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- - By judyruns Date 2018-10-08 5:57 AM
Post. :happy:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-10-08 5:58 AM
Friday was classes and cross training, yoga.
Saturday was SDO but with a 40 minute hike.
Sunday Buddy and I did 60 minutes out on the trail. It had just finished raining for quite a few hours, but the air had that nice, fresh smell. Lots of geese were out flying their ā€œVā€™sā€.
Happy runs, All! :hug:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-10-08 6:35 AM
Same old crap here.  It's warm and humid.  I didn't sleep all that great and had a slow, sweaty run. :roll:  The forecasters are certain that it's supposed to be cooler by the end of the week, but they've been saying that for the past month so I'll believe it when it actually happens.
Parent - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2018-10-08 9:31 AM

For three years I've had an extra bra and panties in my gym bag. Today, I needed them. :shocker!:
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-10-08 12:41 PM Edited 2018-10-08 12:43 PM
Hi! Snowing here this morning. A little accumulation, but it's all melted now.

T-Bone and I went to the annual Punkin Chunkin contest this weekend with the rest of the trebuchet team. It was a tough weekend. Steady winds all day Saturday around 20 mph, with gusts above 35 mph+. It was cold and the wind was directly in our faces. You could SEE the pumpkin flights stalling in the face of the wind; no distance records were set in those conditions! Sunday was cold and rainy and we had some mechanical failures. I was fairly useless as a team member this year because of mobility issues, but it was at least nice to get out of the house and socialize a little.

Found out Sunday that T-Bone and I had lost a long-time friend, a member of the smiting community, in a freak riding accident. He was competing in "tent pegging", or using a metal-tipped spear to impale and lift up objects on the ground. His spear caught on the ground, flipped, and rebounded so that it stabbed him through the sternum as he was cantering past. He was airlifted out, but died en route to the hospital. He was only a couple years older than us, and had retired from the military just two years ago and was traveling around the U.S., pursuing his passion for equestrian games while waiting for his wife to retire at the end of this year. The circumstances made T-Bone and I both think hard about our own life choices. Like, how long do you put off retirement if you never know how much time you have left?

I'm 3 weeks out from ACL reconstruction today. Things are going really well. I have some fatigue and pain at the end of the day, and I'm still sleeping like Rip Van Winkle, but I'm walking better every day and can tolerate standing for longer every day. PT's going great.
Parent - By tritri Date 2018-10-09 11:33 AM
This is exactly why DH and I will retire at the beginning of 2020.  Not that something can't happen before then, but it's the earliest we can.  My sister and her DH could afford to, but hadn't yet, and then a year ago he got a leukemia.  Then she couldn't, as they needed to stay on her insurance.  Then in Feb, he got Pancreatic cancer.  Now it's in his liver as well as sometimes pushing into the duodenem and causing a lot of blood loss.  It doesn't seem likely that he will survive.  It's horrible and changes the entire retirement outlook.  It's hard to picture what a person will do if their spouse isn't there.  And sometimes it's easiest to put everything on hold until you learn to live on your own.  :sad:
Parent - By swandive [us] Date 2018-10-09 11:52 AM
How awful about your friend. :cry:

Snow? :shocker!:  It hasn't dropped below 60* here since spring. :meh:  It seems like we ought to be able to come up with some kind of way to average this out.
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