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- - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-02 6:27 AM
November NRR Here. I'm starting the NRR as I am STILL NOT RUNNING (or jumping) letting this damn stress fracture heal. The doc says it can take months but once it's healed its good. Now its just more mental to stay off it and not push it. So I've been biking, swimming (not a whole lot reebs don't get excited), doing yoga and body pump.

I am contemplating a quick trip to Vegas area between Xmas and New Years. I want to see DV, RR, and maybe Hoover Dam or VoF. No gambling - probably taking G if he wants to go. I wish he was more excited about travel but maybe no kids like to travel. He would rather stay home...but then when he goes he does have fun. I have 3 vacation days to use or lose and I intend to use them. Do these items seem reasonable for day trips? DV is a bit far is my only concern, about 2.5 hour drive from the area to the visitor center it looks like. Is it worth the drive? I've never been to any of these areas but figure winter is the time to visit the desert. If this is a ho hum idea if anyone has been, any other recommendations? Henderson has a nice resort the Green Valley Resort we can stay at and they are doing a winter wonderland for the kids over the break. Fossils would be cool not sure if any are there in Mojave or not. I figure we can also go to the strip and maybe do that coaster where you fall off the edge? Remember I'm traveling with an 11yo boy so things I would think are awesome (12 mile hike!) may not be so awesome for him.
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-11-02 6:31 AM
hi there!

I loved DV, thought it was so cool. I was there twice, once in January and once in March. Yep, winter is a good time to visit! I bet G will think the salt flats are cool, and the big dunes in the middle of nowhere (forget what they are called), and if it snows a bit when you are there, it is amazing to see. Also, the colors of all of the rock and sand formations are pretty amazing. You may have to force him to leave the house but I bet he will enjoy the trip. I'm sure he will think that the strip is pretty wild, even if you only walk down it and stay for a couple of hours. Still worth seeing. I say, drag him. He'll thank you later :laugh: I personally don't think 2.5 hours is a crazy distance to drive, unless you won't be staying somewhere in between... if you're driving back to the same hotel, that's kind of a lot of driving for one day, although not un-doable. The landscape is pretty wild so there is stuff to see on the drive.

Sorry to hear about the stress fracture :sad: you are right to stay off of it as long as necessary to fully heal. Sounds like you're doing a pretty good job of staying active anyway!
Parent - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2018-11-02 9:30 AM
We went to vegas for dec 25th one year, it was surprisingly cold. Although I think it was a record-breakingly cold winter.  We drove out to RR and it was so windy we didn't really want to get out of the car.

There is a chance I'll be in Vegas with my 16 year old nieces in Feb, when I looked at things to do, it looked like there is a neon graveyard that is supposed to be really cool.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-02 11:01 AM
Never been to Death Valley, but I have had several friends race and pace for the Badwater Ultra, which runs through it. I haven't seen anything in their reports of the place to make me think it'd be an awesome road trip experience for kids, honestly. I mean, yeah, I'd like to see it, but it's a long stretch of desert, basically. So...meh?

No opinion on the others; looking forward to everyone else's input.

I hope the sfx heals well. Tons of empathy on the "no running". At least we can walk, right?
Parent - By Nomad Date 2018-11-02 2:11 PM
A vote here for Hoover Dam - the "hard hat tour". Obvs I'm biased but I think it'd be cool for an 11 yo boy to see the huge turbines and you (used to at least) get to walk through & stick your head out of the dam to see how far down it is. Really interesting (to me) :cool:  I also enjoyed Red Rock Canyon's petroglyphs, but again that's probably a personal interest. We drove rather than hiked as it was August but if there are hikes in the area the rock art might make it more interesting to a child :wtf:
Parent - By newfmrs Date 2018-11-02 6:00 PM
I personally wasn't all that excited about death valley.  Cool to be below sea level and it was the hottest physical temperature I've ever seen / was outside in but not much else to me.  I think going to top of campground area at Mt Whitney (near lone pine, ca) was much more scenic and memorable.  I think you'd be better off doing the other things youve mentioned especially with the drive time to DV.  Oh and hi.  Haven't been around much.  I'll send you a text!
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-07 11:11 AM
We adopted a kitty on Monday. :grin: T-bone's younger daughter volunteers weekly at the Humane Society, and said they are full-up with cats and desperate to adopt them out to make room for new arrivals. They had even waived adoption fees for any cats over 6 months old. She encouraged us to come look at cats.

I am finding out that with T-bone, "looking at" cats means "taking one home." :laugh::hug: We were thinking of getting a tortie after losing Dali earlier this year, but this little black wisp of a cat ended up literally grabbing us with her claws. :laugh: She was charming, so we now have a fluffy little girl cat, medium-haired, with a "black smoke" coloring (black close to the skin, but with lighter color at the tips of her guard hairs). At 7.7 lbs, she is literally half the size of Leif and we think she is probably 9-10 months. Feels tiny compared to the boy cats.

She's still separated from the other cats because she has been sneezing just a tiny bit and we don't want her to give a cold to the others. But she is recovering really well from her spaying in the meantime, and seems very cuddly and happy. We named her Eleanor.
Parent - By BoredTemp Date 2018-11-07 12:58 PM
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-07 1:04 PM
Aww. :hug:  I've seen pictures of her and she's super cute.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-07 2:26 PM
Ohhhhhhh how neat! My best wishes to Eleanor. :grin::hug:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-07 3:58 PM
:hug: Lucky little Eleanor!
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-11-07 4:50 PM
:hug: She's beautiful!
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-11-09 9:18 PM
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-12 6:09 PM
Update on Eleanor: the vet certified today that she is healthy. The entire staff all fell in love with her, too. :laugh: She is VERY energetic and kittenish, and also a snuggler. Like, she'll dash madly around for a bit, then jump in your lap, completely relax, get warm and then... ZOOM. She's off. Rinse, repeat.

She is getting along okay with the boys. They're generally a very mellow crew. :hug:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-13 6:14 AM
That sounds like a lot of fun! :grin:
Parent - By moonglow9 Date 2018-11-13 1:43 PM
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-11-14 8:43 PM
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-16 5:10 PM
Thank you also for adopting a black cat. They are often the sweetest. (Gwen is a notable exception.)
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-20 4:25 PM
Do you know, I didn't think about it until I read your comment, but it just occurred to me that I have never had an all-black cat before.
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-20 4:57 PM
We had one who, as a kitten, was found in the air cleaner of a car towed to my dad's shop.  She wasn't the brightest of cats. :laugh:  She was an outdoor cat who thought she could hide in green grass.  She also liked to watch birds, though it was very obvious that it never occurred to her to try to catch them.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-25 6:42 PM
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-25 6:56 PM
Late to the party, but we had a really nice, relaxed, fun Thanksgiving gathering here. OMG. No stress at all. We had 12 people over, one with gluten sensitivity, and the main dish was prime rib. Everything got made early enough that the buffet table was set with appetizers when everyone arrived, and everyone talked, socialized, played with a new drone and camera combo that one friend brought, or talked about wedding details for another, or putzed around in T-bone's workshop (because it is manly guy space and a great hangout spot). All that needed doing for dinner was to carve the beef and set it out on the table while everyone else mobilized to put out side dishes and desserts, and then we had a buffet dinner with people perched all over the house, wherever they felt comfortable.

It was so EASY. Hospitable. Everyone seemed to feel at ease and have fun. We wound up the evening with a game of darts downstairs.

It was like a freakin' miracle. Just good food, good company, good fun. :grin::hug: I am so glad. It's a nice change, and I give T-bone a lot of the credit for being a good partner and spouse. Life is just easier around him.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-26 9:51 PM
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-27 7:35 AM
Sounds like a fantastic celebration!
Parent - By tritri Date 2018-11-27 9:14 AM
:hug::hug:  This is wonderful!!
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-27 2:15 PM
- - By NotSoFast [us] Date 2018-11-03 1:29 PM
NM we are going to Grand Canyon now.
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-05 3:10 AM
Cool! :cool: I got a glimpse of it once many years ago, I hope you are able to see it properly, it looks so beautiful.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-05 9:01 AM
Jealous! That will be great! :cool:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-11-05 10:18 AM
Fun! That’s an awesome trip.
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-11-14 8:43 PM
Have a great trip!
- - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-05 3:13 AM
I ran a little bit yesterday. It was supposed to be a walk but I was very cold so I started running for short distances between walking. And my back is not killing me today!! :grin: This gives me hope I can start running again. Soon I will be moving to my old running routes and hopefully that wil help too.

Otherwise things are going o.k. Only a few weeks until I move. My old place isn't getting as much interest as I hoped (the people who live there now aren't exactly tidy and that doesn't help) but these things take time.
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-05 7:13 AM
Hooray for doing a bit of running!  I hope your back continues to cooperate.

Best of luck with the move and with getting your place sold. :hug:
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-06 2:41 AM
Thanks. :hug:
Parent - - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-05 1:31 PM
Good news about your back! I hope your place sells quickly. Patience is hard. :happy:
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-06 2:42 AM
Yes, patience is hard, especially for impatient people! :wink:
Parent - - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-11-07 4:51 PM
That's good news about your back and running!
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-12 2:47 AM
It is! It gives me hope.
- - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-05 1:30 PM Edited 2018-11-05 1:47 PM
I'm back in the office today after 7 days off for step 2 of the mastectomy/reconstruction process. The recovery for this step was thankfully quite easy and I feel mostly back to normal. Now I just have to mentally get used to my new boobs. :blush:

I'm eager to start running again! I think feel better than I did when I started running after the first surgery (with permission), but I still need to wait at least a couple of weeks for the incisions to heal a bit more. Walking on the treadmill is my new thing.

ETA: Did anyone else get sucked into the NYC Marathon coverage? I didn't get to watch, but followed the race on Twitter and read a lot of articles before and after. It's so exciting to see the American women do so well!
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-11-05 1:50 PM
aw, I'm glad you are feeling ok. I bet your new boobs look great :laugh::evil: I hope you can get back to running when you're feeling all healed. I know the feeling of wanting to rush back, but I'm sure your body will thank you if you wait. :hug:

DH and I watched the entire thing yesterday! :laugh: That is, from elite women start to elite women and men finish. We did not watch for 8 hours :laugh: It was amazing to watch Shalane! And I love the story of the so-called "chubby" :roll: runner - Allie Kieffer, I think? who finished 7th! Chubby runners unite :laugh:
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-05 3:53 PM
5"4" 118 lbs is not chubby. Maybe she isn't 105 like some of the bird people, but that isn't her body type. I am sure she is still about 12% body fat.
Parent - - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-05 5:35 PM
Keiffer isn’t chubby (and neither is classicnerds, of course), but her body type is different than others who run  a <2:30 marathon. It’s great to see her challenge the norms. I also love Shalane, Desi, and Molly!
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-06 2:15 PM
Yes I meant to say she is strong and worked HARD to build her muscles and strength to her advantage.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-06 2:52 PM
Agreed! :happy:
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-05 8:08 PM
I'm 5'4" 118lbs and I'm just annoyed that I can't run a 2:30 marathon. : pbbt:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-06 6:46 AM
I'm 4'9" 91lbs and can't keep up with anyone who runs or walks. I'm a scurrying rodent. :laugh:
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-06 2:15 PM
I'm 5'4" and annoyed I don't weigh 118 lbs....:laugh:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-07 1:05 PM
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-05 8:08 PM
So glad to hear that you are doing well! :hug:
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-06 2:44 AM
Glad it's going well, that must a huge adjustment! I would have like to see the NYC marathon but it barely mentioned over here, totally ridiculous..
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-11-07 4:53 PM
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-11-09 9:22 PM
Glad you are doing well. :happy:
We watched NYC on TV, we were cheering for Shalane. O dressed as her for school Halloween party.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-14 11:06 AM
I loved seeing pics of kids dressed like Shalane and other runners on Instagram! :grin:
- - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-06 1:45 PM
I'm standing in line waiting to vote.  First time I've ever had to wait more than a couple of minutes to vote anywhere I've lived.  From what I hear, it has been like this all day.  I'm definitely in the political minority in my precinct, but it's still great to see this kind of turnout.

If you live in the US and haven't done so already, please vote!
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-06 2:17 PM
If you are in the US and you can vote early or by mail I suggest this! Way easier and no lines.....I do it by mail and it gives me plenty of time to research the candidates and issues.
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-06 3:35 PM
Voting early here is a bit of a PITA because the only place in the count to do it is at the Board of Elections, which is in the courthouse, which requires going to the courthouse during normal business hours and going through security and all of that.  I do look up the ballot ahead of time, though, and research candidates/amendments.
Parent - By tritri Date 2018-11-07 11:00 AM
Wow!  That sucks!  We get ballots in the mail a week or two ahead of time, and can look up all the candidates and issues from the comfort of our home.  Before, I would be all ready and get there, and find there were some issues I was ready for that were for some other county, and some I never heard of!
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-11-09 9:25 PM
I tried voting early but we live in a small town now and there was some issues with submitting ballots when I went so I couldn’t vote early. Made sure to go on Election Day instead.
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-07 3:54 AM
It's so great to hear about the turnout! I'm impressed with the American people right now.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-07 4:00 PM
:grin: Definitely!

I live in California's 25th district. We just flipped it! I am still pissed at the unknown someone who stole my "Katie Hill for Congress" sign TWICE, but thrilled that we actually managed to put Katie in.
- - By runnertype [us] Date 2018-11-08 10:19 AM
NRR, just found out yesterday that I've got a slightly torn meniscus. Knee doc said that surgery wasn't necessary, thinks I'll get the same results from giving it time (like 3 months or so) to heal. Also said that I won't make it any worse by doing any activity that I can tolerate without pain. Of course, that means that I can walk and Stairmaster but not run. At least I can still do something.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-08 1:51 PM
Sorry to hear about your meniscus, but glad that surgery isn't in the works. :hug::hug::hug:
<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sending you many healing vibes. :hug:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-08 3:10 PM
Hey, I haven't seen you around in ages!  Sorry about the torn meniscus, but glad it doesn't need surgery and that you can still do some stuff.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-12 6:04 PM
POOP!! Sorry about the tear. Glad it's probably okay.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-14 10:10 AM
Ugh that's a huge bummer! I've found walking to be a decent temporary replacement for running but it takes so much time!
- - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-11-10 8:52 PM
Anyone have a good iPhone grocery list app? The one we were using isn’t updated enough for the newest iPhone that I just got.
Parent - By tritri Date 2018-11-11 7:41 PM
I love Paprika.
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-11 7:47 PM
I just use Google Keep, but it's really more of a sticky note type app.  It does allow you to share notes, but I don't generally share them so I can't really comment/compare on how well it works.
Parent - By spccer6 [us] Date 2018-11-13 11:29 AM
- - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-12 12:15 PM
Sending safe thoughts and prayers to Arimathea with all the fires.....
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-12 6:05 PM
Right? That's some scary stuff happening out there. :sad:
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-11-12 7:45 PM
It's awful.
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-13 3:19 AM
Yes, me too. It's horrible to see the devastation. :cry:
Parent - By tritri Date 2018-11-13 1:53 PM
:hug:  Arimathea, check in if you see this!
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-13 10:14 PM
Thanks! We are fine, the closest fire is about 20 miles west of us and the wind is blowing the other way.

I was up in northern CA this weekend and the smoke from the Camp fire was horrible.

The Woolsey fire in southern CA is almost exactly the same footprint as the Agoura-Malibu fire in 1970. I was 7 when that happened and still have vivid memories of it 48 years later. :sad:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-14 7:41 AM
Good Heavens! 20 miles is close to you! :hug: Thanks for checking in. We worry.
Parent - By moonglow9 Date 2018-11-14 8:40 AM
I am glad you are okay. Those fires are scary. And that they have been going on for so long in the same way....
Parent - By LuckyDog [us] Date 2018-11-14 9:36 AM
I have been wondering how you were doing as well.  Glad to hear you're okay.
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-11-14 7:00 PM
The fires are awful. I'm glad you are safe.
- - By tritri Date 2018-11-13 2:02 PM Edited 2018-11-13 2:04 PM
I'm upset for my sister and her husband, Paul.  Paul has pancreatic cancer, diagnosed in March, which is really bad, invades the stomach to cause him to lose a lot of blood, and it's in his liver now as well.  He's very weak, in a lot of pain, and has a hard time eating anything.  They live in the evacuation zone and had to evacuate Friday 1am.  Because of the cancer, they couldn't take him to an evacuation center.  They can't go to a hotel, as he is not eating out; there is not a lot he can tolerate.   Plus the evac. center was in an evacuation zone!  They ended up sitting in a Target parking lot all night.  At 8am Friday, they decided to go to their vacation home in Cambria, displacing any renters.  So there's that.  They went home and got more stuff, and sealed their doors and windows.  So the house was still standing then and the fire was within a block.  So, their house survived Thursday night, so there is that. They are supposed to have a oncologist appt today, but were thinking they would cancel (so many roads are closed, and it's a 3 hour drive at best).  Plus the air isn't good for anyone.  It's all just too much!  :cry::cry:  I hate that when someone gets more than they can handle, they just get more piled on.  I hate that there is really nothing I can do to help.
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-13 6:26 PM
hugs and I'm so sorry. Maybe you can fedex a care package to them in Cambria?
Parent - By tritri Date 2018-11-14 8:38 AM
That's a good idea.
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-13 7:43 PM
Oh man, that really sucks. :cry:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-13 10:15 PM
I am sorry. Are they in Paradise or Thousand Oaks?
Parent - - By tritri Date 2018-11-14 8:38 AM
Thousand Oaks.  Near Janss and Erbes.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-14 3:19 PM
Oh gosh. I haven't heard about that area, though it's close to St. Patrick's and we'd likely have heard if that is gone.
Parent - By tritri Date 2018-11-14 4:06 PM
St Patrick's isn't in the burn zone.  Their house is East of Erbes, and close to the edge of the burn zone, by about a block.  (on Wilder).
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-14 3:08 AM
Oh my goodness, that is awful. :cry:
Parent - By moonglow9 Date 2018-11-14 8:41 AM
So very frustrating and sad. You are right, seeing it piled on when one is already overwhelmed just seems the height of unfair. I am so sorry.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-14 10:11 AM
That's awful. :cry:
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-14 11:28 AM
Holy crap. :sad:
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-11-14 6:59 PM
:cry:So sad and heartbreaking.
Parent - By ezrunner [us] Date 2018-11-17 9:16 PM
What a heartbreaking situation for them.  I am at a loss for what to say, it does seem like an overwhelming load to bear.  Many times Life is just not fair.  Pancreatic cancer alone, is bad enough.  Sorry for you too, not being able to do anything to help.  I hope he can at least get some relief from tue pain.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-11-19 8:48 AM
- - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-20 5:02 PM
So (for those of us in the US), Thanksgiving is almost here.  How's the holiday shaping up for you?  Any new recipes being tried?  Interesting guests?  Family feuds brewing?
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-20 5:26 PM
I tend to find holidays to be a bit stressful and this year will be our largest Thanksgiving yet -- 24 guests including 7 children, 2 people who are 90+, 3 people who are eating vegan, and 2 with gastroparesis.  So far about 1% of the cooking has been done, which means the next two days are going to be interesting.  At least 95% of the cooking/baking will happen here, in one oven, one toaster oven, a crock pot, and a 4-burner stove.  Current count is 21* separate dishes being offered that will be prepared here.  But hey, we have enough china and silver for everyone and the silver has been polished and spreadsheets have been made. :laugh:  My mother is a stickler for tradition, but I'm in charge of most of the vegan-friendly offerings so we're trying a new recipe for a lentil nut loaf with mushroom gravy as well as trying a new recipe for vegan dressing.  I'm also making applesauce and parsnips, both of which are vegan and gp-friendly.

*Turkey, lard-based cornbread stuffing, turkey gravy, lentil nut loaf, vegan dressing, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, cider-glazed parsnips, broccoli, cheese sauce, applesauce, rolls, vegan rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, German chocolate pie, spinach and artichoke dip, pickles and olives, and apple skin chips.  Dishes not being made here include pumpkin pecan brownie pie, giblet dressing, giblet gravy, as well as likely fruit salad, cranberry gelatin concoction, maybe dairy-laden potatoes, and probably another dessert.
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-21 7:30 AM
Wow, yes that should be interesting! :shocker!: I just hope that you don't do it all.
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-21 9:38 AM
That sounds chaotic!. Save some veg. stuffing for me! My MIL cooks hers in the bird and I'm too lazy to make my own. :happy:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-21 4:40 PM
It all sounds great and should please everyone. Delegate! :laugh:
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-21 8:23 PM
That's a lot of people and a lot of dietary needs to keep track of! On the other hand, pretty cool that you have so much family near by.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-25 6:44 PM
Holy schmoly. That's a big T-day gathering! How did it go, Swandive?
Parent - - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-21 7:33 AM
We are celebrating on Sunday. :cool: It's going to be at my brother and SIL's house and each of us are bringing something. No family feuds over here, we tend to be rather peaceful. My family is very traditional, so no new recipes. No vegans og vegetarians in my family either, just me with my gluten intolerance.
Parent - - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-21 9:50 AM
That's fun that your family celebrates. :happy:
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-21 10:12 AM
Yes, we have all spent time in the US and this is one tradition we like very much.
Parent - - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-21 10:02 AM
My MIL hosts about 40 people, including five kids under six. This will be my 4th year attending (but first time as an "in-law"). I'd love to go home for Thanksgiving but it's just so much easier and cheaper to stay local. There may be one other vegetarian besides me, and as far as I know there aren't too many other dietary requirements. DH is in charge of mashed potatoes and roasted root veggies so I know I won't go hungry. :happy:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-22 8:10 PM
Wow, that's a crowd! :shocker!:
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-21 8:21 PM
This might be the first year we're skipping it Since moving to Nz. I'm out of town and only getting in tomorrow night and the last thing I wanna do is start brining a turkey and do unspeakable things to it. Maybe we'll have a token bird of some sort for dinner.

On another note, apparently floor to ceiling windows - completely see through bathrooms are a very popular thing in hotels these days. I find it slightly awkward and I'm alone in the room. Two different hotels on this trip have had it. :wtf:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-21 9:05 PM
Cornish game hens are your friend. They look like mini turkeys and they take much less time to cook.

I too have noticed that about hotel rooms and bathrooms. I do not worry about it when I'm alone, but I would imagine that things can get awkward when the room is shared by a couple, and even more awkward when it's shared by two people who aren't on intimate terms. Just because I'm doing :evil: with him doesn't mean I want to see him on the throne.
Parent - - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-23 3:15 AM
Ugh, some things you want to do in private! :cry:
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-25 6:45 PM
Say "yes" to keeping some mystery in the relationship!
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-27 11:15 AM
I've noticed this in Asia a lot. Usually there is some kind of shade to pull but I don't bother because I'm by myself. But I still find it awkward!
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-22 8:30 PM
Well, when it comes to things not going according to plan, my oldest sister and BIL had car trouble and didn't end up getting here until mid-morning today instead of last night.  And yesterday evening I cut off a bit of my finger. :shocker!::blush:  Not on purpose, of course, but I was making supper and was in a hurry and not paying enough attention to what I was doing and cut off part of the pad (the fingerprint part, not the tip of the finger) of my left index finger.  I ended up going to urgent care later in the evening and now have a well-bandaged finger and  a lot of people telling me not to do anything.  I assume that it will start hurting eventually, but so far it hasn't hurt at all.  The most annoying thing at the moment is the fact that my finger is 3x its normal size due to the bandaging.  There's definitely a good chunk of flesh gone, but there's not much to be done about it now and I seem to think it's less horrible than everyone else does.  I was never going to have any kind of a career as a hand model. :laugh:  I've injured myself enough timed that I'm not going to get too worked up about a flesh wound.  I did end up doing less cooking than planned today, but we managed to pull off a meal for 24 and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Two of my first cousins once removed (my cousin's kids) are spending the night tonight so we're up to 13 people (8 adults, 5 children, plus a cat and a dog) sharing the house tonight.
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-23 3:17 AM
Sorry about your finger! But at least you're getting some rest. I cut a pretty large bit off my thumb a few months ago and now you can't see a thing. Hope yours heals well and quickly also! That's a lot of people in your house, sounds fun. :grin:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-23 8:36 AM
Oh, gosh! :hug: I'm so sorry about the finger injury. Let the other folks do the work today.
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-24 2:16 AM
Ouch!:cry: well, maybe now with your fingerprint gone you can have a career as a thief. :mischief:

We're going to have turkey after all tomorrow. DH is going to smoke it. It's also my bday tomorrow and he's baking a cake. Definitely not pumpkin. :happy:
Parent - - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-24 4:31 AM
Ha, ha, you were quick find the oppertunity in that! :laugh: Hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow! :grin:
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-27 10:33 AM
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-25 11:28 AM

Happy birthday!  How are you and the family doing?
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-27 10:31 AM
We're doing ok, thanks for asking. :happy:the Twig had his surgery and got through it in flying colors. Probably the most stressful few days of our lives. He'll have to have another one in Jan. but that should be a smaller procedure and then that should hopefully be it. Ministicky has been an amazing big brother. :hug:
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-28 5:51 AM
Glad that Twig is o.k. Good for Ministicky!
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-28 6:44 AM
Happy to hear the procedure went well! :hug: Great job of being a big brother, Ministicky! :hug:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-30 10:19 PM
So glad to hear that Twig has come through with no issues (gosh how stressful for you and Mr. Sticky) and that mini is becoming a great big brother.

Remind yourself of this in a few years when they are, oh, 5 and 7 and fighting over a stupid plastic toy.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-25 5:14 PM
Happy birthday!

I have a recipe for pumpkin cake with caramel buttercream frosting...if/when I make it the caramel recipe you posted years ago will be used. That stuff has been dubbed "crackamel" in my family.
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-27 10:27 AM
Wait, which recipe was this? I don't remember!:laugh:
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-12-01 8:40 PM
Oh, you shouldn't have reminded me...:shocker!::blush:
Parent - By SRoo Date 2018-12-02 8:35 AM
That was great stuff.  :happy:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-12-03 9:51 PM

Delicious stuff.

You can even put it up in canning jars...I've sent it all over the country. :grin:
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-12-06 1:06 AM
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-11-26 8:06 AM
Happy (late) birthday!
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-27 10:32 AM
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2018-11-26 10:58 AM
Happy belated Birthday!!! :hug::cool::hug:
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-27 10:32 AM
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-27 11:15 AM
Happy belated birthday!
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-24 4:29 PM
Scary on cutting it and not having it hurt at all. Hope you do not need to get fingerprinted in the next few months!

24 people is scary enough. All these people telling you not to do anything...were they also offering to pitch in and help?
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-25 11:29 AM
I did have offers of help as well. :happy:  My oldest sister and BIL did some of the cooking I was planning to do Thanksgiving morning and my dad and cousin did a lot of the dish washing.
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-25 6:46 PM
Yikes! I hope it all grows back okay.
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-25 7:47 PM
Thanks.  My oldest sister is a surgeon and she got a look at it over the weekend and changed the bandaging a couple of times.  She says I'll probably have to keep it bandaged for a couple of weeks just to keep from re-injuring it, but that it looks clean and like it ought to heal well with time.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-11-26 8:04 AM
Great that your surgeon sis bandaged/rebandaged your poor finger. :hug:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-11-26 8:05 AM
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-27 11:16 AM
Oh no! I hope your finger is feeling okay.
- - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-24 4:40 AM
Hope everybody is having a good Thanksgiving weekend, i.e. those of you in the US.

Today there are only 3 weeks until I move. :happy: I've packed a bit, thrown out a lot but there's a lot to be done still. H and I are getting along o.k. which makes it a lot easier. I'm still convinced we're doing the right thinng and I'm still very happy with my new apartment.

The only problem is my old one hasn't been sold yet so money will be very tight until that happens. The lodgers are causing problems, making excuses about why they can't show the place and then when people do come, everything is a mess, they don't even make the bed. :roll: Ugh, I can understand they're not happy with having to go, but seriously? Anyhow, I keep reminding myself that in a few months this will all be over and I will have a new and diffeent life.

Our family Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I need to go get the bird today and get it to my brother's house. When we moved here from the US, you couldn't get turkey over here but now it's a popular dish for both Christmas and New Year's. And although people here generally don't celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday is becoming more and more popular. :wtf: Anything for a chance to sell more!
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-24 4:31 PM
Good luck with the move. And with getting your lodgers out. I can understand they don't want to move, but unfortunately when you rent a privately owned flat or house this is one of the risks you run. Hope the people with orders to view can see past the lodgers' mess.
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-27 2:59 AM
Thank you! Looking so much forward to having my own place. Yes, this is the reason why I bought in the first place. There are a couple of very interested parties now but they haven't been able to get in. :cry:
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-25 10:16 AM
Is there anything in the rental contract that states the place must be kept show ready? If so you can explain to them what the contract states. Beware of nasty renters actually damaging or stealing stuff from the place if they are pissed about being kicked out. You might want to go in and take photos of everything now (appliances, drywall, carpet, etc).
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-27 2:58 AM
It's actually in the law. Yes, I've explained but these people are the kind that don't listen. Ugh. Luckily the apartment was very well documented by a third party before they moved in so hopefully that will be o.k.
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-25 7:00 PM
Wishing you luck selling the old place. I have never had to deal with renters, so I have no suggestions, but hope they cooperate.
Parent - - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-27 3:00 AM
Thanks! You are lucky, this is something I will never do again, too much hassle and people are never happy no matter what you do.
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-27 7:04 AM
Some renters are wonderful. My mom rents her upstairs apartment to graduate students in Charlottesville at UVA and they are always lovely people. Usually foreign and medical students. So they have cash flow, are quiet and pretty clean and the best part is they often invite her to dinner and cook AMAMZING food from their home countries. She has had Indian, Chinese, Pakistan, Nigerian, and maybe Russian/Ukrainian students? Never an issue with them. Its probably the grad school demographic.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-27 4:24 PM
Parent - - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-28 5:52 AM Edited 2018-11-28 6:01 AM
Yes, I guess so. I once had a group of computer nerds as renters and they were great. I'm just very frustrated right now. I really need to sell and I can't. One couple has made3 attempts to see the place.
Parent - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-28 1:15 PM
Well then I would throw them out as soon as legally possible. Maybe you can go with the couple next time so at least you can explain the mess to them. You should have entering rights as the landlord.
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-28 6:03 AM
I just want to say how important it is get support when you're going through something like this. I don't know where I'd be without it, my sis and my co-workers, especially my officemate and boss, have really been fantastic. If you know somebody who is going through something similar, please remember that you can make a big difference.
- - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-25 10:21 AM
Anyone recommend a really good headband for someone like me that just sweats a ton? I mean a ton from the head and face. Most headbands are shite they get soaked 30 minutes into an hour workout (I use 2 at the gym classes).
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-25 6:58 PM
Look at headbands used by bicyclists? They are thinner and wick like crazy. They won't keep you DRY, per se, but they ought to keep sweat out of your face.
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-11-27 10:35 AM
A good urban sombrero ought to do the trick.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-11-27 4:23 PM
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-11-27 5:29 PM
Parent - By Gunna [is] Date 2018-11-28 5:52 AM
- - By runnertype [us] Date 2018-11-29 4:54 PM
still dealing with my jacked up knee. Prior to leaving on vacation on the 16th, I had been stairmastering (not a real word) every day and had no pain. Running still hurt so I wasn't doing it. Then, while in Chiang Mai, I took my daughters and we all had a one hour Thai massage. It hurt while she was doing it but I told myself not to be such a weenie and to suck it up (this has gotten me in trouble before). I then spent the next 5 days hobbling around Thailand, and also a flight from Bangkok to Doha in so much pain that I was actually having to do deep breathing exercises as a distraction.:cry: I had made up my mind that I was going to call my knee doc right away when I got home and demand surgery (he previously told me that it would heal just as well on its own without surgery). Then, inexplicably, on the last day of the trip, it miraculously stopped hurting and now feels totally fine. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

Appointment with knee doc is next week Monday. Think maybe I'm going to ask for an MRI. Frustrating.

ETA-NSF, I've got your magnet! i'll try to send it out this weekend. :hug::hug::hug:
Parent - - By SRoo Date 2018-11-29 6:01 PM
I'm sorry you're hurting.  Hopefully with a little more time off from run...wait wait wait.  Chiang Mai?!  :shocker!::cool:  I'm sorry about your knee and all, but we're gonna need a trip report here!  Then I'll get back to being sympathetic.  : pbbt:
Parent - By laxrunner Date 2018-11-30 8:09 AM
Ha, this is basically what was going on in my brain!
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-11-29 6:39 PM
Maybe your knee needs to stay at high altitude? :wtf:: pbbt:
Parent - - By NotSoFast [ca] Date 2018-11-30 1:28 PM
You are the best do you have my address?
Parent - By runnertype [us] Date 2018-12-06 12:24 PM
I think so. Sorry for the delay; I've been home sick with some bronchitis type crap on top of the knee; when it rains it pours! I'll get it out to you shortly. :hug:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-11-30 10:23 PM
MRI may help pinpoint the issue.

If it is meniscus, arthroscopic surgery worked really well for me.

So we will not be seeing you at Brazos Bend? :sad:
Parent - By runnertype [us] Date 2018-12-06 12:25 PM
No sadly!! Hope you guys have a great weekend.:hug::hug:
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