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Up Topic Training / Triathlons / I just did a half IM on sunday!
- - By bilbert [us] Date 2006-06-26 8:42 PM
See race report on L&O
Parent - - By Scout [us] Date 2006-06-27 6:00 AM
Cool job with your half, Bilbert! And you learned some stuff along the way...I did my first 70.3 two wks ago and I felt the same about mine...

Hey, was your wetsuit new?? Unbelievable! But you got the job done and that's what counts... I sidestroked my way through my first Oly last year... The whole idea was just to get to the bike...  : pbbt:

Parent - By bilbert [us] Date 2006-07-02 12:06 PM
The wetsuit was brandnew, only had it a couple of weeks. Blue seventy reaction, sleeveless. I called them and they were very cool, apologized and are sending me some free goggles for the problem.
Parent - By SwiftySuze Date 2006-06-27 6:03 AM
Way to go, Bilbert! That's quite a story. And having a major piece of equipment fail before the race even starts...that would get my heartrate going.

A half Ironman is a major way to start a triathlon career!
Parent - By JeffRuns [us] Date 2006-06-27 6:51 AM
Talk about workin' without a net!  Damn, man!!  A first tri is tough enough without a major malfunction 5 minutes before you start!  Way to hold it together and get yourself to a place where you could function.  At least it was easy to find your bike, huh? :D

Smokin' bike split!!  I suspect the run issues came about as much because of all the nergy that got expended in the swim debacle as going a little hard on the bike.  IT's a learning experience.  I'm pretty sure you'll take big hunks off that time in the future.
Parent - By n3103f Date 2006-06-27 2:34 PM
I would love to see the race report - unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to find ANYTHING in L&O.  Which 70.3 did you do?  I did Buffalo Springs 70.3 on Sunday and it almost killed me. :shocker!:
Parent - - By bilbert [us] Date 2006-07-02 12:03 PM
heres the report
Mountaineer Triathlon June 25, 2006

Morgantown, West Virginia

I got up Sunday at 5:00 am to start getting ready and eat some breakfast.  I believe my body was in shock from getting up so early. Had a quick cup of coffee ate some cheerios and checked out of the hotel. The starting race temp was about 71 degrees with cloud cover and a light mist in the air and I think the water temp was 72 degrees.

I arrived at the staging area to get things organized about an hour and a half before the 7:30 start. I didnt really know what I was doing or where to place things, so I just tried to watch what everyone else was doing. I would like to mention that I decided to do this race three weeks ago. I had NO swimming base, probably been in the water 7-8 times in that period and the longest I swam without stopping was 150 meters. Thank god for the wetsuit. I felt that my bike and run base was solid enough to get me through it

About 7:20 I head over to the staging area where the swim starts (my transition area was chaotic getting organized). One my way over I can see the buoys in the water, thats when it started sinking in that I was about to swim 1.2 miles. I got nervous and worried, little did I know it was about to get worse. I walk down to the water and begin to zip up, I grab the zipper and begin pulling it up my back and thats when it happened. The zipper came right off as I zipped it up. Im standing there with this OH MY GOD this didnt just happen look on my face and holding the long cord with the damn zipper attached to it. I FREAKED OUT! Some guys saw it happen and were in shocked, they tried to help but couldnt get it back on. I didnt know what to do, should I even try this swim now??

Time was running out, I decided to go for it. This left the back of my wetsuit wide open and only added to my worries about the swim. My age group is called out to the water and I slowly swim out to the buoy. The siren sounds and were off, well everyone else is moving except me, I swim 50 meters and stop, then again, and again. I was freaking out in the water, couldnt catch my breath and my HR was up. So I decided to swim on my back (LOL that had to be funny to watch). Long story short I swam on my back 75% of the race and made it out of the water in 1:06, yes thats right, 1:06! I was dead last in the ½ IM out of the water (LOL). I wasnt surprised, nor did I care.

T1, all the bikes are gone when I get to the parking garage. I take my time grab some figs and get my shoes on and Im off, 5 minutes later. I knew I would make up major time on the bike, and I did. Two miles into the bike it started raining, first a light rain, then it became a steady drenching rain after about 20 miles. The course had some hills and one HUGE climb. I love hills so I was passing peeps like they were standing still. I probably went to hard on the bike but I couldnt help it, thats what I doride hard. I did the bike in 2:53 averaged 19.4 with 2,400 ft of climbing. The wet roads definitely slowed people down. I saw a few bikes on the ground but none were hurt, at least thats what they said. I also saw a lot of people pushing their bikes on some hills, thats how hilly the course was.

One thing I began to notice on the bike was a side stitch coming a brewing. I could attribute that to two things. One, I was drinking lots on the bike (cause I thought I needed to) and two, I swallowed TONS of water on the swim. I tried to stop drinking with about 10-15 miles to go on the bike but knew it was to late. I new I was going to feel that on the run.

T2, again I take my time, put on my running shoes, eat a few figs and Im out in 4 minutes this time. I had high expectations for the run going into the race, didnt really know what to expect as far as pace but I thinking 8-8:30 miles would be reasonable since my normal pace is about 7:00-7:30. Within the first ¼ mile the side stitch got me and I had to stop, not a good sign. I tried to shake it but it just would go away. After about 6 miles it seemed to have gone away. But others parts started hurting, so maybe it just shifted the focus. The run turned out to be the worst, I struggled, and I mean struggled. I trotted along and would stop and walk, then repeat it again and again. I dont think I ran a single mile without stopping at least once. Every muscle in my body was now hurting it seemed. I was so tired when I got to the finish line I wasnt even excited to be there, I just wanted some warm clothes, food and out of the rain. I finished the run leg in 2:22, a 10:54 pace!

So heres the skinny. I learned a lot yesterday about triathlons and have a new found respect for you full Ironman peeps and for anyone that doesnt use a wetsuit, hats off to you all. I will do another ½ in a few months and plan to knock some serious time off my overall time of 6:33. I was last out of the water by about 10 minutes (most people were out of the water in 40 minutes) and still managed to finish 168 out of 210. Not bad considering this was my first tri EVER. It definitely wont be my last. Thanks for reading.

I should also mention that there were some pros there, Chris Leigh won the overall. His times are just unreal. Swim 29:47, bike 2:17 avg 24.4, WOW, run 1:22 pace 6:16, overall time 4:11:08!

Parent - By n3103f Date 2006-07-02 12:35 PM
I did find it over on the other site (I forgot I could just look at your posts and find one that was a response in your race report.)  Pretty incredible situation with the wet suit!  Nice race, though.
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