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- - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-09-28 4:59 AM
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-09-28 5:06 AM
--Glad this week is coming to an end. :happy:

--I need my two days off that’s going to feel like maybe 8 hours of free time.

--Going to my office after work today to do one 30 minute massage. I’m taking my cowboy from Crane back. He’s the second 30 minute client I’ve taken back. He and this postal lady feel more comfortable with me. I’m more “old school”. Yea, meaning I give a massage and I’m not aromatheraping, cupping, foot scrubbing and hot stoning you because it’s less work. :roll:

--I have to can beans this weekend. They’re all cleaned ready to go. Just need to sterilize the jars, pack the beans and stick them in the pressure cooker.

--I need a nice, comfortable pair of cords. Or, maybe two. Title 9 has some I think I’ll give a try. I have a pair I love but they are worn out.

--Temp has come down quite a bit for tomorrow’s 5K. 54 for the low and 78 for the high. That’s not bad. Now I’m pressured to get under 30. : pbbt:

--Damn coyotes last night. Sarge was barking all night at them. Iowa got up and they were down by our garden shed. They’re a nuisance in our area. The population honestly needs to be reduced.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-09-28 5:21 AM
Isn't it open season all year on Coyotes? Maybe Iowa needs some target practice
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-09-28 5:40 AM
Not sure but I know if they’re on your property and posing a threat to your livestock you can kill them....or anything else for that matter.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-28 6:34 AM
watch out or you will end up taking everyone back :laugh:

I've enjoyed not hearing coyotes around here this summer but I can tell they are back.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-09-28 6:08 AM
~You're in trouble when you weigh more than your bank balance

~Feelings of dread over this meet tomorrow

~As soon as the meet is over we pack everything up and take it to KC to time a 6hr race Sunday morning

~Timing 2 more XC meets next week. Finally broke down and asked in a FB running group I'm in if anybody could help me for a little $

~Need donuts.

~Super tired
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-28 6:35 AM
Dread because you don't want to do it or dread because of how you think it is going to go?

I need donuts too!
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-09-28 6:37 AM
Feel like I'm in Star Wars...."I've got a bad feeling about this" hahaha :laugh: I feel like something bad is gonna happen
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-28 6:33 AM
I ran yesterday! First time in a loooong time. It wasn't long or fast but it got done.

A few hours after I finished running I still felt winded. Almost like I couldn't breathe deeply or something it was strange.

Today is one of those typical midwest fall days. 49 in the morning but it will be mid 70s by the afternoon

Working from home today. Have some projects to get done but then also need to get some stuff done around the house. ILs come into town next week and the guest room is a disaster. It's been a disaster since I did the consignment sale this summer and the closet is a mess from stocking up on some toys for birthday, Christmas, and donations.

Also have Christmas shopping done for my mom and niece but no where to put it all
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-09-28 6:37 AM
Great job on the run!!!
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