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- - By terrythedrummer (i'mmm fvkcing tankeed d) [us] Date 2007-09-22 5:43 PM
Anyone have them?:hug:

I want some really bad, but I'm not sure my bank or mr. american express would be as happy as i would:roll:
Parent - By txredd (Redd Hawt!) [us] Date 2007-09-22 8:02 PM
Get a sponsor.  :grin:
Parent - By Nemo Date 2007-09-23 7:33 PM
Yup. Two sets actually. We've got a Renn Disk, Zipp 404 front, a set of Nimble Crosswinds (that we will soon be selling) and buying a set of Zipp 808s.

I'm not sure how much faster they actually make you--me, not so much. But, they look and feel cool.

Actually, newest research shows an aero helmet helps more than wheels--and it's a LOT cheaper. You can get a good aero helmet for about $150.
Parent - By Certifiable Date 2007-09-23 10:10 PM
No. I ride with the wheels my bike came with :meh:
Parent - - By aliengin [us] Date 2007-10-02 9:09 AM
Switched to Zipp 999s from Heds and they worth every penny. Again it depends on your involvement in the sport. if you are doing 1-2 races per season I would spend that money on a better bike, training or race entries.
Parent - - By Nemo Date 2007-10-02 9:22 AM
Yay! B/C w/ the new 808s on the way, we'll have that set up now too if we want. What do you like more about them?
Parent - - By aliengin [us] Date 2007-10-02 12:25 PM Edited 2007-10-02 12:28 PM
Lets see... Carbon rims so I use tubulars. Rear disk is about 900 grams. In other words, my old clincher Renn was the same weight as Zipp 999 set.
weight difference is big. Another thing is the quality. I am NOT saying Renn was low quality but attention to detail and customer support at Zipp is incredible.
Oh and did I say they look cool ;-)

Here is when every gram counts:
Parent - - By Nemo Date 2007-10-02 12:59 PM
New bike! Cool!! SA-WEET.

Well, we "technically" will have a 999 setup. Tubular Renn Disk and a full set of 808s. Plus a 404 front. So, lot's of combos. :)

Now, anyone want to buy a set of Nimble Crosswinds? :D

Have you experienced any problems with squirreliness w/ the 808 on the front in the wind?
Parent - - By aliengin [us] Date 2007-10-02 4:56 PM
Well there is always a "lean" factor on the cross winds.

Sometimes on high speeds if you encouter sudden gusting winds it might get a bit scary but nothing too serious.
Parent - By Average_Joe [us] Date 2008-01-15 11:45 AM
Very cool indeed.  I haven't bought anything but if I do, I was thinking about going Zipp 1080 rear and 808 front.  Disc seems great but I probably need better insurance against winds.
Parent - By terrythedrummer (i'mmm fvkcing tankeed d) [us] Date 2007-10-02 1:54 PM
holy god that is a pretty bike!!!!!:shocker!::shocker!:

i'm thinking of getting a pair of 606s:grin:
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