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- - By Witchy1 Date 2006-08-12 5:34 AM
I've been doing 5K runs fairly regularily throughout the summer.  I've joined a gym, and have been working in some eliptical and biking for cross training.  I also confess I've been running a bit more often and harder than usual, as well.

Last night I started with a 10 min warm up on an eliptical trainer, and then a TM run.  At the 2.5 mile point, my right AT started hurting.  I slowed down to a walk, and when I got home I RICED it.  It feels much better this morning.

Which piece of equipment is primarily effecting my AT? eliptical, bike, or TM?

Or do you think it's more of an intensity problem?  Maybe both.

Any advice or suggestions from my knowledgable running peeps? :) :x
Parent - - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2006-08-12 5:55 AM
I'd guess intensity on the TM or otherwise running, Witchy. Faster and/or uphill running puts a strain on the back of the lower leg all the way to the bottom of the foot because you're leaning forward AND pushing harder. The times I've experienced achilles, plantar fasciia or calf problems invariably have followed speed and/or hill work, especially if I haven't religiously been stretching the lower leg very well.
Parent - - By Witchy1 Date 2006-08-12 6:13 AM
OK, I know what it's from now.  Wednesday I did some power walking on the TM at a 12% grade for about 30 minutes.  :(  I didn't start at 12%, but upped it during the session from 0-12.  I'll be careful about that now.

You are so wise. :x

Thanks :)
Parent - - By Notree Date 2006-08-12 6:56 AM
I always vary the incline to put various muscles to work so that no one part of the body is given all the strain of a particular work out.
Parent - By Witchy1 Date 2006-08-12 9:15 AM
Well, I Wed. was a cardio night, so I did some eliptical, both forward and backward, life cycle (with hand pedals and feet pedals), and decided to walk v/s run since I had already done a pretty good job of wearing my legs out.  I guess I did too much too fast. :(
Parent - By miniscraper Date 2006-08-12 12:11 PM
Yes, it's definitely the incline.  Be careful with how you have the ramp inclined on the elliptical also, because that can have the same effect :)
Parent - - By slowerpoke (Swamp Fucker) [us] Date 2006-08-12 6:56 AM
AT = Achilles Tendon.  Did I win? Wait, is the a poll? :wtf:

:wink: What Jasz said
Parent - By Witchy1 Date 2006-08-12 9:12 AM
Yes!  You win absolutely nothing! :D

Parent - By schwing [us] Date 2006-08-12 12:15 PM
I have a minor nag in my right AT, but I think it is from either too many right turns on the 1/6 mile track; stretching too aggressively after running, or maybe from high cadence cycling (but that never caused it on its own before)

schwing :)
Parent - By foggydoggy [us] Date 2006-08-12 3:28 PM
Or do you think it's more of an intensity problem?  Maybe both.

Any advice or suggestions from my knowledgable running peeps?  

Given the increase in training load, maybe intensity.  Remember Rest/Recover/Repeat.  or maybe Earl attacked you in your sleep.

Good luck
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2017-08-12 9:22 AM
Sorry that it has taken me 11 years to get to your questions.  I hope you used brown rice when you got home.  I would think the intensity and TM would stress your Achilles more so than the elliptical or bike.  In any case an Achilles injury can be very troublesome as they take a long time to heal (no pun intended) due to limited blood flow.

Good luck with your running and keep smiling!  :hug:
Parent - - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-08-12 10:02 AM
Did you hear that on the Staunton News?
Parent - By Mookiethedog Date 2017-08-12 2:41 PM
I have a bucket list of one....and that my friend is to one day be on the Staunton News
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