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- - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 10:25 AM
It's Jan. 3 and I've only been back to work for 2 days, but I've already got 10 days of my PTO mapped out for the year. Do you have any time off planned for 2019, or other exciting plans?

Plus the usual run/workout details and what you are having for dinner tonight.

Happy Thursday! :grin:
Parent - - By IB Date 2019-01-03 11:44 AM
6.5 miles

60¢ (11 coins) & 100 yen Japan (1 coin)

40º & sunny at 0700

New Balance 890v5 Blue
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:14 PM
I might have missed much $$ did you make (find) running in 2018?
Parent - By IB Date 2019-01-04 4:20 PM
Haven't done a final tally yet. Should get to that on Sunday & will post in the Yearlies thread.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:12 PM
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2019-01-03 12:37 PM
Happy New Year everyone! Back from the south after 800+ miles of driving yesterday. Pretty smooth trip, cruised through downtown Atlanta at 5:45am (my sister lives west of the loop) and no traffic delays there or anyplace else for that matter. Did some lurking while I was gone but very few posts.

Anyways, no running today, but need to get to the gym tonight for strength and stretching. Maybe I will do some cardio on the bike to nowhere or perhaps TM jog. I ran frequently while down south but nothing long. My knees and bones just feel so achey these days. Sucks. Still, I had some nice jaunts over at Sweetwater Creek State Park. I really love the trails out there, plus the river and the rapids make a great background for sights and sounds, and while the weather was grey, damp, and rainy, it was mild short sleeve weather. Northern GA has been like our area, record rainfall last year, and the creek was really gushing as there were a few good rain events during our stay. Several class 3-5 rapids on the section of creek through the park. Crazy cool place very close to the metro-Atlanta area.

The only plans we have at the moment is a trip to Oklahoma for my niece's wedding in May. I get up to 30 days a year in PTO. Dinner will be spaghetti. Making a batch of sauce later.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:12 PM
Sounds like you had a nice trip!! :happy:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 3:25 PM
Welcome back! :grin:
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 9:10 AM
Welcome home!
Parent - By foggydoggy [us] Date 2019-01-04 12:17 PM
3.5 on the treadmill, sore from Tuesday's 10K which shows that I'm not particularly fit right now.

I'm going to Arizona in April, South Dakota July 4th, and probably Seattle a couple times (definitely memorial day weekend for Folk-life, probably others),  Possible New Orleans cruise but still up in the air.  Working a long time at the same place means lots of vacation.

Happy Thursday
- - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 10:36 AM
I am super excited that we are getting extra holidays this year that our parent company has always gotten: MLK Day and Veteran's Day. It takes away our 2 floating holidays, but I have 32 PTO days so that's plenty! I have already mapped out 10 of my days, mostly one-off days here and there for races, and 2 days for cheer nationals for stepkid #2. DH and I might take another road trip this year, so I am saving some days for that, and after this past week I really think my gallbladder is going to have to come out soon so I will have a few days for that. Last year, even with a full 2 weeks off for our honeymoon, I was unable to use all of my PTO days. I am trying not to let that happen again this year because they don't roll over so we just lose them if we don't use them. :meh:

Last night I rode all over London on my bike trainer for 45 min which was about 14 miles. I was inspired by redraider and blazer and followed that up with 10 wimpy burpees and 2 30-sec planks. I am so weak, so there is nowhere to go from here but up! I have work vball tonight, and I brought my running stuff in case I can fit in a run between work and our game.

Not sure what's for dinner tonight, it will depend on the work-run-vball situation. I will probably grab a sandwich on the way to my game.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 11:25 AM
Good start with the burpees and planks!  I keep making resolutions to do more planks but they never last more than a day or two.  : pbbt:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:10 PM
Same here! My nieces (7 and 11) challenged me to a plank competition over the holidays and I sadly lost, so I need to do some work! : pbbt:
Parent - By old turtle Date 2019-01-03 4:03 PM Edited 2019-01-03 4:10 PM
Exactly how long my plank commitment lasts. :laugh:
Parent - - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-03 11:33 AM
I would have loved the option to combine sick and vacation into PTO! But now that I have 100 days of sick accumulated that can go toward retirement service years (1 year max, but I can't get that much now), I wouldn't want to change. I'd be afraid they'd take the 100 days away... We also have crummy short term disability insurance (we pay 100% of the premiums), so it's nice to have for that too.
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:11 PM
We used to have "unlimited" sick/personal days that I never tapped into, so I'm happy with the combined PTO. More vacation for me!
Parent - - By Ed [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:38 PM
Until 8 years ago :wink:  I got 13 sick leave days a year and had built up to 26 (after 15 years) vacation days.  We could carry over 30 vacation days into the next year, any over that were lost.  Of course I retired with 30 vacation days on the books that were paid out.  Sick time could not be paid out but under the retirement system I was covered by, it was added on to years of service.  I was very fortunate to be healthy, used my sick leave judiciously (in 36+ years I was never out sick more than 1 day at a time) and retired with about 1-2/3 years of sick leave which added about 2% to my pension :happy:
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-03 12:57 PM
While I've probably used 5-10 sick days in 21 years for myself, 2 maternity leaves, 4 years of allergy shots twice/week, and a gazillion kid appointments (can we say 2 in braces!), and kid sick days have eaten up a lot of mine. Any doctor appointment around here takes 3 hours min away from work... Well, allergy shots I could do in 30-60 min if I did it over lunch.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:13 PM
Yeah! You'll get stronger!! :grin:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:50 PM
holy shit. 32 PTO days? I have never had that many.
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 9:10 AM
You'll have some great trips as you start knocking off more states!
- - By noquitter [us] Date 2019-01-03 10:43 AM
Probably about a month considering the 39.7 hours I carried over :roll: Hopefully, I can enjoy some of that this year. :blush:

I had a good run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday including some speedwork yesterday. 10 sets of 1 minute each easy, tempo, fast.  I did warm up first.  

Tomorrow I am signed up for a 6 week class called Extreme Circuit Training. I'll let you know how it goes. :happy:
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 11:22 AM
Do you have any issues with getting vacation time approved?
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2019-01-03 11:56 AM
Not really. It's just that I am super busy and part of my compensation is based on sales. I can't sell if I'm not there.

My boss always stresses, she like plenty of notice if you are going to take off. My idea of PTO  at least sometimes is when my car, my body or my life require attention and I need the time off to do to take care of things.  She always approves it, just with a reminder that she needs more notice. : pbbt:
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-03 11:30 AM
Anything with extreme in the title is bound to be hard! :evil:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:15 PM
Good luck with your extreme training!
Parent - - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:13 PM
Wonder what makes it extreme? :evil:
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2019-01-03 3:31 PM
Guess I'll find out tomorrow:laugh:
- - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-03 10:51 AM
Woo Hoo, Yes!  I’ve got 17 annual days booked this year.  I get 20 days/year, so this is mostly it.  End of March => Scotland to visit DS1 and a 1 night layover in Iceland on the return trip.  Mid Feb – 2 weeks in Europe (thanks to the parents!)  Main base stations are in Barcelona, Nice, and Rome.  Day trips from there as we see fit. 

It was pouring rain again.  Hit the TM.  Easy is never easy on these new TMs.  I hope someday I adjust.  Managed 9 miles and sweat buckets.  Then a 30 min core video that I haven’t done in awhile.  Some exercises felt good, some were hard.  Since I had extra time, I played around with some yoga stuff (i.e. arm balances/inversions) Speaking of yoga, DH and the kids went to see Die Hard last night => I had 2 hours to myself!!!! (happy dance) So I did an hour Baron Baptiste yoga video (and also read in bed with the house completely silent! :grin: )
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 11:22 AM
Those trips sound fantastic!  :cool:
Parent - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 12:04 PM
Your travels sound great!
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:16 PM
Those trips sound amazing! :grin:
Parent - By cowboyjunkie Date 2019-01-03 1:49 PM
A lot to look forward to.
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-03 2:46 PM
Cool trips!
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:14 PM
Super jealous of both of your trips! How fun!!
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:50 PM
that is grat travel! I really want to go to Iceland.
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 9:09 AM
So jealous of your plans!
- - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-03 10:57 AM
I have vague plans for use of my PTO. I'm starting the year with 35 days, which includes five rollover days, plus two personal days and six days of unused vacation time from 2018 that I have a verbal agreement that I can take off the books in 2019, which is a grand total of 43 days. :roll: This year, I'll have trips of some duration to Michigan in May, Maryland at some point, and Wyoming in August (probably). (Hawaii is now pushed back to January 2020.) Since Herself is going to be relocating to the Boston area, there's now an overwhelming excuse to take some long weekends there. I also may get to go to Santa Fe for a conference in May, which would be awesome, but that's work-related. If that does work out, I'll take a few vacation days for touristy things after the conference.

10 miles this morning. I'm failing massively in my attempts to jump-start a return to the gym. :cry:

Not 100% sure about dinner tonight, but it most likely will be leftover split-pea soup. If not that, then grilled cheese. Day two of National Baking month was chocolate-glazed peanut butter bars.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 11:21 AM
43 days.  :shocker!:  Is that just vacation time, or sick time as well?
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 9:09 AM
I also have 10 sick days available.

The 43 includes vacation time, carryover vacation time, personal days, and vacation time that I couldn't use last year, which I will take off the books. (My employer has a use-it-or-lose-it policy with vacation time, and it's so disingenuous to cut staff down to basically nothing and then say "It's your fault if you're unable to use your PTO, so you have to throw it away.")
Parent - - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-03 11:29 AM
That is a lot! We get 20 max, but an additional 12 for sick. But you can't take sick for vacation.

How far are you from Boston?
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 9:06 AM
We're about 3h15m from the Boston area, depending on traffic.

For our vacation, I think you max out at something like 25 or 30 days, but I've been carrying over five days for something like 10 or 12 years. Also, I'm done working for free, so if I earn comp time, I take it.
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:17 PM
Does Herself have a job lined up in Boston? So exciting! :grin:
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 9:04 AM
She's got a yearlong internship in Lexington/Concord. She's supposed to be starting at the end of the month, but since she's going to be working at a National Park Service site, nothing about her impending program is moving due to the government shutdown. The rangers are among the nonessential personnel furloughed while the toddler in chief has his tantrum. It's a great opportunity for her, and it's going to be a blast going up to visit.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:15 PM
I'd like to go back and spend a little time in Santa Fe!
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:49 PM
did you make the split pea soup too? It is the best and will be my lunch tomorrow.

Santa Fe in May is terrific.
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 8:59 AM
I scored some bags of split peas from the discount end cap at Target, so it was a sign that it was time to make that soup.

Fingers crossed that Santa Fe works out.
- - By Ed [us] Date 2019-01-03 11:03 AM
Two "day" workweek (1 hour long "workdays) for me! :laugh: 

Teaching 6pm spin class this evening.  Had less than the usual turnout yesterday but 6am on the morning after New Years Day some folks may not have been ready to get back into it yet.  Not sure what to expect this evening.  Beginning next week might be a mess as shower demolition/rebuild begins.  No showers in Men's or Women's locker rooms for 4 months :cry:  I may lose the riders in 6am class who go from the gym directly to work :sad: 

Pizza & beer with the guys tonight.

No travel plans at this time...
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 11:20 AM
Ugh, yeah, not being able to take a shower before going to work would be a bummer.
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-03 11:26 AM
Yeah, I can see that being a significant impact. I'm lucky I can go home.
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:18 PM
Oof, 4 months is going to be rough! They better be fancy showers! :laugh:
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:53 PM
They will be without plumbing leaks or tile issues!  10 showers separated by tile walls & shower curtain in the Men's locker room.  I assume the Women's is similarly configured.  I understand the main water supply shut off impacts both...if you cut off the water supply to one set of showers, both are cut off so they couldn't stagger the work :roll:  Lockers & bathrooms in the locker rooms will be available and are adjacent to the showers without a separate entrance so I don't know if they will be working while we're open (5am-10pm weekdays, marginally shorter hours on weekends)...unless they will have separate male & female work crews.  If they plan to work only during the 7 hours we're closed overnight, that could be a factor in the 4 month timeline.

They are making the 2 showers in the "assisted changing area" (not impacted by the construction) available to all members.  This is how they can keep the pools open (NJ law requires one to shower before entering the pool).  I honestly don't know how this area is configured (separated by gender or "unisex"), if there is separate gender access, etc.  So, I'm not sure how practical using them to shower after a class would be.  Retired people like me can just go home & shower. Some people come to class and never use the locker room...they won't be affected.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:16 PM
Ouch! 4 months is a long time for no showers!
- - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 11:20 AM
I get 22 days/year of vacation.  My collective agreement does not specify any days for sick leave which is kind of weird - I mean, I am allowed to take sick days but it's weird they don't specify an upper limit. 

We have exciting plans for this summer - I will be turning 50 this year, and my daughter will be turning 18.  We are friends with another family where the dad is also turning 50 and their daughter is also turning 18.  A few years ago, when the mom of that other family turned 50, she, and I, and a couple of other women, went for a hiking trip through the Grand Canyon.  So, that set a precedent of lavish birthday celebrations, so, long story short, to celebrate the two 50th birthdays and the two 18th birthdays, our two families are going for a ten-day hiking trip in the Swiss Alps in August.  :cool::cool::cool:  I'm really looking forward to it, although, it's going to be very expensive.  :cry:  There will definitely be some economising in the months ahead to make it all work.

Hit the gym yesterday after work. Five-minute pyramids with two-minute breaks in between.  Will head back today for strength training.
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-03 11:26 AM
Omg! How exciting! I told DH I'd like to do that when I turn 50, but it might have to wait until I'm 55. And then DH doesn't really like to hike, so we will see :laugh: I'll live vicariously through you for now!
Parent - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 12:02 PM
Nice!  A good trip to Europe makes turning 50 so worthwhile!  :cool:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 12:19 PM
The Swiss Alps sounds amazing! :grin:
Parent - - By laxrunner Date 2019-01-03 12:27 PM
Delurking to say - I can't believe your daughter is turning 18!! :happy: Also your trip sounds amazing.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 12:31 PM
Tell me about it.  She got her driver's license a couple of days ago, and is starting university this fall.  :shocker!:  When I started posting on RWOL, she wasn't even in kindergarten yet.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2019-01-03 1:39 PM
Parent - - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 5:01 PM
:shocker!:  Will Dr. H. Monkey be accompanying her to university?  :hug:
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:29 PM
That was prairierunner's daughter.  :happy:
Parent - - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 5:59 PM
:blush:  Oh, shoot!  My apologies to all.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 6:13 PM
No worries - prairierunner's family sounds like a pretty cool bunch of people.  :hug:
Parent - - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 8:44 PM
That's probably why I got your kids confused.  Too much awesomeness.  :happy:
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 11:00 PM
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2019-01-03 12:54 PM
Fun trip you have planned. :cool:

Camping or cabins for overnight?
Parent - By cowboyjunkie Date 2019-01-03 1:48 PM
Sounds like an awesome trip!
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-03 2:45 PM
That will be an awesome trip! Practice your yodeling! :wink:
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:16 PM
Wow! Sounds like a fantastic trip!!
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:48 PM
you win the best vacation plans! I love it and can't wait to hear all about it!
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 8:58 AM
Amazing trips on tap for you this year. :shocker!::hug:
- - By cowboyjunkie Date 2019-01-03 1:43 PM
7 last night. Felt good. 7 or 8 tonight. May try a hillier root just to see how things hold up. I had a massage at lunch time. Cereal and a bagel for supper.

Not a lot of firmed up plans. I know I'll take a long weekend for Beast in Feb. I'll take a few days in April for Umstead (North Carolina). A friend is signed up for the outer banks 200 at the beginning of May. I'd like to crew but am on the fence. A hiking trip to see my cousin in New Mexico in either May or July I think.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:16 PM
July in New Mexico would likely be nice! :grin:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 3:27 PM
Hiking in NM sounds cool :cool:
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:30 PM
Some nice race-related travel in your future.  :happy:
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 8:57 AM
Sounds like some fun travel on the horizon!
- - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-03 2:44 PM
4 miles on the elliptical

I had my follow-up appointment with my Dr this morning and he was pleased with my progress. He OK’d moving up to the elliptical so I was happy to be able to do that today and work up a little sweat. I kept the distance and resistance a little lower to see how the knee did afterwards and I feel that I am good so far. I can start short (5-10 minute) runs on the TM in 10-14 Days, so I have circled January 14 as my first test run. :cool:

I get 20 vacation days and carried 3 over from 2018. Our April trip will take 6 of those and I will use another group around the 4th of July when we go to the beach. My other race trips will be long weekends so no other huge plans right now.

We have a meeting with our small group tonight and the host will provide some food for that which will be most of our dinner. We usually end up finding a little something extra when we get home and there are plenty of options there as we work to empty out all of the holiday food.
Parent - - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 3:17 PM
Where are you going in April?

Jan 14 is soon!
Parent - - By nooner [us] Date 2019-01-03 3:26 PM
Our trip in April will be the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, with some other stuff thrown in along the way.
Parent - By tahoeblue (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-03 3:40 PM
I just got back from that trip - Vegas to Zion to Bryce to Grand Canyon (south rim) to Sedona and back to Vegas.   Would have liked to spent time in the Grand Staircase-Escalante along the way, but winter + gov't shutdown made that not reasonable.
Parent - By old turtle Date 2019-01-03 4:09 PM
Love that area! Can't think of a better trip. Glad to hear how well you are progressing. Great news!
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 5:23 PM
Very cool!
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 3:29 PM
Woo hoo! :grin: Don't forget to ice after you work out. Are you going to get formal PT?
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:47 PM
congrats on the progress! That is great news.
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:31 PM
:cool::cool::cool:  Moving up to the elliptical already!
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 8:56 AM
Great recovery! I'm amazed by how quickly you're able to get back to working out.
- - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2019-01-03 2:53 PM
Hi! First run of 2019. I didn't really plan to be on the treadmill but yeah, the cold rain and I don't mix.

6.3 miles then 15 min. in the sauna. I took my phone in there and it shut down because of heat. Ooops.

We've got a trip planned to Cleveland and Pittsburgh in May. That's about it. :grin:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 3:31 PM
I took my phone in there and it shut down because of heat. Ooops.
:shocker!::laugh: I hope it turned back on after it cooled off!

Nice run!
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:30 PM
:shocker!:  I keep killing my phone by using it outside, where it freezes up and dies.  I didn't know they could die from heat as well.  : pbbt:
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 8:55 AM
Ooh, Cleveland. I think it's become a much more interesting place than when I lived there in the early '90s.
- - By tahoeblue (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-03 3:37 PM Edited 2019-01-03 6:08 PM
The company that I work for gives us 10 or 11 company holidays.

We get no sick days and no time off.  The company doesn't want to carry that fiscal liability on the books.

We have a company policy that you can "take as much time off as you feel you need".  Sounds great, eh?  Of course, you have to get approval to take this time off and you are responsible for getting your work done while you are taking time off, but besides those small details, it's a great policy.

I'm planning a trip to Sticky-land in February and to Barcelona in May and Lake Maggiore in September - some of it work related.  Maybe Frankfurt in June.

Got my walking in this morning, planning an hour or so run this afternoon. - ETA - got in 5.5 and a total of 20k+ steps for the day.
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:20 PM
I am not sure I'd like your time off policy! Do people abuse it?

Sounds like some fun trips planned!
Parent - By tahoeblue (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-03 6:02 PM
I haven't really paid attention to how much time other people take off - I figure it's better for my mental health to just worry about myself.  If I start to realize that others are taking 3x more time off than me, I'd be very unhappy.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:47 PM
yup we are moving to an unlimited vacation. Yeah, it is awesome in the worst way.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:31 PM
Hmm, how does that work out in practice - do people wind up not taking much vacation?
Parent - By tahoeblue (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-03 6:07 PM
I don't take much time off.  Officially I took off 4 days last year, include Dec 26, 27, 28.  In reality, I took a lot more time off, but worked it around travel and odd work hours.   Lately, I've been not traveling on weekends, so will travel on a Friday for a Monday meeting, or Monday if I had a Friday meeting.  That lets me spend a couple of times at the destination and maybe even get the company to pay for one of the nights.  It's especially true for international travel, less so if I have a meeting in Albuquerque.  It may not be a true vacation, but it's enough of a break that it usually does the trick.

I think others take regular time off.
- - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 4:46 PM
No exciting travel planned. But I am in the airport waiting to get ready to take off. WHich leads me to a question I hope doesn't offend anybody, but what is the deal with all of the dogs flying all the time. I love animals but I don' think I have been on a flight in the past several years that did not include a dog. Right now I am sitting in the Admirals club and a family came in with a labradoodle they will be flying with.
I have flown with my cats once, when we were moving cross country, and it was very stressful.

8.5 hotel treadmill miles

Our 20th anniversary is this year, we were thinking of going to Italy but I think we will do a few days in manhattan instead. ANd no, I am not old enough to be married 20 years!
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:33 PM
:shocker!: Do you mean, pets coming into the passenger cabin, or in the baggage compartment?  I do a lot of air travel for work and I have very rarely seen pets on board.  I flew to Geneva in 2017 with a couple of cats, but that's about it.  Maybe Canadian airlines have different policies?
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2019-01-03 6:19 PM
yes. Pets in the cabin.

I think it is very likely to be an American thing.
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 8:54 AM
Manhattan for 20th anniversary will be a fun trip! If you need bakery suggestions, let me know. :laugh:
- - By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2019-01-03 5:00 PM
My first run of the new year!  11 miles.

We had foot long coney dogs for supper.  :laugh:
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:33 PM

> foot long coney dogs

:cool::cool::cool:  Sounds great!
- - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 5:07 PM
Back from the doctor.  He thinks I have arthritis in my hands and hips.  Took some blood to look for RA factor.  :sad:  While I was there he did a strep test (negative).  So I guess I'll just sit here drinking tea with honey for my sore throat and skip exercise for another day.  In other alarming news, I received email confirmation for the agility trial I entered.  Gulp.  It is in a horse arena.  Mmm...just imagine all the distracting smells!  What was I thinking?  :cry: :laugh:
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 5:35 PM
:sad:  Sorry to hear about the potential arthritis. 

Good luck with the agility trial - try to stay focused.  :happy:
Parent - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 6:00 PM
: pbbt:  Focused.  :laugh:
Parent - - By tahoeblue (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-03 6:11 PM
I had to re-read that when I couldn't figure out what a negative strip test was.  :shocker!:
Parent - - By SRoo Date 2019-01-03 8:45 PM
All clothes on!  :grin:
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 10:57 PM
- - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-03 8:15 PM
Late to the party, so no one will read this.:laugh:  42 minutes in the elliptical this morning as we had cold, cold rain and went to boxing class after work.

I think I get 28 days PTO and had 4 carryover days which didn't use, so I have 32 days this year. PTO is inclusive of sick time. Since I don't have to take sick days for kids anymore, it is weird to have so much time.  My first two marathons of the year won't require any PTO, I will use one day for Providence and 6-7 days for ALASKA in July. I will likely take an additional week in July to visit my brothers in Michigan.....Texas empties out in July so it isn't worth it to work as all my clients are gone.  I will take days here & there to visit the kids at school or just enjoy good weather when we have it.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 10:56 PM
I'm here!  Are you doing a marathon in Alaska?  Jealous of your trip.  Such a beautiful part of the world.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-04 12:25 PM
Yes, because running a marathon is a great excuse to go to Alaska!  I am super excited.
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-04 7:18 AM
I read it in the middle of the night! But I was too lazy to reply :blush:

Alaska?! That is one of DH and my bucket list destinations.
Parent - - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 8:52 AM
I wish I'd taken more time when I went to Alaska. I won't be making the same mistake with Hawaii.
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2019-01-04 12:31 PM
Did you run in/near Anchorage?  I am tentatively planning on doing the one in Cordova during its salmon-fest.  We would fly to Anchorage and then take puddle-jumper to Cordova.  I'm thinking our whole trip will be 7-8 days.
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2019-01-04 1:00 PM
I ran a race in Anchorage, but it was the one in August. I ran it that year because race day was my birthday and I'd always wanted to have a birthday marathon.
- - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2019-01-03 9:54 PM
I thought that it was Friday when I left work today. :cry:

3.7 icy miles for me tonight. Not all that enjoyable.
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 10:57 PM
Ugh, suckiness all round.
- - By sideshowbob Date 2019-01-03 10:35 PM Edited 2019-01-03 10:38 PM
Our big event this year is/will be moving to a senior citizen type of facility. I'm vary mixed about this--hate to leave our incredible 'hood after 44 years,yet  I know it is being proactive. But I think I know what it feels like to give up your driver's license :sad:. Necessary, but painful .

This summer we have plans to attend GD's high school graduation out in Sacramento and then spend some time on the Cal. coast.

2 miles today, in between moving trips. Later a 2 mile walk with some friends for some IPAs
Parent - By skigirl Date 2019-01-03 10:57 PM
:hug::hug:  My aunt and uncle went through that a few years ago - in the end, they were very glad they made the move when they did, so that all the emotional and practical work was done when they were still both healthy.  It was really hard for them, too, though.  :hug:
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2019-01-04 7:17 AM
:hug: I'm sure it is so hard. My in-laws had to go to assisted living last year. But one thing that did help was that they could move and get used to the new normal together. :hug:
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