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- - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-04 12:44 PM
When you ran your indoor marathon, did your Garmin "work"?  I have Indoor Running function on mine (Forerunner 35), but have no idea of its accuracy.  I will have someone assigned to me to count my laps in this weekend's indoor race, so I am not concerned about running the wrong distance. Nor, do I care about my pace because my pace makes me :meh:.  I am simply curious as I like to download my runs to Strava.
Parent - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2019-01-04 4:51 PM
I have the most inexpensive Garmin that I could find, I didn’t even try to figure out if it had an indoor function.

The race I ran had a monitor at the finish line that told you your lap number and split (but not distance). The laps were a weird size so figuring out distance was beyond my mental math ability on the run. It was weird to not know the exact distance covered during the run.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-04 4:53 PM
You could try it but always use the manual upload feature if it doesn't. I have to do that for TM runs.
You just need to know time and distance. :grin:
Parent - By gadget girl Date 2019-01-07 3:00 PM
Hi Blazer,
I used the indoor running function on my Garmin 35 while running on a treadmill at a hotel gym and it completely lined up with what the treadmill said so I am guessing it will be accurate. 

I also checked the pedometer output against the gps "running outdoor" feature and that lined up as well.
Parent - By Tommeke Date 2019-01-08 10:48 AM
I once ran a one hour leg of a 24hr team-run around a soccer field (outside). The loop was probably around 250-300 yards (definitely not full track length).
The GPS was probably at least 10% short on the distance and lots of corners cut on Strava. You could see I ran laps around the field, but edges all across.

So, YMMV I guess especially indoor.
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