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- - By Shogun Date 2008-01-31 1:55 PM
Can you do away with the 100 character limit for the signature line?

I have a great new quote I want to use, but it is 222 characters long.

Parent - - By noskillz (Techus Dorkus Maximus) Date 2008-09-24 1:49 PM
I've been diligently working through the queue of requests and looking into this one. 

The 100 character limit is hard coded into the software.  

Actually I can enable a 'full signature' which is unlimited in size and allows html markup.   Not willing to do that.  

I like some limit in size as I don't want the sigs to be bigger than the average post, but, I agree that 100 is a bit limited.   Unfortunately it is not just a setting that I can change easily in the forum setup options.

I will continue to agressively look into modifiying this limit. :happy: :laugh:
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Up Topic General / Forum Related / change request

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