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- - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-11 10:56 AM
Post 'em if you got 'em!  Any weekend plans?  If you decorate for the holidays, what is the status of that whole mess??
Parent - - By Tommeke Date 2019-01-11 11:05 AM
I didn't decorate so don't have to take anything down :cool:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:22 PM
i'm jealous!
Parent - By george [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:50 PM
6ish  miles on the treadmill with 16x 1 minute hard 1 minute easy. Followed that up with pull-ups, Bulgarian split squats, overhead press, and single leg deadlifts. Muy tired now.

I am proud to say that I single-handedly took down and organized the whole holiday decorating shenanigans last week!
- - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-11 11:11 AM
Circuit training class this morning.  The guy which coordinates the 5:45 am class at the boxing gym always gives us excellent workouts.  It is just challenging enough to make it worth my while to get up.  As Friday is usually a SDO running for me, I don't feel beat up at the end, so it still can be a Rest Day.  And we work everything, which I never do on my own.

We have dinner with friends tonight and I expect will congregate with our usual crowd for the Cowboy game tomorrow night.  One family in our circle was silly enough to buy a house with a huge media/viewing room, so they get stuck hosting all the Big Game events. :laugh: Sunday, blazerboy and I want to see Green Book.

Our outside Christmas lights are down, but everything is still up inside.  They will likely get taken down this weekend as I want to utilize the boy in this task, and he will head back to school in the next week sometime.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:25 PM
that circuit training sounds good.

Definitely use the boy to help with the un-decorating...
- - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-11 11:13 AM
Weekend plans: probably a movie or two. Definitely more baking, with tomorrow probably being the day for a loaf of sweet potato bread, unless something messes with my ability to be at home uninterrupted for a few hours. Also eyeing some recipes in a cookbook with some delicious but time-consuming cupcake recipes, so I might dive in to one of those.

We don't decorate for the holidays much these days, so nothing to take down, put away, discard, or what have you, although perhaps I could count baking through my ingredient overage as part of post-holiday cleanup.

Day 11 of National Baking Month: a cookies and cream Bundt cake. It seems a little over the top, but I had a very small taste of it this morning and it's actually pretty good.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:05 PM
I have been known to crumble leftover Oreos on desserts as well.  It only makes sense!!
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:26 PM
that cake looks really terrific.

I would love a good time consuming cupcake. I wish N would eat icing so I could make some of those fun things for her birthday. But no.
- - By essel [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:01 PM
Pool fail last night. Too far and too busy. I didn't even got in. I need to explore another pool near our house. So yesterday I had unscheduled day off. Oh well...

today - gym. I plan to bike to nowhere and do weights. It's a new gym and I hope that it's going to be empty on Friday afternoon.

All decoration were down last weekend, now they all are in boxes and we are moving this weekend. The moving track is going to be loaded tomorrow morning, drive is 7 hours and then unloaded in the evening. So no workouts tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure we are going to be a little tired.

Happy Friday everyone!:cool:
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:04 PM
Perhaps the pool was so crowded because of the New Year Resolution people?  Of course, that doesn't make the too far aspect any better, but maybe it will be worth once every gives up??

Good luck with the move!
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-11 1:24 PM
Moving is enough of a workout! Good luck!
- - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-11 12:21 PM
not too much in the way of weekend plans.  Last holiday party is this weekend, it is pretty casual so should be good.

Otherwise, just hope to catch up on stuff around the house. We still have a few holiday items that are out and need to be put away. The outside lights will come down Monday.

Run was 7.6, it was nice out for running, but kind of cold otherwise.
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2019-01-11 2:46 PM
we had our last holiday thing last weekend. i always enjoy it but i was so happy to be done. :laugh::blush:
- - By Ed [us] Date 2019-01-11 1:06 PM
I swam 2000 meters this morning at the "other" fitness center which is part of our now 2 center "chain". 

No weekend plans.  DS is heading out near Pittsburgh tomorrow for work for several days so it will be just me & DW for a bit.

The tree & almost all of the other indoor stuff is down & put away.  Outdoors is my job and I *may* attack it/some of it tomorrow.  I will at least unplug the icicle lights but not sure I'll get up on the roof to take them down. It's going to remain cold for a while but at least calm tomorrow before we *may* get a dusting to an inch of that frozen white stuff Saturday night/Sunday.  I have eight 2 foot trees with white lights outside along the walk from our front door to the driveway.  I like leaving them on longer, substituting as the landscape lights we don't have :laugh:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 6:11 PM
Nice swim! How's your shoulder doing?

If we get sleet, you might want to leave those icicle lights up until spring. Getting up on a slippery roof doesn't sound very appealing.
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2019-01-12 6:40 AM
My shoulder is doing ok.I try not to traumatize it by doing anything like a pushup :roll:

Oh, I stay off the roof when it's damp, wet or has frozen particles on it!  There are years I didn't get them down before we got into a pattern of snowstorms & they didn't come down until late February! There won't be any precip until after dark tonight so during daylight today could be ok...except it's just 19 degrees right now  :cry:
- - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-11 1:23 PM
5.5 elliptical miles.

I had thoughts of doing more but the show I was watching ended right before I hit 5.5 and I called it a day. I’m going to meet my running friends tomorrow on my bike as they do their last big long run for the Blues Marathon. It’s going to be chilly on the bike, but about perfect for running.

We are hosting our card playing group tonight and I will get some outside chores done tomorrow as Sunday is supposed to be rainy. I took down all of the outside lights and decorations last week and put almost everything up in the attic. It was a lot of up and down and the knee was not happy about it. There are 2 boxes left down - one for the nativity and the other holds some candle things that my wife likes to keep in the windows long after Christmas is done.
Parent - - By PuddleThumper Date 2019-01-11 2:45 PM
i was going to ask about the knee. hmm. doing too much eh? : pbbt:
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-11 3:44 PM
Too much last weekend. It has improved a lot this week and I will do some short test runs next week.
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-11 4:07 PM
What show were you watching on the elliptical?
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-12 12:46 PM
I’ve been watching “American Playboy - The Hugh Hefner Story” on Prime.  Homecoming is next in my queue.
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 5:50 PM
Careful with that knee, you've invested in it!
- - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 1:38 PM
6 windy, cold miles this morning, but it was gloriously sunny. 45 minute spin tonight. Had only a few dogs to walk today, and now I'm off to go suit shopping with Philip. He wants to find another job. He likes where he is now, but he is severely underemployed. It would be nice for him to find something that's at least full time. He's been watching too much anime lately.:laugh:

This year I barely decorated, but even when I do more for the holidays, I like to get everything down and away by the evening of January 2. January 3 is the birthday of the brother that died, and at first it felt all wrong to have lights and all up on that day. Almost 19 years have gone by, so now the decorations don't bother me too much, but it's become a habit to get everything away on the 2nd.
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2019-01-11 2:10 PM
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2019-01-11 2:44 PM

good luck to Philip. :happy:
- - By cowboyjunkie Date 2019-01-11 1:59 PM
6 last night. It was cold and windy but not bad :happy:

Friday rest day.

Hope to do another longerish run tomorrow and I plan to make some soup in the crock this weekend. I'd like to get to the movies. My brother gave me gift cards for Christmas. Maybe sunday?

I only had a tree and took it down last weekend. The whole time I was taking stuff off it, McDuff was sitting under it in protest I think :laugh::hug:
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2019-01-11 2:43 PM
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 6:04 PM
What movie do you want to see?

Soup... great idea! I should do that this weekend too. Thanks!:laugh:
- - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2019-01-11 2:09 PM
nothing too exciting from here - 3 TM miles yesterday and today, and some baby pushups and crunches - but it's better than nothing. If I run both days this weekend, I'll hit 5 days for the week! :shocker!::grin:

no weekend plans. Try not to go crazy. :laugh: Will probably take P swimming at the Y on Sunday.

decorating - everything is down, except for the wreath on my door. My brother and SIL work on an organic farm in Maine, and they make wreaths and decorate them and then send me one, so I keep it up until the needles fall off!
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2019-01-11 2:42 PM
i'll bet the wreathes are beautiful!
- - By PuddleThumper Date 2019-01-11 2:39 PM
hunh. now that you mention it, we do still have outside lights up. I ask DH leave 'em up for a while because i enjoy them so.

Popping in to say hi! it's been one thing after the other the past few weeks. 30 new hires at work plus the ramping up for busy season (I work for an accounting firm) has been about what i'd expected. In amusing anecdotes, i did hear that a couple of the new hires who are just out of college did get driven to work by their parents. :laugh:

Things are ticking along with running etc. I have been on my feet a lot more the past couple weeks and was noticing foot a bit. So just trying a cut back week right now. Hip is the same as in cortisone shot did not work. :meh::meh: Doc wants me to do a round of PT and I will. I've been enjoying biking and strength training a lot anyway. today i did a 20 minute strength/cardio workout as that is what i had time for. I needed to be into work early for a training set up.

We did get a new car! A nissan leaf which is all electric. DH swore when we bought our last car (a 2003 Toyota Corolla) that it would be our last gas car. had to wait for it. but here it is. :laugh: I haven't actually driven it yet as DH picked it up this week (i take bus to work). I can't wait to drive it this weekend!  :laugh: To the store. :roll:: pbbt:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 5:57 PM
Oooo! As the kids would say  (not mine), totes jelly!: pbbt: Philip and I have also been talking about the Leaf for our next car, please let me know how you like it! Philip really wanted the lower end Tesla model that came out a few years ago, but I don't think it's worth paying that much more than the Leaf, which has gotten great reviews. Also, Tesla just isn't producing enough of the model he wanted, we would be waiting a very long time, and we were hoping to give up a gas car before that.

But congrats on the new car, enjoy that new car smell!:laugh:
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2019-01-12 3:07 PM
we are leasing this car. it still doesn't have quite the range we are hoping for in an electric car and it just seemed to make sense to lease rather than buy. DH is hoping that technology continues to advance and in a few years when this lease is up there will be more options and not just if you live in California! DH refuses a Tesla. i'm ok with that. :laugh:

So far DH loves it particularly some of the eco modes on it! I just tried driving it and it felt like a car! :laugh::roll:: pbbt: It's comfy and a nice size for us. Again it's good for our elderly parents to get in and out which was a concern.
- - By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2019-01-11 3:34 PM
11 gallo-miles: it was just below freezing, and cloudy, but a good run all the same.

Some of our decorations have been taken down, some haven't.  Nearly all are unplugged.

2-3 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow.  I'm planning on a bunch of miles with three friends.  I don't think the snow will be a hindrance.
Parent - - By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2019-01-11 3:38 PM
Oh - tomorrow's workout:

January 12th
30 squats
15 lunges per leg
4x30 second planks
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 6:07 PM
Da fuq, I did yesterday's workout, with more wall sits and just a few push-ups, and my quads fell off. Seriously, fell off.

: pbbt:
Parent - By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2019-01-12 11:20 AM
It's amazing how tough it is.  I'm not sure, but I think they're helping me.  I'll know more once I start running hills. :happy:
- - By SRoo Date 2019-01-11 3:56 PM
The tree is undecorated but still standing.  Our recycling drop off is only open one day per week, from noon to 5.  This is not convenient.  I wonder why there are so many trees dropped off along the highway?

I was planning to lift weights tonight, but I think I will see if I can play cards or watch a movie or something with the teen.  He's a bit down about wrestling, and this week his photo was in the paper.  It was taken right before he got pinned.  :sad:  In addition to that his grades have been slipping a teeny tiny bit.  DH and I aren't worried about that because it is really only 2 or 3 percentage points, but the lad is hard on himself and I want to be sure he is okay.
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-11 4:14 PM
A couple of years ago, some kid in blazerboy's Boy Scout troop, collected "used" Christmas Trees as part of his Eagle Scout project.  He then cut them down, in a particular manner so they could be used by the local DNR for some sort of conservation use.  I don't remember all the details, but it was a lot better than just dumping them.
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 5:58 PM
It always depresses me to see all the x-mas tree corpses at the curb after Christmas.
- - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-11 4:02 PM Edited 2019-01-11 4:05 PM
Just a quick check-in.  Have had a rather crappy (mental) day at work.  If just one certain person would leave…  Ugh…  On the bright side, I’m about to go spectate the home swim meet that I said I wouldn’t do – and I’m not doing.  <smile!>  I do feel sorta bad.  The Athletic Directors got together and gave the job to another school’s coach – who’s never put on a meet before.  She was still trying to install the software Wednesday.  I did email with her some to answer questions…

My workout was just fine this morning.  Ran outside and it was lovely.  Mid 20s with WC in the teens.  (that wasn’t sarcasm BTW) I felt fairly decent.  Then I did a different video from the schedule.  I’m supposed to do back & bis, but the app won’t let me download it.  It says it’s already downloaded, but it’s not.  I can use data to watch it, and I have been, but my kids used up all the data last month, so we have no carry-over this time around.   I don’t need to waste it on that, so I did “upper plus.”  I’ve done it before and I like it a lot – even weirder variations of push-ups and pull-ups and other biceps/tricep/shoulder exercises.  DH just texted me a pic – the stairmonsters have arrived!!! :grin:  I will be adding that in next week for sure.

Around these parts, it’s a crime to leave decorations up.  We get them up early and take them down early.  I don’t mind putting them up early, but I refuse to take them down the day after Xmas.  I keep them up until New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.  And thus, they are down now.  Taking them down is easier, but it’s so much more sad. :cry:

No weekend plans.  We are supposed to get some mixture of snow/sleet/freezing rain.  Before it looked like 3-6” of snow.  Now, it’s looking more like the freezing rain.  That’s my least favorite.  If it’s 27* out, it ought to be snowing not raining!  DS1 was supposed to come home from school on Sunday.  They are still in the 6” snow range, so I told him to stay there until it melted.  His route home involves a stretch of 30 miles on a 2 lane twisty mountain road (that crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway) with no shoulder, no guardrail in many places, and no cell service.  And 20 y.o. boys aren’t exactly known for their cautious driving behavior despite their mothers’ pleas… : pbbt:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-11 6:02 PM Edited 2019-01-11 6:08 PM
Stay strong, don't end up doing the new person's work at the swim meet!:laugh: And sorry about the asshat at work.

I ran outside this morning too, I also thought it felt pretty good. I find a buff really helps with windy days in those temps.
- By N70SAK Date 2019-01-11 4:02 PM
f(Friday)=studying f(x)t. :wtf:
- - By SRoo Date 2019-01-11 8:42 PM
So.  If your dog kills a rabbit, do you let her eat it?  I took it away because I figured she would end up regurgitating bunny bits on the carpet, but she was so proud of herself that I felt a little guilty.
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2019-01-13 1:03 PM
Take it away. Better see than sorry. My dog caught a squirrel in my backyard years ago, ate everything except the tail in about 30 seconds. The next morning the squirrel was all over my living room couch.:cry:  She caught about 7 or 8 squirrels in her lifetime, I mostly took them away and that one was the only one she puked up in the house, but damned, not worth the risk.
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