here is my question-

IF you did any kind of leg strengthening exercises for weak hip flexors, what did you do?

long story even longer-came down with this in august. PT august-decemeber, wavering miles up to 2 miles. December-found a leg length discrepancy that we thought was just a hip "acting" shorter because of scoliois. Got a heel lift, mileage up to 3, now I'm back down to 1.5 miles.

Oh, and greater trochanter bursitis to add to the misery.

I'm starting anti-infammatories and still in extensive pt, but a lot of what I'm reading is talking about strengthening the whole leg to keep the IT on the right track. I'm doing some of this in Pt, but specifically, what has worked for anybody else?

Any help is appreciated.
Parent - - By noel (Kilotons of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk) Date 2008-02-25 12:07 PM
:cry:oh man its sounds horrible:sad:sorry you are still battling this...I got my bursitis and ITBS last September and had PT Oct Nov and went back to running mid November...

It is still there off and on for me, but not nearly as bad as before.  I have to be religious about stretching everything and esp foam rolling the ITB and specific ITB stretches.  Lately ice baths have helped as I have been coming back and adding more mileage. My PT did electrode pulse and laser therapy that helped reduced inflammation.

My PT brother told me the best hip flexor strengthening is laying on your side and lifting your legs, just that old standard leg lift.  Or using a resistance band and standing and doing a side leg lift. I also do the Abductor machine at the gym, but its actually not as effective b/c your leg is bent. I have heard glute strengthening is important too with ITB and hip pain.

He advised me not to ever bother with inner thigh adductor work as that muscle is worked with just about verything we do, so generally there is an imbalance with the inner and outer hip, so just work the outer to match up to what the inner is already doing.

Not sure if this is any new info for you though...but good luck.:hug:
Parent - - By joerunner (100 mile stud) Date 2008-02-29 6:55 PM
You have inner and outer hips?:wtf::laugh:  Do you make a sound like a bass drum when you walk?:laugh::laugh::laugh::shocker!:
Parent - - By noel (Kilotons of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk) Date 2008-03-04 2:39 PM
:mutmad:adductor and abductors:roll:
Parent - By joerunner (100 mile stud) Date 2008-03-10 11:11 AM
Parent - By BAMArunner Date 2008-03-06 6:28 PM
YES!! This is good info. Thank you :hug::hug:
Parent - - By BAMArunner Date 2008-03-06 6:29 PM
turns out I have sf in my hip. Nothing but swimming and the stupid bike for 4-6 weeks.
Parent - - By noel (Kilotons of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk) Date 2008-03-07 7:53 AM
:shocker!::cry::cry::cry:I'm sorry!!! But I'm glad they got it more pinpointed, at least now you know why it wasn't healing all this time:sad:take care
Parent - - By BAMArunner Date 2008-03-07 3:06 PM
your tagline!!!!

*looking around...seeing if anybody is listening* That's from the redneck wedding show isn't it? The guy was trying to write his vows and he was running them by his grandmother...she said ..I lik hawt pockets!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
Parent - By noel (Kilotons of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk) Date 2008-03-07 3:31 PM
:laugh::laugh::laugh:yes:laugh:my husband and I laughed ourselves sick over that
Parent - - By yogarunningal [us] Date 2008-08-30 10:54 PM
the hip abductor exercise is a good one (leg lift on your side)

strengthen the glutes: do squats and what i call the "peeing dog" exercise.  get on your hands and knees and lift your leg out to the side while keeping your leg bent  :laugh:

stretch stretch stretch!  lie on your back. drw you knee up to your chest, then pull it across your body   google the yoga pose "pidgeon" and "double pidgeon"  they are gret stretches for the IT band

when it's really tight, massage it with a roller (or you can use a 2 liter pop bottle full of water)
Parent - By BAMArunner Date 2008-09-13 5:49 AM

just now checked this!

Thank you. I started back running in May, slowly. I was up to about 7-8 miles but it's back now. I feel it when I'm sitting down, driving or sitting at home. I have a recliner that I use all the time, even to eat because I can't sit without it pulling that band. :meh:

So, I'm off to google the stretches and dig out/dust off the foam roller. I'll be damned if I'll take 10 months off of running again.
Parent - - By whollymoly (manliest boy) Date 2008-09-08 4:14 PM
sounds like you're doing the right things.  oh, and yogadiva knows her stuff, too.:hug:

p.t. is great, if you get a good p.t.-ist. :happy:
Parent - By BAMArunner Date 2008-09-13 5:49 AM
I had an amazing Mr. Masochist. :cool:
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