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- - By judyruns Date 2018-12-17 9:02 AM
Post. :grin:
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2018-12-17 9:03 AM
Thursday I did 40 minutes running on the TM, then did stretches. I’ve been paying more attention to my stretches and it has helped a lot. I need to keep it up to maintain. DC and I did 2.75 hours volunteering in the afternoon.
Friday I did 45 minutes out the trail then helped DC rake leaves for 45 minutes after that.
Saturday I did my birthday run of 76 minutes, saw the biggest Great Blue Heron and during the run joined my running buddy.
Sunday was a good 60 minute run out the trail. DC and I did 2 hours of volunteer work.
Today I might exercise inside.
Happy runs, All! :hug:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-12-17 9:49 AM
How cool that you got to see a huge heron for your birthday! :cool:

You've had a busy weekend!
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-12-17 9:47 AM
Thank you all for your support this weekend. :hug:

I couldn't do a long run on Saturday due to early Christmas, so I ran just shy of 15 Sunday and 5 this morning.  I'm trying to stay on track because it looks like I may manage to eke out my 1400 mile goal for the year.  The past five years or so I have been comfortably at or above 1400 miles, but somehow this year my mileage has come up a bit short.

I'm working on getting most of the rest of my (online) Christmas shopping done.  It's likely to be a rather chaotic couple of days because China sis and her family are leaving for California tomorrow.  They will be gone until February, which means lots of packing to do and a lot of cleaning to do here once they leave.
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2018-12-17 7:04 PM
Sometimes you also might consider that if you haven't run quite so much, it may be that you have been doing cross training type stuff a great deal. You do a great deal of very physical stuff even more than usual! (building a terrace? etc.:grin:) Even if the numbers are sometimes different, the effort is even more than usual. Try not to be hard on yourself about it. :hug:
Good luck with the exit of the family members.
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-12-18 8:11 AM
I have been doing a lot of other stuff.  The first part of the year was mostly devoted to redoing a bathroom and other home remodeling, so probably a lot of my long runs have been slightly less long than they were in previous years.
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-12-17 2:16 PM
Happy birthday to me! Forty-nine this year. :happy: And I think I've been posting on this forum since 2002? We've been through a lot together here.

I am dressed for the gym and a workout, but am debating whether to simply take a USDO, since I have been hitting the gym hard for weeks in a row now and am feeling a little gronky and have a sinus headache today. Nah, scratch that: it's definitely a USDO. My head and muscles both want a quiet day. No cake, because I am diligently tracking calories, but I don't care all that much for cake anyway, so it's not really a hardship. : pbbt:

So...the dieting thing. The scale has literally only showed a two-ounce weight loss after about 6 weeks of tracking calories and exercise. I've been aiming for a net intake of 1200 calories or less (minus the amount burned by exercise) and have hit that goal for all but four days. No alcohol, very little sugar, lots of veggies and lean protein, and very few simple carbs. It's been super frustrating to not see the number on the scale moving, but I *am* seeing a difference in how my clothes are fitting. I still am carrying more fat than I'm used to, but I can also see muscle coming back in my legs. So my body composition is changing, even if the scale is not showing any change yet.
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-12-17 5:37 PM
happy birthday! ( and sorry to say the metabolism comes to a screeching halt around 50....its so damn unfair)
Parent - - By BoredTemp [us] Date 2018-12-17 8:39 PM
Wait, mine pooped out at 40.  It gets worse?!? :cry:
Parent - - By SRoo Date 2018-12-17 8:55 PM
Yes.  :meh:
Parent - - By BoredTemp [us] Date 2018-12-18 10:23 AM
Parent - - By SRoo Date 2018-12-18 11:14 AM
But you also get more mental fortitude! : pbbt:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-12-18 3:31 PM
Yes! At 76 I have found that I must keep up my exercise and measure my food portions or I could gain weight easily. The brain forgets :blush: and it would be much easier to eat bigger portions (especially ice cream) if I didn't measure. :roll:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-12-17 7:06 PM
Happy Birthday Zip! :grin:
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-12-18 8:10 AM
I've been here since early 2003!

Another person who feels kinda :meh: about cake! :laugh:  I can eat it, but don't really like it that much so I'd be just as happy with a couple of bites.
Parent - - By NotSoFast [us] Date 2018-12-18 10:41 AM
I don't have a sweet tooth so don't care for cake or candy or stuff like that. But put a plate of nachos and guac in front of me I'm facedown.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-12-19 6:46 PM
:laugh::laugh::laugh:  ^^ this.  Same here, NSF.
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