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- - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-11-02 5:27 AM
Icky weather’s FRIDAY!!!! :cool:
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-11-02 6:07 AM
--No massages tonight or this weekend. While the money is nice I’m not minding the fact I’ve been just a little slower with the massage. One or two less a week is very noticeable.

--All done with MV elementary school. :happy: Almost 100% certain they are on board for me teaching 3rd and 4th grade next year. That will be very helpful because they have a really screwy schedule. Be nice to be able to fit in another hour of teaching when I’m already there and it’s virtually impossible to work anyone/anything else in.

--Got our property taxes. I knew those were coming. :meh: I owe as much on my office building (let’s gouge the small business owner) than we do on 36 acres, a 40 X 70 workshop (that the county has taken upon themselves to assess at a “residential” rate which is higher than farm), all the farm equipment, a truck, car, gooseneck trailer and motorcycle. :roll: My office building is valued at about 75% LESS than all the other. :mutmad:

--Need to swing by the Best Western this morning to see if they’ll comp a room for our timing guy.

--I was looking at silicon wedding bands per Gregg’s suggestion. I’m curious as to how hard those are to get off and on? But, I guess it wouldn’t really matter to leave it on while I did a massage. hmmmm

--My Kindergartners were so excited when the Chef puppet appeared yesterday. My mom made him a rabbit costume for our vegetable lesson since we traveled to the “Land of Rabbits”. : pbbt: Next week it’s the “Land of Rainbows” for fruit and he has this hippie looking rainbow jacket she made for him. :laugh: He was a farmer a couple weeks ago for the grain lesson. :happy:

--I need to go to the bank after work today. I think I’ll stop by the house and pick Sarge up. He likes to ride in the car and do errands. Then maybe we’ll go visit my mom and the dogs. He gets along well with them and vice versa. :happy:
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-11-02 10:14 AM
Your puppet sounds awesome!  :grin:  Kindergarteners are such a fun age.  :hug:
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