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- - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-26 6:16 AM
It’s one of those kind of days. : pbbt:
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-26 6:27 AM
--I survived my marathon day of teaching. Five classes (2-2nd, 1-1st, 1-K and 1-PreK) at Greenfield, a 1st and 2nd grade class at Mt. Vernon and then an evening adult class in Aurora. I was all over the place. The adult class went well. I was a bit apprehensive but it was a good group of people. They were very interactive and very appreciative. I gave then all a cutting board during the lesson on food safety and you’d think I had just handed them a $100 bill. They loved the pumpkin bread and then we made Cowboy Salad in class that went over quite well too. Maybe I’ll have some positive impact. :happy:

--We have a 5K tomorrow. The 4-H lady in my office is putting it on. It doesn’t start until 10 a.m. :meh:

--Iowa has to work on and off all day tomorrow and grind corn. Our Amish helper was wanting to work. I may go get him and he and I can start working on cleaning up the garden and taking all the cattle panels down. That’s going to be a chore.

--That’s all the more random I am this morning. Going to hop on the TM for a little bit. :happy:
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-26 6:33 AM
That sounds like a very long day of teaching.  I'm glad it went well, that has to feel rewarding.  :happy:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-26 7:33 AM
Wow your day yesterday:shocker!:
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-26 6:31 AM
*I found a couch for Jonathan at an estate sale!  Of course that means we have to take it to him.  Which means another weekend of Indy Saturday, Wisconsin Sunday.  :shocker!::cry:

*And then I have to have cookies made for 84 goodie bags by 3 on Monday.  And I work that morning.  :shocker!:

*We have been hearing what we thought was a mouse in the wall behind the stove by the range hood vent.  This morning I banged on the wall and something made noises back at me!  :cry::cry::cry:  Like growly, chittery noises.  :cry::cry::cry:  Mice definitely do not do that.  :cry:  OMG what is in there?  And how can someone (NOT ME) get it out?

*Marie called last night to tell me about her clinical patient.  It was a crotchety old man.  By the end of the day, she had turned his grumpy attitude around enough for him to thank her.  :hug:  He told her she brought some light into his day.  :hug:   She loves the grouchy old men.  :laugh:  She gives it right back to them and doesn't take any of their flack.  :laugh:  One of her fellow student nurses couldn't believe she liked those guys, she thought he was horrid.  Marie always thought she'd want to work in Peds, but I think she's probably found her true calling.  :hug:

*I really, really need to get groceries.  As in, I should've gone Monday.  :meh:
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-26 7:22 AM
Coon, squirrel, rat? Good luck with that!

Sounds like you have a marathon kind of day coming up. :cry:
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-26 4:50 PM
Ellie just got what I think was a young possum in the yard and killed it. :shocker!:  That was scary. But I really hope that’s what has been getting in my house.
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-26 7:35 AM
Grouchy old men are the best!:laugh:

OMG 84 goody bags!:shocker!:
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-26 7:31 AM
Ripley is playing. She practiced and played last Saturday. She didn't play well, but she had an off day. Nothing horrible. She really didn't play badly but she was a bit out of sorts. Probably from being out, and wearing the brace.

Which she now refuses to wear....:mutmad: But I don't blame her. And she seems to be rock steady and back to her usual rough and tumble soccer. Whatchagonnado?:roll:: pbbt:

She has Atlanta United keeper training tonight in the rain. A game Saturday and a game Sunday. I can't wait!

I'm a bit frustrated. At home my mom takes laundry to her house to do it and then I can't find something I need. I appreciate the help but I'd rather have a pile to do and be able to find the one soccer sock I need, wash it and move on.

Then I get to work and the outstanding invoicing folders are no where. I'm assuming the boss took them home, but it freaks me out like I lost them. Leave that shit here.:mutmad::roll::roll:

Feel out of sorts myself. :meh:

Starting a new pcos supplement. Cross your fingers. I hate pcos. :mutmad:

Only one more Halloween to watch and I'm caught up! :cool:
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-26 8:05 AM
Not sure I’ve ever seen one Halloween. : pbbt:
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-26 9:27 AM
I would be out of sorts if I kept looking for things someone else had moved too.  :hug:
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-10-26 7:35 AM
Last night while I was sitting there watching B eat dinner part of my back tooth broke off :shocker!: It is a small section and I can't figure out if it is the actual tooth or part of a filling. Luckily the dentist can get me in this afternoon. Hoping it is an easy fix and not a new filling

Today is costume day at daycare, except they didn't even tell us until it was written on his take home sheet last night. I feel like they don't communicate the dress up days well or if they do I am yet to see it except like the morning of.

Office is quiet today, lots of people working from home I think. I don't have a ton to do today and I have to leave early for the dentist so I probably won't get much done :blush: Figure I will just go home after the dentist, especially if it takes a while or is painful.

I have songs from B's Disney shows stuck in my head :laugh:

The local foster child Christmas drive I participate in just started. Hoping to get my kids lists soon so I have time to do some good bargain shopping

Really need to get a handle on my eating, well the household's eating really, we have picked up so many bad habits and it is hard to get out of them.
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-10-26 8:06 AM
Maybe you need to attend one of my nutrition classes. : pbbt::wink:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-10-26 9:08 AM
I know I do!
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-26 9:28 AM
I hope the dentist visit is an easy fix.
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-10-26 9:30 AM
Found an end table at a garage sale for $2!  Score!   :grin::grin:  It's not perfect, but it's definitely first apartment good enough.  :laugh::wink:
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