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- - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 6:28 AM
Yes, it’s that day again.  I’m feeling all nostalgic.  So QOTD – post a good memory.  It can be from when you were little, when your kids were little, whatever.  Doesn’t need to be about something big and significant.  Any little tidbit that makes you smile will do today.
Parent - - By Limoboss Date 2018-10-29 10:53 AM
I haven't really posted much in the dailies lately since I haven't had much to post due to being plagued by injuries the last 2 years. The good news is I think it's all behind me now as I've been training consistently the last 2 months averaging 40 to 50 miles a week.Running is starting to feel effortless again like it used to. I joined the brand new Powerhouse Gym they built right down the street from me about 2 months ago to deal with my lower back issues and other problem areas. On top of that, my wife bought me a 300 pound Olympic weight set and a monster bench with squat rack for our anniversary for the basement for the days I may not have time to get to the gym. Trying to add more equipment every week so eventually I won't need the gym.

Fitness is coming back, ran a 5K time trial last weekend in 19:17 and yesterday's 16 miles was around 7:40 pace. Planning on a spring marathon as my comeback race although haven't decided where yet.

5 miles easy today.
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 12:51 PM
Welcome back!

Nice 5K!  :cool:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 1:31 PM
Awesome news, so good to see you here! I love having gym equipment at home. I have a spin bike and some free weights, love it. But my treadmill broke last summer during my house move.:sad:

I'm also looking at spring marathons. I'm pretty sure I'll run the first day of the Two Rivers Marathon Festival marathon on March 30, in Hawley, PA- only about 2 hours from here- the weather is usually ideal, nice and chilly. I'm done with training my ass off and then being derailed by heat and humidity. Fast course, net downhill. Check it out!
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 2:49 PM
Definitely some good spring marathon choices out there.
- - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 6:29 AM Edited 2018-10-29 6:40 AM
After the game Saturday, one of the mom’s sent me this   picture that shows the group together when they were 6.  :hug:  That’s the thing about small towns.  You know kids forever since birth.  It was making me :cry: thinking about them all splitting up next year.

QOTD – this picture reminded me.  DS2 is the one in the bottom right (And top center in top pic) Notice his shorts strings hanging out?  That was his thing for the few years he wore those shorts.  Those were game day shorts and his shirt HAD to be tucked in and the strings HAD to be hanging out just like that.  He was a funny thing. :hug:

My run was crap this morning.  Literally! :blush:  Thank god for ER restrooms.  Truthfully, it felt great and awful at the game time.  Gut was off, sinus headache out of control, just achy in general, but yet my stride felt really strong and springy.  My left leg has finally decided to join in the fun.  It wound up being the fastest I’ve done the loop since the spring.  Then I went to the gym and did a chest/tris and HIIT video.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:02 AM
I have ducked into my local hospital restroom at times, they are good when necessary! I love the pictures of your son, that has to be bittersweet.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:07 AM
I have ducked into the restroom and a new ER place more than a few times. Super handy spots and always clean!
Parent - - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 9:19 AM
Around here, we're lucky that there's pretty much a Dunkin Donuts virtually around every corner, and they open early. Super handy for unplanned but necessary pit stops!
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:29 PM
We don't have a single one! And our fast food - most open at 5:30. Too late for me usually
Parent - - By nooner [us] Date 2018-10-29 10:48 AM
Nice soccer pics!

I still run into players that I coached or their parents who remember me from that time which is over 10 years ago.
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:30 PM
That's awesome!
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 12:50 PM
:cry: Those pit stops can really take the fun out of run in a hurry.  Fortunately our new 'hood seems to really like having portos, and boy do I ever appreciate them.  One has been removed since summer is over, and I'm afraid a couple of more may go as winter sets in, but I'm always looking for additional "relief stations."  Nothing makes me happier than finding a new construction site :grin:
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:31 PM
I think I lived here 20 years before I passed a Porto potty on my run. We have so little development. But in the last few years, they've done a lot downtown. Sometimes I get lucky.
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:07 PM
I hate when the stomach goes wonky during a run.:meh: But at least you ran well!:happy:
- - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 8:50 AM
I've been racking my brain for a good memory to share and am coming up blank. It's less an issue of not having good memories than feeling super less than enthused about starting another workweek. :meh: With Hamilton coming up this week, I guess one good memory that runs parallel is winning tickets to Wicked several years ago. Broadway, orchestra row F. For free. It was kind of amazing.

7 mi this morning, after 20 on Saturday (in cold rain, very hardcore) and 10 yesterday.

I baked a lot of stuff over the weekend, including a first go-round for an apple-Cheddar scone recipe I'm developing. It is pretty good, but I think it can be tweaked to make it better. (I'm feeling braver about doing this now that I have an apparently actually published recipe. I will *never* look at the comments or reviews on our website, either.) I also made an apple Bundt cake, a banana-coconut Bundt cake, apple crumble bars, and split pea soup over the weekend. I guess that was one upside of a cold, rainy Saturday.
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:03 AM
if I write a nice review can I just send it to you?
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 9:13 AM
Because I want to live in denial that it's possible that people will crab about this recipe, I will take only nice reviews. #fragileego :laugh:
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:14 AM
I find it silly people may comment "this tastes awful" or something like that.....couldn't they see this by the ingredients?  I hate blue cheese, so if a recipe calls for it and I use it, why would I complain it tastes like blue cheese?:roll:  This said, I will look at comments on recipes to see how people may have tweaked things.  For instance, did someone substitute goat cheese for the blue cheese and if they did, was it an appropriate substitution?
Parent - - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 9:21 AM Edited 2018-10-29 9:25 AM
One of our running jokes here is the reviews that are sometimes bonkers. "I substituted sawdust for the flour, pebbles for the breadcrumbs, and Tuna Fancy Feast for the tuna steaks. It was horrible! This recipe sucks!" :roll:

ETA: Two thoughts: 1, the more you cook, the more you know about how you can substitute and tweak and still get a desirable result; 2, if it's edible, call it a success. Enjoy it. (That said, I will confess that in making a cake recipe from a new book last weekend, I took umbrage with something I suspect the food stylist did for a photo, because there is no freaking way that the recipe as directed would have generated the result as shown in the photo for that cake.)
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:25 AM
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:38 AM
That kind of stuff is nutty and validates my overall philosophy of Hating Stupid People.  :roll:  I know the laws of baking really shouldn't be messed with, but I will tweak with "cooking" recipes from time to time if I either don't like certain items (like blue cheese) or I don't have a certain ingredient.  I have certain muffin recipes I make and see how far I can cut back on the sugar and find them still enjoyable.  This weekend, I made banana muffins, used no sugar at all and they were super tasty.  Of course, I realize the ripeness of the bananas I used will vary from time to time and affect how the muffins will taste.  That is the sort of comment I find interesting.
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 1:33 PM
Parent - By Limoboss Date 2018-10-29 9:31 AM
That’s some really good mileage you’re putting in. Nice work!
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:10 PM
Your post is quite drool worthy! I have not yet baked in the new house.:shocker!: I'm going to have to remedy that., and an apple bundt cake sounds divine.:hug:
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:34 PM
I'm usually quite unenthused about work weeks as well. I try to look and see if anything can get me out for a bit.  A root canal? Yay!!!! Tomorrow I've got a training class 2.5-3 hours away. It'll be a long day, but I won't be here!
- - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:00 AM
one year ago today we got Blueberry kitten, so that is a sweet memory :hug:

This weekend N and I went to Annapolis to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday. She is 15 years younger than I am, so we only lived in the same state for one year until I went to college. One of the gifts my mom has given to each of us for our 30th is an album of pictures of us from birth to adulthood. There were lots of memories looking through Stefanie's albums and remembering family events.

Weekend was really fun, but exhausting. I had to dial into about 3 hours of conf calls both saturday and sunday. N and I flew out Friday and went to dinner with my sister and her BF. Saturday she got up kind of early, and kept me company at the hotel gym while I ran a quick 4.5. Typically when we do this at a hotel my run is over when she is bored, hungry, whatever. 4.5 is good enough. Then my sister picked her up so I could do my first call. We all went out to a wine tasting from 12-2. The next plan for the day was a sailboat schooner in the chesapeake, which would have been lovely but the weather was shit. I had conf calls so I couldn't go anyway, but N was originally going to go. Due to the weather I wouldn't let her so she hung out at the hotel w my mom and watched a movie, pooled, etc. I think my mom was happy to miss the boat ride--I know I was when everyone came back freezing. Then a dinner out, amazing cake and just fun. Super early flight sunday but we made it. I was ready to go to bed at 8pm yesterday! I am ready for a normal week-sadly this won't be it due to Halloween on Wednesday.
oh, no run yesterday. Flying, working, tired.

Today was 8.1 in almost perfect weather.
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:16 AM
I'm sorry you had to work this weekend.
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:52 AM
me too. :meh: I'm really questioning the new job.
Parent - By skigirl Date 2018-10-29 10:40 AM
:sad:  Oh no, that's too bad.
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 1:56 PM
Parent - - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 9:22 AM
That is a heck of a weekend. Really sucks that you had to work. :cry:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:54 AM
it was an exhausting weekend. Part of me felt bad that I dragged N around so much, but I think she had fun and I am lucky that she is the kind of kid who can hang out all day with a bunch of adults.
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:28 AM
Good of you to be there for your sister's big day in spite of the work demands. :hug:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:54 AM
my sister is the best, I couldn't miss seeing her.
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 1:52 PM
Happy birthday to S! Annapolis is such a cool town, is that where she's living/teaching now?
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:50 PM
yes, her boyfriend got a job at annapolis so they moved there. It is a great place to live for them
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:35 PM
:hug::hug: kitten!!!

:meh: work
- - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:26 AM
This weekend was a 19/11 miler weekend, so even though it was perfect out this morning, I went with the elliptical for 45 minutes instead of running.  Will go to boxing class tonight.  My next marathon (Louisville) is in 13 days, so it is time for a taper. 

I always have great memories this time of year as blazergirl's birthday is this week.  As such, when the kids were little, the Birthday-Halloween week was always fun and exciting.:hug:  My favorite Halloween was when she dressed as Jessie (from Toy Story) to accommodate blazerboy who dressed as Woody the Cowboy (not just for Halloween......he did this 3-4 days a week for about 18 months:roll::laugh:).  He was SO HAPPY his sissy joined his Toy Story passion.  The boy who lived next door, who they always trick-or-treated with, dressed as Buzz Lightyear.  Remembering such joy and innocence is exactly I need now.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:54 AM
:love: the halloween memory.

Hope she had a great day this year!
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 12:46 PM
That's a pretty sweet memory.

Good job resisting the perfect weather and getting in an elliptical work out instead.
Parent - - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 1:56 PM
I've lost track of what tapering even is anymore. :laugh:
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-10-29 3:35 PM
Good thing I a don't race these things anymore as I have no idea what a taper is anymore either!
Parent - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 3:44 PM
hiccups? :hug:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:05 PM
Such sweet memories! Harry's big costume passion was Batman, he wore that everywhere for a long time.:laugh:

I love your photos of the kids in their Toy Story outfits.
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:36 PM
That is SUCH an awesome memory. :hug::hug: great times they were. Not that there won't be more, but still :hug:
- - By Ed [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:38 AM
Today is our daughter & son-in-law's 7th wedding anniversary so that's the memory I'll go with. In just about two months they will be welcoming a daughter into the world!

I taught spin class this morning & did the usual stuff afterwards.  I'm teaching a "double" on Wednesday. 6am & 6:30pm<---as a sub.  Not sure what kind of a turnout there will be in the evening since it's Halloween :meh:  Have the class & playlist ready.  An appropriate "story" will accompany our ride :evil:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 9:55 AM
ugh, 6:30 pm on halloween? You may be by yourself!
Parent - - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 12:44 PM
Happy anniversary to you DD & her hubs.  Looks like you've been waiting a while to be grandparents!  You're going to make some great memories in a couple of months, too :hug:

Will you have dry ice to create a little fog for the halloween ride?  :mischief:
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:02 PM
No dry ice :sad:   The room has been plastered with some yellow "HAUNTED" & orange w/pumpkins "caution" tape, some fake spider webs and orange & purple string lights.  Only the two male cycling instructors decorated :roll:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 1:48 PM
It seems like you just posted those wedding pics, can't believe it's been 7 years! So excited for you to have a grand baby!:hug:

It sounds like you could do your own "Thriller" spin video!:laugh:
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:09 PM
I have a pretty basic slide show saved to DVD from a few years ago. A variety of Halloween scenes.  If I wanted to spend hours on a new one synched to the just wouldn't be worth it!  Ironically, I had this DVD for a Saturday morning 10/31/2015 class I subbed and just a few minutes into it there was a power failure in the area.  It was light enough with some natural light thru the cycling room door & the emergency lights so everyone stayed to ride.  Not only didn't they get to view the slide show, they rode without music!  Power came back on just as we dismounted bikes to stretch :roll::roll: and :roll:
Parent - - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 1:57 PM
I wonder how busy the class will be on 10/31!
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:05 PM
I should get at least the usual low to mid-teens crowd for my 6am class.  Not taking any bets on the 6:30pm one but our demographic is a bit older so most would not have their own kids still trick or treating...maybe grandkids & maybe some want to stay at home to hand out candy...or not! :laugh:
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:37 PM
Lots of good stuff there! Happy anniversary to them :hug:

Second that your class might be a bit light on participation
- - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 9:52 AM
Mixed it up this morning due to heavy rain.....I tried a hill workout on the treadmill that I found on the internets.  I did 7km and my shit treadmill only goes in miles (4.25) and told me I burned 254 calories.  The calorie thing is out of whack.

Anyhoo…...Molly is pissed off and needs a hike which I will do after I shower......things are clearing up.

My happy memory is every time I got myself a puppy :hug:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 1:53 PM
That's my happy memory too! Are we sure we're not living in some kind of Total Recall thing?:shocker!:
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 2:22 PM
You're probably just a really really nice human being :hug:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 6:05 PM
Nah, that's not it. Have you ever met Bert?
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 6:45 PM
Bert looks all mint!  :hug:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 7:50 PM
If mint means ready to take your face off unless you make his king-sized bed the way he likes it, then yeah! Mint!: pbbt:
Parent - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-30 11:38 AM
Spear-mint :laugh::hug:
Parent - - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:38 PM
Kitties (above) and puppies!!! Good stuff :hug:

The TM at newgym is the opposite. It says something like 140 calories per mile. I always assume 100
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 2:41 PM
Yes I'd include kittens too but all my cats show up as grown ups....or youngish cats.  Apparently it's National Cat Day in your country.

Yes 100 calories/mile is a good rule of thumb :hug:
Parent - - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 3:28 PM
Our secretary told me that today! :hug: I've got plenty. 5 inside and 1 stray that we take care of outside
Parent - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 3:43 PM
Don't you mean administrative assistant? :laugh::roll::hug:

I have 3 outside that loves that is neutral … that is still scared of me. :hug:
- - By nooner [us] Date 2018-10-29 10:47 AM
7 miles before work.

My running partner wanted to start building up his mileage for the Mississippi Blues Marathon in January so we will be getting back to Monday / Wednesday mid-week longer runs. We met at the riverfront today and added on the dirt road and across and back on the bridge on that’s side. Saturday soccer games were cancelled because the fields were still wet from Friday’s rain. It was nice to have a weekend day to get some chores done at the house.

I’ve been seeing pictures and posts from the Marine Corps Marathon and Peek to Creek Marathon which are two race side done so it brought back good memories. MCM was my first real “big” race and the weekend was amazing being with that many people running. I couldn’t believe the size of the crowds. P2C is at the opposite end of the spectrum with about 300 runners and very few spectators with the course running through a forest. Very different memories, but both good.
Parent - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 12:40 PM
Very different memories, but both good.  :happy:
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:40 PM
Those big marys are something. It's crazy to think that in some of them there are more people running than live in my city! Somehow they make it work.

DS1s games were cancelled too and he also was thankful. I was thankful ours was not so I didn't have to mess with rescheduling.
- - By Schantzie [us] Date 2018-10-29 12:38 PM
Watching the World Series always reminds me of being a kid, too little for school yet, and being at home and my mom having baseball on TV while she did the ironing.

Today's run was 6 miles between rain forecasts that have so far failed to develop.  I dug around in my old running gear and found a heavier weight L/S shirt that I never wear.  It was perfect for today, even though the first half mile was :shocker!: chilly.  I knew it would get better, and it did, but not by much!! Legs were very tired today and my pace was slower.  :meh:  Still glad I was able to get out and get it done.
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 1:55 PM
I'm also digging out the heavy weight running gear lately, but I'm loving the colder weather!  Great job getting out for 6!
Parent - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2018-10-29 1:58 PM
You're definitely going to be undergoing some climate adjustment this winter!
Parent - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:41 PM
That is an awesome memory :hug:
- - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 1:43 PM
I remember like it was yesterday, because it was, when I was convinced one of the dogs crapped in the house, I was smelling it everywhere and it was so annoying! So I searched the entire house, didn't see anything but kept smelling it. Then I figured out it was on the bottom of my shoe.:roll: This is not my happy memory, but it should make you happy that it didn't happen to you. You're welcome.: pbbt:

Rest day today, might do some yoga later. When I was driving around today I saw a pile of stuff for big garbage pick up in front of a house, and there was a nice, perfectly good though obviously worn coffee table of a perfect size for my living room. So I put on my dumpster diving hat and scooped it up. I think it will clean up nicely. If I get ambitious I will sand it and paint it.
Parent - - By PoopedColt Date 2018-10-29 2:43 PM
:laugh::laugh: thanks for the laugh! It reminds me of one time I smelled cat pee in DS1s room. Couldn't figure it out. Made him take a shower and changed the sheets. Still couldn't figure it out. Spent a long time searching. It was the chapstick he got for Xmas and put on! :laugh:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 6:08 PM
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:51 PM
that definitely made me laugh! Thanks
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 6:09 PM
- - By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2018-10-29 2:46 PM Edited 2018-10-29 3:12 PM
10 gallo-miles - 4 on, 1 off - 9:38/mi avg pace - Teva Tanzas

QOTD - "What if this is as good as it gets?"

two of my favorite movie quotes ever come from that film :hug::hug:
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 2:49 PM
Parent - - By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2018-10-29 3:12 PM
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 3:41 PM
Then I want to be the guy that gets Helen Hunt :hug:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-29 6:09 PM
Jack Nicholson? He was seriously creepy in that movie, and like 100 years older than her.
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-29 6:49 PM
Yes I know that....and he was basically a dick.  That is why I just said I wanted to be the guy (just a guy) to get Helen Hunt, not Melvin Udahl. 

Helen Hunt is older than me!  She can be the creepy one!:hug:
Parent - - By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2018-10-30 3:30 AM

But how could any girl not fall for a guy who says, "you make me want to be a better man"?
Parent - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-10-30 11:40 AM
I suppose....but he also said a lot of things that any girl would not fall for.:laugh:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-10-30 8:07 AM
- By JimGo1 Date 2018-10-29 8:01 PM
Happy Monday !

Busy weekend with hockey tournaments and games and trying to get the outdoor rink ready.   We spread a lot of fill hoping to level it off much better than last year and we made it bigger.  The kids want outdoor lights this year and so we have to do that yet.   I'm trying not to think about how much we have invested in this lol...I did manage to run once about 4 miles on Sunday and did a gym workout today - just basic barbell stuff.

Fond memories of being young without a care in the world :happy:
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