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- - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-29 4:39 AM
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-29 4:47 AM
--Nope, it’s not the Boston Marathon today but spiritbear did register for the Fargo Marathon last night. :blush::shocker!:

--OMG, my thumb is bad. Two months is going to be a long-assed time.

--My $17.99 Aldi sheets are pretty nice. : pbbt:

--I cleaned up some of the garden yesterday. Got about 8 cattle panels down which is a chore to tear out all the tomato vines. Pulled up several pepper plants and bean plants and put everything in a big pile to burn later. There’s still a long way to go but it’s a start.

--Adult class this morning that I”m not exactly totally prepared for. :blush: Oh well, I only ever have a couple people and all they really do is talk. We’re going to make the garden vegetable cakes since this is the fruit/veggie lesson. I thought about a smoothie--easier and can cover both fruits and veggies in the recipe--but the cakes will take up more time. :wink:

--I will exceed the average required weekly teaching hours this week. :cool:

--Downloaded a couple of books in my Finnish murder series. I need to get back to reading and doing some things for me.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 4:54 AM
Fargo Marathon! Sweet!
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-29 4:59 AM
Why don’t you join me. We can pick you up on our way. It’s a good race.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:00 AM
State Track :sad:
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:06 AM
Track and XC are the worst things in the world for YOUR health.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:09 AM
You may be right
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:10 AM
I’m a woman. I’m always right. : pbbt::wink:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:33 AM
Yeah, I was thinking you are getting cows why are you tearing down the cattle I googled:laugh::blush:

I need to check out Aldi!

I agree wholeheartedly with your last post. Do stuff for you.....or.....DON'T do stuff (extra massages/clients) for you:wink::hug:
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-29 5:40 AM
I wondered about the Aldis sheets.  Good to know.  Maybe I'll pick up a set to give to Jonathan for Christmas.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-10-29 9:16 AM
what is a vegetable cake? Like a crab cake?
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 4:59 AM
~2 boys qualified for State. Boys team finished 3rd. Needed to be top 2. Pretty much as we predicted

~Hosting that meet was exhausting. Had coffee and a panera souffle at 6am. That was all I ate or drank until about 4pm

~State this weekend then get a couple of months off

~Ran out of HBP meds this week. Didn't get it re-filled. Gonna wait a week or 2 and see how I feel

~I've run or walked 7 days in a row now

~When I went on HBP meds my BP was 170/110. While on meds it averaged 158/85

yesterday after being off meds a couple of days it was 161/85. So what's the friggin difference?
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:03 AM
I’m not advocating to self diagnosis/medicate/not medicate but I do believe listening to your body is often times better than listening to the doctor.

I met a guy at the race Saturday who was wearing a Bass Pro Marathon shirt. I asked him if he was running it this year. He shook his head in disgust and was like “I only run to stay off of high blood pressure meds”.

Great job to your boys who qualified. :cool:
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:34 AM
Congrats to your boys:cool:

How did the girls do? As expected also?

Listening to your body:hug: You have a bp monitor at home?
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:36 AM
Yeah, girls not so good. Number 1 is injured and off running for quite awhile but she ran anyway.
My freshman girl had a 35 second PR so that's good  :)

Yeah I used to take my BP every day and keep a lot for the Dr. Now maybe every couple of weeks if I think of it
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-29 5:41 AM
Sorry your boys team didn't make it, but I guess I'm glad you're not jumping in the pond.  : pbbt:
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:44 AM
Haha me too. That place is nasty. Plus they find the odd dead body in there so there's that.

I am pleased that 2 boys qualified. We have qualified runners for State now every year for the last 6 years. Before that it had been 10-12 years since anyone went. Better than most programs around here that's for sure. But it's still tough going from such a dominating boys team to only qualifying individual runners.
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-29 5:47 AM
I know it's hard, but some years the kids just don't come out.  Or the talent level is just lower.  It happens.  Especially with small teams.  :hug:
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:51 AM
Pisses me off these schools that brag "We've qualified for State 20 years in a row!!" Uh, yeah you're an all-girls school with 150 girls on your friggin team cuz you make them do a sport and there is no other fall sport. If you can't put together a winning team in that scenario then you really suck.

We have 6 boys running Saturday. Every boy left on the team.
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-29 8:28 AM
Yes!  I see that with schools around here too.  I'm like if you have to take 2 busses to meets, it's not a big deal to qualify for state.  Your B team could qualify.  And they can coach them any which way, they have enough kids to injure half and still be fine.  :mutmad::roll:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-10-29 9:20 AM
dead body :shocker!:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-10-29 9:19 AM
Congrats to the 2 who qualified!  Hopefully you get a break soon
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-29 5:46 AM
*Another whirlwind weekend.  Indy Saturday, Wisconsin Sunday. 

*The marching band got 2nd in State!  :grin::grin::grin::grin:  So proud of those kids.  They work so hard.  I've had kids both places, sports and band, and let me tell you, band puts in more hours than any of the sports teams.  I feel a little bad for the seniors.  They've been part of an excellent program, 3 2nd place finishes and a 4th place finish.  But to get 2nd so much, well, you know they wanted a win.  :hug:

*I'm making 168 cookies today for marching band awards goodie bags.  That will be a fun morning.  :happy:

*I've been trying to heal a blister on the side of a toe for about 2 weeks and the thing won't close up.  I've had it bandaged with antibiotic ointment.  Yesterday my whole foot and part of the ankle swelled up and got red and warm.  :cry:  I really will piss me off if I have to go in for a stupid blister.  :meh:

*And I'm coming down with a cold.  Perfect timing for the marathon Sunday.
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-10-29 5:49 AM
Cookies!!!!!!  :hug::hug::hug::hug:

Hope that foot calms down and the cold doesn't show up :sad::hug:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-29 6:52 AM
Congrats to the marching band! I saw your post on FB:cool:

OMG! That sucks a blister will send you to the doc:mutmad:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-10-29 9:24 AM
Congrats to the band! I was happy to see your picture of their performance.

cookie baking marathon before the actual marathon!
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-29 6:44 AM
So Wed i get a random text from some kids ipad. Coen. Looking for Ripley. They text back a forth a bit. Whatever. More on Thursday. This kid has his own ipad and texts from it. He seems to forget that my phone isn't his. Seriously. He will facetime and um, i'm at work. So i decline. He'll do it five more times. Then he'll send a text that says please answer my calls. First off buddy, this is MY PHONE! Second, Ripley will answer the calls she wants and just because you call doesn't mean she has to answer the phone every time, stalker. (not to mention i'm at work and she isn't here). DUH! So ok. Then they talk, text, and facetime for about 3 hours off and on saturday. I finally said "Bye coen" Rip has stuff to do. She didn't but seriously. Not happening. She told him she was going out with her grandparents. She actually was. He texts at 9 at night. Uh NOPE. No one calls anyone after 9 unless you are family. Texted her she was off the phone. He texted again Sunday am. I need the freaking phone to drive to Rip's soccer game over an hour away. Dude. Later that afternoon he does the 'please answer my calls' after another decline facetime session of 5 calls. Seriously. I'm going to very nicely lay out the rules the next time this happens. UGH!

I was proud of Rip though. A couple hours after we got home, she ignored him. I asked an hour later, aren't you going to call Coen? She says "Nah. I'm good. We'll talk tomorrow." She doesn't like him that way:laugh:

He texted before 7 this morning. OMG.:mutmad: Get a life kid.
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-29 8:26 AM
:cry: yeah, that has to stop.  Too much.  Way too much, even if it was her iPad and not your phone.  :meh:  Good luck with getting him to follow your boundaries.
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-29 8:48 AM
Just because of this kid she is NEVER getting her own texting device, whether it is a phone or ipad. OMG what I'm going is for the good of all parents!:mischief:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-10-29 9:26 AM
wtf that is crazy! I wonder if his parents realize how much he is texting/making calls. Seems way too young.
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