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Up Topic General / Shoes and Gear / Are they still making Mizuno Waverider 8s?
- - By karmia [us] Date 2006-06-27 3:40 PM
I need a new pair, and I really liked my old set.  If not, do you guys have any pairs that you suggest fit the same?  I get blisters really, really easily.  The Mizunos were the first set I've had that don't fuck my feet to hell.

PS: I wear a 10.5 in mens.
Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-06-28 8:09 AM
you wont be disappointed with the Wave Rider 9. Almost everyone who ran in 8 has liked the 9 even more.'sMizunoWaveRider9+

I checked but dont have any 10.5s left in the 8 on closeout
Parent - - By David_L Date 2006-06-28 12:40 PM
I've run in the Rider 6, 7 and now in the 9. Didn't try the 8s, was in the Inspires at the time, but I think the 9s are the same as the 8s except for diffferent cosmetics. All Riders feel the same to me. Sweeeeeeet.
Parent - - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-06-28 1:52 PM
Hi DavidL I mentioned you on the FE thread over in L&O earlier today. Was reminescing(sp) about White Rock Half 2003
Parent - - By David_L Date 2006-07-06 11:46 AM
You were the first forumite I met. You ran by me and yelled "DAVID_L":grin:
Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-06 12:22 PM
LOL, I remember, you were beside your car and I was about maybe mile 12 of the half. I recognized you as I ran by........
Parent - - By Marshall76 [us] Date 2006-06-29 2:43 PM
I've had 4 pairs of Wave Rider 8's, and I'm on my second pair of Wave Rider 9's, and they are pretty much identical.
Parent - By cookjw [us] Date 2006-06-30 1:04 AM
Has any one tried the Wave Nirvana 2?  how did they like them?  i just orderd a pair and hopefuly they fit right if not i got to wait another 2weeks while i send them back and get a diferent size
Parent - By squirrelgirl (Indian Buffet Queen) Date 2006-07-03 1:34 PM
There are still some 8s to be found online. I got a pair for really cheap at amazon but the sizes are weird for what is left. I wear a 5 in womens so not much left for me.
I like the 9s too. Very nice and earthy (ie. not like you have cushions tied to your feet).
Up Topic General / Shoes and Gear / Are they still making Mizuno Waverider 8s?

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