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- - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-09-27 5:13 AM
I could handle another hour or two of sleep.
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-09-27 5:21 AM
--So, I get a text from Iowa yesterday asking me who a contact person at the bank would be. Uh huh, I knew what that meant. He was bidding on a tractor. Luckily we did not get it. I’m sure the only reason why was because he had to put in his high bid and go to work. Had he been watching it I’m sure we would have bought it considering it only went for $600 more than his high bid.

--Someone needs to sell some corn and soybeans and his motorcycle before he buys another tractor.

--Ordered a battery for the motorcycle last night. So we can sell it. : pbbt:

--Walmart is a pita to buy something on line. Amazon has a much smoother, buyer friendly website.

--Made apple muffins last night because we have tons of them. They need to used.

--I got a thank you note from a 1st grader yesterday.....for coming and talking to their class. :hug:

--Dentist finally called me back about making the appointment for my crown and filling replacement. Didn’t know that was going to be such a hassle. Annoying when they outsource all their scheduling and then the schedulers can’t schedule certain procedures. :roll:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-09-27 5:57 AM
:shocker!::laugh:Bidding on a tractor:laugh:

Awww! First graders:hug:
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-09-27 7:08 AM
definitely need a new tractor
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-09-27 7:59 AM
Definitely need to get rid of some other things first.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-27 8:14 AM
how many tractors do you have?

That's cute about the thank you note, I love it
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-09-27 2:19 PM
Five. But one needs to be restored. However, another one is a higher end tractor. As in you can buy a house for that around here.
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-09-27 5:55 AM
By all means, lets run 7 and then wear my heels today. What was I thinking?:shocker!:

Kind of interesting doing a longer run during the week. Feels good.

My hair needs serious conditioning.

It took me 11 months to recover from my torn PF enough to wear heels all day. Or rather wear any shoes other than my clogs at all!

Another long day at work. Seminar #3 tonight. Probably the best one. All about finances and billing.

Seriuosly trying to figure out long runs and when I'll have the time. I don't want to run at the end of the day for over 10 miles. And pretty soon I won't have the light. This sat I need to run 15 or estimating 4 hours. Tj has a game at 10:30. Rip at 1:30. Earliest I can start is 3:30. Because I'm used to having a running partner. I'm going to have to figure out liquids and energy, too......Time to get planning....... Or maybe hire a coach......:roll:
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-09-27 7:09 AM
longer runs midweek are AWESOME
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-09-27 7:14 AM
Weirdly, at this point, 7 doesn't seem that long, though.:shocker!:
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-27 8:15 AM
could you schedule your work hours so you work a little extra and have 1 afternoon off a week and get it in then - plus run errands or whatever else you need
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-09-27 8:18 AM
I'm looking at that. It isn't an issue every weekend. But I'd like to get ahead and not start behind since I'm where I need to be so early. I need to look at the next month's games and then schedule everything.
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-09-27 7:13 AM
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-27 8:18 AM
one of the training groups I used to run with did training by time, which made sense so everyone started/ended at the same time. But for me personally I needed to go by miles. That is especially true when getting over the hump for a new distance such as that first 20 miler, I needed to know not just that I could run for 3 hours or whatever but that I could run XX miles. 

If you think it will work for you I'd definitely give it a shot. Might be easier to handle mentally if the # of miles seems daunting but running for X hours seems manageable.
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-09-28 5:05 AM
probably the best training cycle ever for me I would switch back and forth. I'd go by mileage for a few weeks then for no reason at all go by time :laugh::laugh::laugh: Seemed to work but I have no idea why
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