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- - By judyruns Date 2018-12-18 8:56 AM
Post. :happy:
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2018-12-18 9:01 AM
Yesterday was SDO except for a 40 minute cardio dvd. I try to cross train with exercise that leaves me tired. Running NEVER does that.
Today I’m going down to the TM. I might try doing a shorter cardio dvd.
Happy runs, All! :hug:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-12-18 5:32 PM
I think it's super impressive that running never makes you tired. :cool:  Long runs definitely make me tired.
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-12-18 5:31 PM
SDO, but plenty of cross-training in the form of cleaning.  There's still a lot of work to be done, but portions of the house are less chaotic.  China sis and everyone left for the airport around noon and I spent all afternoon cleaning.  At least now the common spaces are functional and not stacked with crap.  I've done an awful lot of laundry and bathroom cleaning and countless trips up and down the stairs putting things away.  I think even Mom is relieved to have a break from the chaos because she decided that tomorrow night we're going to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner and $1.99 margaritas. :laugh:
Up Topic Communities / Women / Tuesdailies Blew In Later

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