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- - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-20 8:52 AM
What's New Asics Spring 07

Here is one of the longer "what's new" threads for the Spring lines

Asics as always looks good for this season with lots of new product and IMO some unusual position/classification of their shoes. All of the following product will be available January 1, 2007 other than early arrival of 2120 and 1120 to the GOLD accounts who choose to bring it in early (yes of course I will...... )

Kayano 13: msrp remains $135. Kayano has such a loyal following and I don't think any will be very disappointed with the 13. Asics is using the largest gel pack ever placed into one of their shoes in the rearfoot of the K13. This large unit is covered by pebax plastic (same plastic mizuno uses in their waves) to provide stability of the large gel unit. A new midfoot support system is supposed to provide better midfoot stability and torsional control. A new "angel touch" mesh treatment for the Spacemaster UV upper makes it softer on the inside. Solyte is still being used in the midsole so weight is still very reasonable at 12.6 ounces for men's. 2 color options for both men's and women's. Fit is supposed to be same as the K12. 3 widths for men and women.

2120: available to GOLD accounts as a future order for November 1, 2006. msrp is increasing $5 to $95. Most notable change is the advancement from SPeva midsole to Solyte, bringing a full 1 oz weight drop from 12.5 to 11.5 oz. The heel is a wider base underfoot so should have increased stability. The space trustic midfoot support system is being changed with more support and a slightly longer trustic unit which will be more rigid along the medial than the lateral side, encouraging lateral release while still supporting the midfoot. New air-mesh upper. Still has gender specific fit to the last. Solyte full length last board. New forefoot flex grooves design should make for a more flexible forefoot. Should be same fit as 2110. Forefoot is now all blown AHAR rubber for softer feel and should be more cushioned with this plus the 3 layer durasponge outsole. 3 colors to start with for men and women including the black color (now black available in all 4 widths!) Another 4th color being added March 1. Still 4 widths for men and 3 for women.

DS Trainer 12: BIG changes in the DST for 2007 including a big price jump from $100 to $110. You can tell by the look of the shoe that there have been changes made to it, good changes. The shoe looks really great from the start. Now has Solyte midsole bringing it down to an incredible 9.5 oz. For first time it now has a visible gel cushioning system in rearfoot, space trustic system added to also improve medial support and improve torsional stability. Forefoot outsole now blown rubber in this version. Fit of the upper is still contoured through the midfoot yet is opened up a little more in the toe box than previous versions. OK, now what I consider the "crazy" part of this story. Asics has removed the DST from their lightweight category and is placing it into the "structured cushioned" category as a full trainer with 2120, Kayano and empire????????????? What's up with that, it is lighter now than the speedstar 2 yet speedstar is considered lightweight and DST isn't! I view it as a way to encourage more run specialty stores to not "ignore" it as an option in the stability shoe category. Now come on, it is and always has been a "lightweight performance trainer" and will continue to be sold that way. Regardless of this craziness it is nonetheless a great shoe and sure to be a hit (no matter what category you consider it to be in)

1120: available to all accounts November 1, 2006. Now has full length Speva midsole. Extended the midfoot trustic a little further forward for more support. 2 colors to start a third color in March. Upper materials are lighter and shoes weight drops from 12.4 to 11.7 oz.

Nimbus: color update Jan 1 women's is a cool "mineral green" and men's is mostly white with black and yellow highlights

Cumulus: color update

Speedstar and Evolution no changes

Foundation 7: Biggest change is the fit with a more voluminous fit through the toe box and the platform is slightly wider underfoot for improved overall stability. A new upper material is supposed to be softer.

Trail Sensor WR: this shoe is replacing the Eagle Trail. Srp is $110 This shoe is designed to provide exceptional function and balance on uneven terrain. The rearfoot is (like Kinsei) broken into 4 separate gel pods which allow for ability of the shoe to remain balanced even during terrain changes. Each pod has the ability to function independently of the other pods. The entire rearfoot system is given the name "trail sensor". A full length trustic system ties the whole rearfoot to midfoot and forefoot for torsional stability and even forefoot rock protection. Also the shoe features Solyte midsole material and a nice nanotech upper which is water resistant. Has "wetgrip" outsole for improved traction. Of course as a trail shoe has a gusseted tongue. Weight 12.8 oz.

2120 Trail: that is right, finally a trail version of the 2000 series. All I have to say is "it's about time!" This will be available to GOLD accounts with the early release of 2120 in November. Same as 2120 with solyte midsole but with gusseted tongue a 2 layer upper and a trail outsole. The outsole isn't lugged excessively so should transition into some road running well. The space trustic is changed a little making it a little more torsionally resistive and with some "wet grip" material applied to it to make it less slippery in the event you do something like step on a log, stick, rock etc.. right on the midfoot area. The upper is treated for water resistance. COOL shoe.....

Trabuco no changes (with 2120 available I don't know if this shoe has a chance to survive)

Trail Attack 3: $80 msrp Not a lot of changes it appears to me, but has a monosock tongue which is supposed to be nonbinding. TPU material in rearfoot to add some stability.

Gel Arctic WR: available 10/15/06 srp $90 very cool new shoe designed for those of you who deal with nasty weather and road surface conditions. This shoe is built with Trabuco tooling so has a medial post. Its claim to fame is that this is a shoe for slippery conditions with a spiked outsole! These are not "solid" spikes, they are sort of spring loaded and recess if on a hard surface like asphalt. A tough closed mesh water resistant upper makes the shoe ideal for winter conditions.

GOLD account only shoes:

Kinsei and Empire 2: color update for men's and women's

Landreth 3: WOW, this looks really good. Does have a price increase to $95. Advances to Solyte midsole taking weight down to 11.0 oz. Rearfoot visible gel system enhances rearfoot shock attenuation. Advances to space trustic system. Sockliner and strobel board are made of solyte. A very cool 2 part mesh upper which is different in the forefoot vs. the rearfoot. This is the 3rd line of shoes to feature this idea for Spring 07 (I really like it) the forefoot mesh is more open/soft/flexible, while the rearfoot has more structure.

Fortitude 2: Is being built on the Foundation 7 base for a broader fit and wider platform underfoot but of course without any medial posting. Unfortunately this means a Speva midsole not Solyte.

Also of note this season:
Gel Cardio training shoe features a true extra depth fit with extra liner to accommodate for orthotics and to allow it to be considered for Medicare Therapeutic shoe bill for diabetics. Msrp $110 duomax midsole, very soft garment leather upper

Kids 2120 even has solyte midsole and comes in 3 colors

Tennis: whole new line featuring the following shoes:
Gel Resolution: with solyte/biomorphic upper/rear and fore gel srp $110
Gel Enquist: srp $105
Gel Challenger: srp $90
Gel Velocity: srp $65

Whew.... I think that is about it. Getting tired now so calling it a night............
Parent - By nawwal [us] Date 2006-07-20 9:42 AM
Thanks, Jamie!  You need to sneak in a camera and take some pics when your reps are there so we can see too:wink::cool:
Parent - - By hermit_crab [us] Date 2006-07-20 1:22 PM
Are you going to have an update on upcoming Brooks at some point?

I finally ran a half marathon in my Racer ST2s and really liked them.  I'm curious to know what version 3 will be.
Parent - - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-20 2:31 PM
Parent - By hermit_crab [us] Date 2006-07-21 2:49 PM
Ah, good to know the Racer ST is mostly unchanged.  I really like mine.
Parent - - By terrythedrummer (i'mmm fvkcing tankeed d) [us] Date 2006-07-22 8:17 AM
Among other things, the new Landreths look really great, but I'm having a tough time convincing our shoe buyer to bring them in :(
Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-22 10:05 AM
its a great shoe, if they do the mizuno rider they should also do the landreth
Parent - - By mandy_vocal Date 2006-07-22 9:30 AM

I'll be ready to purchase new shoes in about 2 months (mileage wise).

I've been wearing the Landreth - as you know.  You had recommended getting into a firmer shoe.  With the new Landreth, should I still go into a firmer shoe (I think you recommended the Nimbus) or should I go with the new Landreth?  I do not overpronate, but have these issues with the tendonitis on the outsides of my feet.

Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-22 10:06 AM
the beefier midsole of the nimbus may help you
Parent - - By catrun Date 2006-07-22 5:18 PM
In the DST 12 - will the addition of the space trustic system add a tendancy to cause in-step blisters, as do the 2XXX series:cry:?
Parent - - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-22 6:47 PM
I didnt know the space trustic was causing any problems. Cant think of any of my customers that I am aware of that have had instep blisters.
Parent - - By catrun Date 2006-07-23 3:54 PM
I guess my real question is...given that the DST has been my favorite shoe for all of its years, and I can't run in Asics' 2XXX series because they do give me wicked blisters on my in-step, and it sounds like Asics is making some substantial structural changes to its DST...should I stock up on DST XI :wtf:
Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-23 7:52 PM
I dont think the structural changes to the DST will be that different. The fact that they are moving it into a "trainer" position is more to do with sales push than functionality of the shoe.
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