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- - By miniscraper Date 2007-12-10 9:33 AM
Alright peeps, how was last week?  What's the plan for this week?  And a question: How are you going to work around holiday travel?
Parent - By miniscraper Date 2007-12-10 9:48 AM
I did not have a good week.  After traveling and running the half last weekend I was tired Monday and Tuesday...and then I let that mess up the rest of the week too.  Friday night I had a headache that didn't go away until late last night :roll: so that affected my running as well.

Last week:
Plan                                     Actual

M: rest                                 rest
T: 3                                      rest
W: rest                                 rest
T: 4                                      rest
F: rest                                  rest
S: 3                                      3.1. I forgot to stop my watch but I think it was about 11mpm and a high heart rate.  That's way off what I would normally do, so I blame the headache
S: 10                                    3.0  Bagged the 10 because of my head, felt guilty and did 3 with Kona.  Didn't take my watch or HRM because I was pissy after Saturday's run..but Sunday wasn't any better
Total: 20                               6.1

This week's plan:
M: rest
T: 3
W: Rest
T: 4
F: rest
S: 3
S: 11
Total: 21
This plan actually coordinates well with my work schedule, so I'm optimistic.  Yesterday I thought I was coming down with something but today I feel better, so who knows.

As far as holiday plans, my family is so laid back I can pretty much do what I want.  Usually when I go home I run all my favorite old trails, but I'm flying instead of driving this year so I won't have quite as much freedom.  It'll probably be a lot of neighborhood running - HILLY neighborhood running.
Parent - By insistor (needs a bigger dick) Date 2007-12-10 9:49 AM
Plan                                      Actual
M- 45 Min @ 140                              M- 45 min @ 138
T- 65 Min @ 160                              T- Snow shoveling, push things back one day
W- 55 Min @ 145                             W- 69:20 @ 160
Th- 65 Min @ 160                            Th- 54 min @ 142
F- Off                                            F- 65:29 @ 159
Sa- 55 Min @ 145                            Sa- 49:42 w/out HR monitor. Felt OK with not wearing it and keeping my pace down
Su- 100 Min @ 150                          Su- 123 min @ 152

I had 40.3 miles for the week, up from 35.3 the previous week. Very happy to hit 40.

This Week
M- 45 min @ 140
T- 65 min @ 160
W- 55 min @ 145
Th-65 min @ 160
F- Off
Sa- 55 min @ 155
Su- 105 min @ 150

I think I am ready to add one day of speed work but need to find an indoor track to do so at this point. 

Thanks for bringing this thread back again this week Mini. 

How are you going to work around holiday travel? I was just worrying about this today. I have been adding miles for about 6 or 7 weeks now so I might use it as a down week. I have a friend coming in from Chicago for the Monday Night Football game (Bears v. Vikes) next Monday, then I go out of town that Friday through Sunday to the in-laws. I will just try to fit in some running where I can but not feel bad if I don't. The actual week of Christmas should be back to normal for me.
Parent - By tasmulder [us] Date 2007-12-10 10:36 AM
Last week 3 runs 29.66 miles
              2 bike rides 16.13 miles
              3 weight days

This week Mon: weights(chest, shoulders, arms)
              Tue: 65 min running, abs
              Wed: 40 min biking, back, abs, legs
              Thu: weights(chest, shoulders, arms)
               Fri:  40 min biking, back, abs
              Sat:  70 min running, abs, legs
              Sun: Rest Day

Not traveling far so shouldn't be an issue getting my workouts done. Though gym will be closed on christmas(obvious), so only weights for the 24th or 25th. Otherwise a rest day.
Parent - - By DjthePirate [us] Date 2007-12-10 10:43 AM
I'm not planning anything I'm just going to go out and run, anytime I plan anything it always fall through anyways so no more planning for me
Parent - By DjthePirate [us] Date 2007-12-10 1:44 PM
Arms, Core and Stairs today

word of warning, doing hard core work and then doing stairs, tends to make pushing it to hard a little to easy, so I think I'm going to split those two things up :laugh: oh well what doesn't kill you will make you stronger
Parent - By greenie (Pea counting punk) [us] Date 2007-12-10 11:33 AM
Last week I said I'd do what my body allowed and here is what I did:

M: 15.1 total @ 7:37 including 9.2 @ 7:07 pace with a HR of 155.
T: 12.1 @ 8:20, so slow for a HR of 131 on avg.
W: 9.9 @ 8:02, avg HR 140. 6.1 @ 8:39, 125avgHR
T: 15 total @ 7:31 including 8.4 @ 6:56 pace with a HR of 155 (getting better)
F: 9.9 @ 7:57, avg HR 134 6.5 @ 7:53, 127 avgHR (finally getting close to normal)
S: 16.9 @ 7:31, avg HR = 140
S: 8.7 slow with the club @ 8:03

100.2 miles for the week.

The plan for this week:
M:  3.4 miles in the AM, shakeout  PM: 2400 test, 10-12 miles
T:  12 @ 140
W:  10 @ 145, 6 @ 135 or lower (strides)
T:  15 w/ 1 hour @ 155
F:  10 @ 140
S:  5 @ 135 or lower (strides)
S:  4.5 mile race, ~8 with the warm up and down
Parent - - By zeppos [us] Date 2007-12-10 12:59 PM
Even with the wicked weather we had here it didn't interfere with my running too much. Have to run a little slower on the ice, hurdle some snowbanks, deal with temps below zero but it wasn't bad.
This week:
M-6 miles.  Can't do hills anymore because the sledders have taken over. :sad:
T-Used to be my rest day but now it will be my x-country ski night.
W-8 miles w/tempo run
Th-Downhill skiing night
F-5 miles
Sat-13 miles
Sun-8 miles

Now that we've got snow I need to adjust my schedule to get skiing in too. I still want to hit around 40 miles/week. 
Parent - - By miniscraper Date 2007-12-10 1:18 PM
Wow - XC skiing is really the opposite of rest!  If we move to MI I really need to try that.
Do you use YakTrax or anything in the snow?
Parent - - By zeppos [us] Date 2007-12-10 2:10 PM
I go pretty easy when I'm out there, no hills just loops around the park.  It's good for my arms. I didn't know MI was a possibility, that's where I'm from originally.  Winter lasts a longtime here, skiing is a good alternative for me.

I haven't used YakTraks, that might be a good Christmas idea. 
Parent - - By miniscraper Date 2007-12-10 2:14 PM
Right now MI looks like the strongest possibility :grin:
Parent - - By zeppos [us] Date 2007-12-10 2:14 PM
Can I ask whereabouts?
Parent - - By miniscraper Date 2007-12-10 2:17 PM
East Lansing...
Parent - - By zeppos [us] Date 2007-12-10 2:22 PM
  Let me know if you land there. I've only been to MSU so don't remember much about the town.
Parent - By miniscraper Date 2007-12-10 2:26 PM
I will :grin:
Parent - - By DjthePirate [us] Date 2007-12-10 1:45 PM
Hey Zeps have a stair case handy?
Parent - - By zeppos [us] Date 2007-12-10 2:11 PM
The one from my basement.  :wink:

In addition to lack of hills we also have a lack of tall buildings.
Parent - By DjthePirate [us] Date 2007-12-10 2:59 PM
hahahaha it's the opposite here, we have tons of hills and stairs :laugh:
Parent - By IronAllie (Tacky Shitstorm) Date 2007-12-10 1:38 PM
Last week's plan:

M: 7-9 easy (150)
T:  2 w/u, 5 X 1 mile @ 7:20 w/ 1 minute recovery, 2 w/d
W:  6 easy (150)
T:  2 w/u  6 X 800 @ 3:25 w/ 1:30 recovery
F:  6-8 easy
S:  12 long, 1st half @ 160, 2nd half @ 175
S:  6 easy (150)


Monday:9 miles, HR 150, 8:41 pace, 1:18:09

Felt good but the wind took my breath away!

Tuesday: off the plan because of miscommunication
2 mile w/u @ 150 HR

Hour @ 170 (ended up with 7.6 miles/7:53 pace)

2 mile w/d @ 150

= 11.6 miles

Wednesday:Easy 6.5 miles, HR 148, pace 8:35, 55:50

2 mile warm up
6 X 800 with 1:30 jog in between (3:23, 3:24, 3:24, 3:25, 3:24, 3:25)
2 mile warm down

=7.8 miles total

Friday:CRAPPO run.  6.5 miles, the whole time I wanted to stop

The plan was:

12 miles:  6 @ HR 160, 6 @ HR 175

Actual:   6 miles/HR160/8:08 pace/48:49
             6 miles/HR175/7:51 pace/47:04
   Total: 12 miles/HR167/8:00 pace/1:35:53

I am a little disappointed with the second half of the run. I was guessing that my avg pace for HR175 would be more like 7:40.  But oh well.  That wasn't the point of this run!

Sunday:Easy 6.8 miles, HR 147, 8:33 pace, 58:09

Total: 61.2


M: 7-9 easy (150)
T:  2 w/u, 2 X 20 minutes @ 7:20 w/ 3 minute recovery, 2 w/d
W:  6 easy (150)
T:  2 w/u  7 X 800 @ 3:25 w/ 1:30 recovery
F:  6-8 easy
S:  14 long @ 160
S:  6 easy (150)
Parent - By whollymoly (manliest boy) Date 2007-12-10 4:36 PM
let's see...oh yes, i ran.
Parent - By whollymoly (manliest boy) Date 2011-08-31 3:58 PM
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