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- - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 5:17 AM
Good morning (or afternoon, evening).  What do you got going on today?  Work, play, running, biking, hiking, swimming? 
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 5:19 AM
Today is the first day of school.  WOOOOHOOOOO!!!  I'm excited BABY!!!  Hope these kids are as excited to see me as I am to see them.:grin:

Ran 6 miles this morning?

How long 'til Fall Break?: pbbt:

Have a great one Masters
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:05 AM
Whoa Mike,  Your enthusiasm just sent me spinning.  I still have 2 weeks left.

Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:09 AM
Gosh that's early. They don't start here until the 28th.

Are you questioning what you ran this morning?
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:12 AM
I have no idea why I typed a ? after my daily run.  DUH!  See how excited I am about school.: pbbt:
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:31 AM
Yes, it's really kind of sick how excited you are about school <ducking>
Parent - - By Deb [us] Date 2006-08-08 8:38 AM
I'm glad Jen said that..I was thinking it but thought I might get sent to the corner :wink::laugh::shocker!:

And it is early...why so early?
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:04 AM
Early?  A neighboring school district started last week.  Yeah, we have started earlier for the past few years.  The powers-that-be feel that less summer break means the kids will retain more so review doesn't have to last as long in the fall (or something like that).
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:09 AM
makes sense. My kids went to year round school from 1-5 grades and I loved it. My son wasn't very good with retention so it helped him a lot. He ended up being quite a smart cookie in the end--surprise, surprise
Parent - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 9:17 AM
Isn't that why they do all those summer reading lists and stuff? Or do your PTB feel that is not enough? When do you get out for the summer? Soon we'll all be like CA and have school all year round.
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:05 AM
Actually my expression of excitement is dripping with sarcasm.  Where's the sarcasm emoticon?
Parent - - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2006-08-08 6:22 AM
Have you been out in the sun too much?:wink:
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:02 AM Edited 2006-08-08 9:04 AM
Must be the oppressive heat.
Parent - - By GrayDave [us] Date 2006-08-08 5:31 AM
I did my stretch and strengthen workout while watching the Flintstones - disk 1 from season 1.  I almost forgot how good that show was.

After a little bit of work, I will take my 2 daughters to breakfast (while the house gets it bi-weekly cleaning).

Top that off with a 57° morning and a day where I can sit and work with the windows open and you have the makings of a pretty good day.
Parent - - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:12 AM
Dave, you and I seem to have much in common.   But one BIG difference.  Your house gets the bi-weekly cleaning, my house gets the bi-annual cleaning.....maybe.

Parent - By GrayDave [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:24 AM
I like things sort of neat but my wife doesn't care (unless someone is going to visit).  I tried to take care of things but it's too much work, so the easiest thing to do seemed to be getting someone else to do it.  So for the past 3-4 years, a couple of super nice women come here every other Tuesday morning and give the place a good cleaning.  They take care of the basics like the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, and floors.  It makes a world of difference.  Especially when you have a shedding dog and cat.  If I had to save money, I think I would cut cable TV before the house cleaning.  I did it myself for many years and don't want to go back to that.

Now bigger things like windows, ahhh, we get to those every couple years or so.....
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:08 AM
The mind said run, but the body says rest.  I am taking a rest day from running today.  Still waiting for that dry air to enter.  It's slowly coming in.

Tom in DE
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:12 AM
It's a rest day here from running. I will say but I'm not going to hold my breath on this happening...but I'd like to try some weights and abs. I say and never follow through most of the time. I'm a slacker. I have errands to run, namely buying food for the cats who are eating us out of house and home. FYI, my hair (highlights and cut) turned out rather nice if I do say so myself. John though didn't comment :meh: so typical.
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:14 AM
Men don't comment on their wives' hair.  That's a rule we have to avoid possibly saying the wrong thing.:wink:
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:34 AM
I suppose that could be a smart tactic.
Parent - - By NErunner [us] Date 2006-08-08 8:55 AM
Maybe if men would make an attentive comment about their wives hair, their wives would be more attentive in other areas....just throwing that out there as a possibility :cool:.
Parent - By Soundrunner [us] Date 2006-08-08 12:03 PM
I agree, Joy.  Men would gain huge yardage if they just said "You're beautiful" every day.   Why don't they get it? :evil:
Parent - - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 7:52 AM
Men don't comment?  Talk to my husband . . . he comments about everything!  : pbbt:  In fact, we've joked that he has the stereotypical "female" traits, and I have the "male" traits.  I heard a news report about women talking twice as much as men.  Nope, not in this house!  I'm the one who just wants to be left alone to crawl into my cave!  :laugh:  He also notices everything I buy, every pound I gain or lose, every hair cut on my head, and comments about everything.  Yes, he asks how much it costs too.  He's also told me I look fat in some clothes.  At least he's honest I guess.  Yep, he's one of those "touchy-feely" guys and I'm the one who'd rather watch ESPN.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2006-08-08 8:46 AM
oh wow you sound like me and Jim.

He always notices everything. He doesn't comment on price though--he does'nt think I spend enough on myself.

He also notices everything I buy --ditto!
every pound I gain or lose every pound I loose -- ditto sort of he says he doesn't notice how much I've gained until I loose it. :wtf: who knows?
every hair cut on my head-- ditto!
comments about everything-- ditto!
he's one of those "touchy-feely" guys yup!!

My ex was one of those that never noticed anything though.
Parent - By Soundrunner [us] Date 2006-08-08 12:01 PM
Mine doesn't, either.  Sometimes I wish he would, but probably better that he doesn't.  My children freely give comments, though -- good AND bad. :laugh:
Parent - - By GrayDave [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:28 AM
I agree with the Moose from Kentucky.  Commenting on your wife's hair is a no win situation.  If you say it looks good at one particular time, then you asked if that means it usually looks bad.  And if you comment one time and don't notice another time, it just makes it worse.  The best thing to do is not say anything. 

Comments like, "I see you got your hair done, how much did that cost" are especially not appreciated. :wink:
Parent - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:33 AM
Comments like, "I see you got your hair done, how much did that cost" are especially not appreciated. :laugh::laugh::laugh: In the bazillion years that John and I have been together he has never ONCE asked that. However only on rare occasions does he comment on my hair, usually it's when it's I HAVEN'T gotten a hair cut RIGHT before I'm SUPPOSED to get it cut and then it's usually a favorable comment. Go figure. He really just doesn't care what I do with it. Which is good I guess because I've done some weird stuff with my hair :blush:
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:23 AM
Exactly Dave.  Silence is sometimes the best.  Of course I always tell my wife I like her hair if she asks me. :hug:
Parent - - By Yankeebelle Date 2006-08-08 6:27 AM
Not nearly enough sleep last night.  Keegan and Hylah spent the night and Hylah woke up a couple of times. I think she forgot where she was- she looked awfully surprised to see her Nan, not her Mommy.  I took her into bed with me and she went right back to sleep and then I carried her to the playpen.  We did this at 1:30 and 3:45.  :meh:  Keegan slept like a rock and woke up happy.  :hug:

RR: probably take today off and do an upper body workout at the gym tonight.

Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:36 AM
Are you somewhere new? I hate it when Amanda wakes up like that. On Tues when we flew out to chicago last week, Amanda (who HATES our packnplay) did that. She went to sleep in the hated pnp and promptly woke up at 2 and then would ONLY sleep ON us. I went to put her back in the pnp at 4:30 and she woke right back up. John took over then. Made for a really fine time. Hope they sleep good tonight for you.
Parent - By Yankeebelle Date 2006-08-08 7:27 AM
I'm not anywhere new- but the kids don't live with me so they aren't used to sleeping at my house. 
Parent - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 7:54 AM
Poor little thing!  But I'm sure she was still happy to see her Nan! 

Curtis always slept like a rock from the time he was 10 days old - he spoiled us.  It took Marty a little longer to sleep through the night, so we spent alot of nights camped out on the couch.  Those are some of my favorite memories.  :hug:
Parent - - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2006-08-08 6:28 AM
20 miles on the bike this morning. And that's about it for today.
Parent - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:37 AM
Boy, so chatty.
Parent - - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2006-08-08 7:40 AM
Are you still working out of the hotel ballroom or lobby or whatever?

Parent - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2006-08-08 9:00 AM
hotel mens room:wink:

yeah we are still in a conference room. it's a nightmare. that's why i haven't been around much. half the time our network is down and we have no internet. we are here till labor day:cry:
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:34 AM
Weights at the gym with DH last night.  Track workout tonight after work.  Haven't been with my track gang in 3 or 4 weeks so this should be a fun night.
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-08-08 6:38 AM
At least one of us is doing to send me some of what ever makes you do them? Nice job and good luck tonight.
Parent - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 7:55 AM
I'm doing them 3x a week, M-W-F, along with the Fitness Made Simple 45-minute fat burning workout.  Got it on ebay.  I've modified the leg workout, but otherwise the weight portion is great.
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2006-08-08 8:05 AM
Hey Jen I know what you mean. Until I set up my office/gym in the room over my garage I could never seem to get around to wgts or core. Now when I sit at the computer I have to look at the equipment. Then i see everyone comments on the forum and it kind of shames me into getting it done. I've got a weight bench, ab-roller, bike trainer and a TM so even if it's miserable out I can't really get out of a w/o.

It's paying off too! The balanced aproach has me feeling good about myself. I'm in no shape to run a marathon but I'm in better overall shape than I can recall. Of course at my age I only recall what I want too:wink:

Parent - By Yankeebelle Date 2006-08-08 9:21 AM
I've been so faithful to my weightlifting for the past 4 months.  I credit having a workout partner, Don :hug: who makes me go.  I can definitely see results and feel the benefits, but I can honestly say that I don't like it any more now than I did 4 months ago.  It's good for me so I'm goingto stick with it.  We go 3 x a week. 
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:56 AM
You know what really made me get to the gym last night was that my husband wanted to go at the same time.  I guess it's that "workout buddy" thing to make you go even when you don't want to.
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2006-08-08 7:49 AM
6 miles @ 8:30 avg pace this morning. (Ray took the day off)
I'll do some core work later today and probably 1/2 hour on the bkie trainer.

have a great day everyone!

Parent - - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 8:01 AM
Busy at my house!  I only had 3 on my schedule but woke to thunder, lightning and rain, along with my regular pain on the right side.  I'm waiting for the specialist to get back from her maternity leave.  I saw her last year about this time, and want to see her again to say, OK, now what?  Let's find out what the heck this is because it hurts!  So no run. 

Leaving work at noon today, gone tomorrow.  Curtis' 18th birthday is tomorrow, but we'll be moving him into his dorm room.  Tonight we'll celebrate his birthday.  He has requested my lasagna, so I'll be working on that this afternoon as well as crying when no one is looking.  :cry:  He's so excited, and we're excited for him.  Thank goodness it looks like it's going to cool off for them.  Girlfriend report: she's tiny, maybe 5'-5'2"?  Curtis 6'5" so she looks like a 12-year old!  :laugh:  Very quiet and polite.  I'm hoping the college women catch his eye . . .

Enough of my ramblings.  I'll try to check in but if not, see you Thursday!
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2006-08-08 8:06 AM
Rest assured the college girls WILL catch his eye:grin:

Parent - - By Deb [us] Date 2006-08-08 8:54 AM
Happy Birthday to Curtis.

Aww I remember the crying when my girl went into the AF..I felt like someone ripped my heart out. Then she started crying and I lost it. I cried from South Carolina to Maryland--seriously no joke. Made a wrong turn and was stopped by a cop he asked me what was wrong--so i start  blubbering away to this complete stranger (not like me at all). He was the nicest cop/man/human I ever met. Ha one way to get out of a ticket eh?? :laugh:

What is it with the tall guys and short gals?
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:03 AM
Dee is crying almost no stop (when Chandler isn't around) now days. I guess that when he finally goes (8/20) to Paris Island things will get really bad for a few days.:cry:

I'm sure I'll shed a few tears as well if I'm honest about things.

Parent - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 9:35 AM
The one and only job I walked out on, I was bawling on the way home and got stopped for speeding.  Paul Newman's look-a-like walked over to my car and I burst out crying.  I think he thought I was crying about the ticket I was about to receive, and he asked what was wrong, I told him everything, and he gave me a warning with these parting words . . . "It's only a job ma'am."  :happy:

As for tall guys, I was always the tall one and all the short guys seemed interested . . . never the tall ones!  : pbbt:
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:21 AM
I agree with Bob about the college girls catching Curtis' eye.

Hope your pain eases.  Whenever I visit home my mother still asks me what I want her to cook for me.  Usually it's her lasagna.:grin:
Parent - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 9:37 AM
Thanks, I'll be OK.  He's not going far, but it's the fact that he really is an adult now, making his own decisions, and taking responsibility for them as well.  I always told him I was raising an adult, not a child.  I'll just miss having him around, he's so sweet.  :hug:  We'll take some pictures so I can share.
Parent - By Soundrunner [us] Date 2006-08-08 12:05 PM
Good luck with it all, Michele.   Happy Birthday to Curtis!  I'm outta here Thursday a.m.  Hopefully, we'll connect before then! :)
Parent - - By Lori Andersen [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:09 AM
4 miles, with 4x440's ... between 1:57 & 2:05... felt great...

Happy Tuesday, Friends! :hug: Off to work! :D
Parent - - By JetGirl [us] Date 2006-08-08 9:35 AM
Good job on the speedwork Lori!  I'm glad that your job is going so well and that your boss likes you!  (no surprise, there).

Happy Birthday to Curtis!  Although, I really think that the child's birthday should celebrate the mom (after all we did to birth those babies).  I was sad when both my  children went to college.  My daughter had a hard year last year and called me a lot, sobbing.  Gosh, that is awful.  I'm sure that Curtis  and Bob's son will do fine, though, it's the  moms we have to worry about :hug:

Speaking of college age children, praises to on high!!!! My son received a B in his last (of  a series of 3) calculus courses.  How he has struggled with calculus.  His dad and I have been gritting our teeth waiting for him to divulge his grade, because we know that it has been iffy and this is not the first time he has taken it! (or even the second, I'm sad to say).  He made the Dean's List this summer after loading himself up with 16 hours.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me.  I try not to be an overinvolved mother (he is 22!) but I could see him having to spend years more in school just to retake calculus.  He has one more difficult math class to go, and then it should be gravy, with a graduation date we hope of summer 2007.  He is majoring in Industrial Engineering, international affairs and economics and has been on the delayed graduation plan! 

I ran 4 miles this a.m. and it wasn't too bad weather wise.  I feel so much better when I run.  I find that I never regret running, I only regret it when I don't do it.

Have a good day, all!
Parent - By Soundrunner [us] Date 2006-08-08 12:07 PM
Congrats to your son!  As one who never took calculus (shudder)  I am even more impressed! :)
Parent - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 6:52 PM
Yeah!!  Congrats to your son!  I'm a D- minus in Algebra, and I'm afraid that's just so they wouldn't have me the following year.  : pbbt:
Parent - - By Soundrunner [us] Date 2006-08-08 11:57 AM
I hope to get out for 6 at lunchtime.   I can proudly say I did my first track workout in months yesterday.  4 mile warmup and then 5x600 repeats w/ 90 sec. rests.  Felt good to be moving fast.  There was a group of high schooler football players working out nearby, and a few on the track with a coach doing what I thought were ridiculously short sprints.  Da** coach kept on making remarks as I ran by doing my repeats, like "there she goes again."  Really annoying and condescending. A woman coach would never do that.  :mutmad: 
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2006-08-08 12:15 PM
Nice job on the track workout!

Next time, you might invite the Da** track coach to join you for a couple of those 600's and see how he likes them. :wink:
Parent - By JetGirl [us] Date 2006-08-08 3:47 PM
That would be very irritating.  He was probably threatened.  Thanks for the calculus comment.  My math career ended with a D in geometry.
Parent - By Michele Date 2006-08-08 6:53 PM
:mutmad:  People like that bug me!  Good job on the repeats!
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2006-08-08 12:18 PM
Shifted the schedule for today.

Too hot at noon to attempt to run our hilly course. It is supposed to cool off later this week, and we will try it then. We did one of our favorite 5 mile courses instead and while it wasn't as hot as last week, it was still rough.

Our evening rehearsal had to be shifted as well, so we have a rare free evening tonight. It will be a nice treat to eat dinner before 10 PM.
Parent - By mrbill [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:09 PM
Total body workout with the weights this morning followed by a 10 mile run.
Parent - By cattano [us] Date 2006-08-08 6:29 PM
Hope it was a good day Mike! School started here last Tuesday the first!:shocker!:
3 miles tonight on the treadmill. Just too hot to get out there, but the alarm is set to 5 O'Clock in the morning and I'm going to try this morning running for a while!
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