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Up Topic Communities / Women / Stupidly Stubborn Saturday and Sunday Thread (RR/NRR)
- - By swandive [us] Date 2018-10-13 5:50 PM
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-10-13 6:34 PM
I moved a very large rock today by sheer stubbornness and stupidity. :blush::laugh: 

Long story.  Nothing grows on the west side of the house because it's shaded by the house in the morning, but there are a lot of tall trees on the west side of the house so it doesn't get afternoon sun either.  Said trees also suck all the water out of the ground and there's not much that grows in low light and low water conditions.  As an added bonus, the side yard is also fairly steeply sloped because the front of the house is about 3' above ground level but the back of the house has a walk-out basement, so I would guess the ground slopes down 7' or so in a distance of about 30'.  I'd been meaning to do something with the side yard, but then a week or two ago part of it was dug up to access the water and gas (all of the utilities come in on that side of the house), so I decided now was as good a time as any to work on terracing the slope.  I landscape with the notion that, if it looks terrible and nothing is growing, I can't possibly make it worse. :laugh:  I decided to build the terraces out of a combination of fence posts and rocks because we have a whole stack of old fence posts and an awful lot of rocks.  Turning a slope into terraces is a lot of work, but manual labor is cheap.  I had spied a rock in the ground over near the pile of fence posts that I thought I could use, so I started digging it out.  Turns out the face I could see (6" wide and 18" long?) was not the large face, as I anticipated.  I expected the rock to be 4" or maybe 6" thick but no, the rock was buried at least 16" into the ground.  By the time I'd dug enough to see just how big the rock was, I was invested.  I'm not entirely certain how I managed to ever get it out of the ground because I couldn't get under it well enough with a shovel or mattock to get any leverage.  I did finally get it out of the ground, though, mostly with brute force.  I left it there for a while then, after lunch, decided that I could manage to move it.  I don't have any good idea of how much this rock weighs because I can pick up and move 80 lbs and I know what that feels like.  Carrying 80 lbs is something I'm going to feel, but I can carry it.  It took everything I had to lift one side of this rock and flip it over.  There was no thought of being able to pick it up.  I brought over the wheelbarrow, laid it on it's side, and finally managed to flip the rock over a couple of times to get it into the wheelbarrow then, with great effort, got the wheelbarrow upright.  I got the wheelbarrow across the yard and up the slope far enough to reverse the process and lay the wheelbarrow on its side again and eventually flip the rock out and into position as part of the retaining wall.  I may never be able to get anything  to grow, but at least I have a very large rock that isn't going anywhere.

And I wonder why my back hurts all the time. :laugh::laugh:
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-10-13 6:43 PM
Wow! That is one large rock. My dad needs your help. He found a very cool rock in the middle of a construction site in Jerusalem. He's had his eye on this rock for years. He goes to visit it every few weeks to make sure it is still there. It is huge and has quartz in it. Me and my brothers are all going to visit this December so I think we're going to try to finally get that thing to my parents'.
Parent - - By swandive [us] Date 2018-10-13 7:57 PM
I like your dad. :blush:  But ok, let's look at the practicalities.  I know nothing about construction or the way things work in [his country], but I'm going to figure that the construction process places no value on his rock and there's a decent likelihood that they have some kind of equipment capable of moving said rock (if I guess that the rock is closer to 200lbs than 2000lbs).  If it is truly huge (say, too big for a bulldozer to pick up), then you might need to figure out about hiring someone to lift it into a dump truck that would be able to drive it to and unload it at its destination.  If it's a somewhat more manageable size then you might be able to get the construction site workers to load it into your [borrowed/rented] truck and roll it off when you get home.
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-10-14 3:54 PM
My bro was suggesting he just find someone with a truck and then pay a few workers to load it up for him. My bro is an organizer so I imagine if it's still there in Dec. it'll be making its way to the sticky parents house. I can probably post a few pictures of the rock on FB for you. Yes, my dad is sends rock photo updates. :laugh:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-10-14 11:14 AM
I ran 15 very slow miles this morning.  The weather was fairly decent -- upper 50s and partly cloudy -- but I was tired.  I did manage a short post-run nap, but I might take another nap this afternoon. :laugh:
Up Topic Communities / Women / Stupidly Stubborn Saturday and Sunday Thread (RR/NRR)

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