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- - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-25 9:33 PM
What's new Saucony Spring 07

Oh boy, where do we start. Lots of changes occurring at Saucony, not just that Stride Rite now owns them, but a lot changing in the shoe line. Most notably the "grid" system as we know it is evolving. The original Grid was introduced in 1991 and has been used in their shoes since then. As you probably know the classic Saucony Grid has incorporated what amounts to a "tennis racquet" made of hytrel fibers in the heel area to help in improving rearfoot shock absorption. This equated to a mechanical form of cushioning. In the new Omni, Hurricane, and Triumph the Grid will no longer be this way. "ProGrid" (propulsion grid) is now being used. ProGrid is not so much a mechanical form of cushion, but more of a material one. ProGrid is a platform made with Respon-Tek, a blend of urethane rubber and EVA in a sheet form in a layer placed close to the foot, basically creating a layer of better impact dissipating material toploaded over the midsole. I believe this will give a more plush feel to their shoes. They also are introducing a new midsole material called SSL (Saucony Superlite) which is basically their version of AP, MOGO, Solyte, etc...Also of note as being new for them, Saucony now (thanks to some Stride Rite $$$) has an in-house testing lab where they measure G-Score (measure of cushioning) maximum compression of the shoe including time to max compression, and also energy return, etc.... something else new with this report is lots of price increase!! :(
  on to the shoes.............

Progrid Triumph 4:  11/25/06  price increase $10 to srp of $120 mens weight 12.3 womens 10.3. Now in 2 colors from the start for men and women. Great looking airmesh upper on this shoe. A new archlock system in this shoe with a 4 way stretch material. Great colors...... SSL eva midsole material. Decoupled pods in the rearfoot, ortholite Sockliner (memory foam material, along with the full length progrid unit should all amount to a great amount of cushioning in this shoe. The fit is supposed to be the same as the 3. Think this may be the best Triumph yet.

Progrid Hurricane 9: 2/25/07  price increases to $130 srp mens weight 12.9 womens 10.9.  Full length Progrid and SSL midsole. Note that in the sample I saw, the component rings Progrid felt to be a firmer durometer than that of the Triumph. It would make sense to have this Progrid unit in different durometers based on the shoes specs, but my rep said that it is only in the samples that they feel different, the actual production model is supposed to be the same durometer in triumph and hurricane. (some food for thought there for you folks at Saucony-3 different durometers of progrid for neutral, stability or motion control shoes) Similar new arch lock to the Triumph. Still available in wide widths. Fit is supposed to be same dimensionally as the 8, but wont run ½ size short like the 8 does. Shoes forefoot has a nice even flex to the forefoot was one thing I noted.

Tangent 2: no changes

Progrid Omni 6:  1/25/07 $10 price increase to $100!! Mens weight 12.1 womens 10.2 oz. Still available in ultimate and moderate versions which look very similar in function to the Omni 5 versions. Midsole material is advancing to Impulse Eva from standard EVA (don't know why with a $10 price jump they didn't go to the SSL midsole since Adrenaline 7 has MOGO and 2120 has Solyte and they both only went up to $95) The progrid unit in the omni 6 is a "drop in" heel unit only, not full length. Blown rubber in lateral forefoot. HRC drop in forefoot pad, Nice mesh upper. Fit is supposed to be same as the 5. No more mens narrows, only medium and wide, but womens still available in AA, B, and D. Overall it looks good.....

Trigon 4 Ride and Guide: new colors 11/25/06 (JUNE 07 goes to Progrid heel in the 5)

Stabil 6: already reported on this shoe. It is available this fall with 9/01/06 dating. Very beefy medially with a 3rd density of eva in the arch area.

Other shoes to note: 

Omni Walker: available now, leather version of Omni

Stabil LE 4: 1/25/07 srp $100 good looking update of this motion control all leather walking shoe but again a hefty price increase. Available in medium wide and extra wide widths, seamless internal liner in heel and toebox, plenty of depth. Heel Progrid unit. Non slip outsole.  Ortholite memory foam sockliner.

Great looking new track shoes for distance (Velocity) and sprint (Crescent) spikes

I think that is about it..........
Parent - - By nawwal [us] Date 2006-07-26 8:35 PM
Thanks Jamie!

How does Saucony do in your store??  I don't see them around here (western PA) very often.  I've never worn them.  I don't know if I'm missing out on anything.
Parent - - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-27 7:34 AM
only fair, we do ok with omni and stabil mc and some hurricanes but not alot else, ocaissionally some triumphs, tangents, trigons. I inventory all of these and some walking shoes from them

to give an idea here are some numbers of my "purchases by vendor" reports ($$$$ I have spent with companies over last 2 years)

suacony $37,621
asics $104, 382
mizuno $93,634
brooks $82,529
NB $39,389
Parent - - By nawwal [us] Date 2006-07-27 9:55 AM
The only one that surprises me is Brooks.  I'd didn't see them that close to A6 and Zuno.  Interesting.  When do they see most/the whole line changing over to MoGo??  Fall '07?
Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-27 10:02 AM
well this fall is beast
january is glycerin 5 and adrenaline

not surrpising they are high on the list, ask any running specialty store and teh addiction and adrenaline will be in tehir top 10

adrenaline is our number one selling shoe by number of pairs sold, has been for the 4, 5, and 6
Parent - - By fivekabob Date 2006-07-27 8:40 AM
Hi Jamie,
Do you believe that the running public will pay $100 for the Omni when the 2110s are $90 and I think that the Adrenalines are going to be $95?

Later, 5K  Run Smart (While our Omni sales passed the NB 766 this year.)
Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-27 8:47 AM
2120 will be at $95

I think they should have just gone to $95 with the omni, but I guess if a shoe feels better to you when trying on will you mind spending the extra $5?

I think with adrenaline having mogo and 2120 solyte that saucony may miss some sales
Parent - - By sidestitch Date 2006-07-28 2:34 PM
Jamie,  in terms of stability, what's your opinion of the Trigon guide?  I've had a couple pairs and I like the cush and the ride of them - but frankly, the stability looks kind of . . . weak?  Is that the right word?   It appears all it has is a bit of DD foam right in the arch.  I guess I'm just wondering if that's really enoug to help out a mild to moderate over pro. runner? 

Additionally, how does the Brooks Adrenaline GTS compare to the Sauc. guide?  I'm in my first pair of Adrenalines, and though they don't feel QUITE as cushy as the Sauconys, for some reason the ride, as a whole, feels better - if that makes any sense. 

Thanks for listening!

Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-28 2:44 PM
hi stich, the guide is very mild IMO in regard to pronation control, less than 2110, less than omni by alot, and less than adrenaline.
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