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- - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-08-18 2:33 PM
Anybody here?
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-08-18 2:33 PM
Parent - - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2018-09-09 2:59 PM
Officially off the pill again! Really hoping for another easy ride like when we had Benjamin. Easy to conceive and dream pregnancy. We'll see...
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-09-09 6:45 PM
Parent - By BoredTemp [us] Date 2018-09-10 4:21 PM
fingers crossed! :hug:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-11 10:26 AM
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-12 6:17 PM
Good luck!
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-09-13 10:03 AM Edited 2018-09-13 10:12 AM

FWIW, we had a much, much easier time getting preggo the second time around. I only got one period (came back at 12 months b/c BFing), then got pregnant. Lost that pregnancy, had one period and got pregnant again!! Hoping you have the same experience. My midwife said something about the uterus being "primed" or something? :wtf: Hoping you have an easier 2nd pregnancy than I did too! It wasn't that bad, considering what some people go through, but my pregnancy with P was such a breeze that any symptom pissed me off :laugh:

keep us posted!!
Parent - - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2018-09-14 6:48 AM
I went off the pill and immediately got my period like 2 weeks early so I'm not sure if my cycle will even be predictable for a while. Also my doc said I ovulate early, whatever that means. Also my kid is already 2y2m so not sure how primed my 38 year old body is these days! :cry:: pbbt:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-09-14 1:05 PM
I'm 38 also :hug: but was 37 both times I got preggo last round. Don't let anyone tell you you're "too old!" best of luck :hug:
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-08-18 2:34 PM
Preggo-classicsnerd? Anyone else?
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:15 AM
Hiya! I am 34 weeks today. How the hell did that happen? :shocker!: it’s been super hot so I’ve been really uncomfortable, and I’ve been having some dizziness and low BP issues which the heat does not help with, so I’m mainly laying low, staying inside, and resting while I can. My GI system has been super unhappy the last week too, so that’s fun, ugh. Having BH contrax pretty regularly too, and lower back pain. With all of that going on it’s been really hard to do anything active, so I’m just letting it go and telling myself to get through each day and that the only goal is a healthy baby and then I can worry about my piss poor physical shape after that. Ha.

We are kind of at an impasse about a name! It’s been a long process and we’ve tossed our name after name after name. Currently we’ve whittled the list down to 3 but are stuck there. Current contenders are Emerson, Everly, and Juniper. It’s lpoking like it may be a game day decision :laugh:
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2018-08-30 8:52 AM
Which one would engender a nickname that you would like if it happened? Em? Ev? Jen? I forgot. This is a girl, isn't it? :laugh::blush:
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:59 AM
haha, yes, a girl. We're guessing we'd use Emmie/Em as a nickname for Emerson, Junie for Juniper, Ev for Everly. My mom's name is Beverly, so having a daughter named Everly could be a little weird.
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 9:26 AM
and we never call Penelope anything but her full name, so we're not really into the whole "but what will the nickname be?" question. She can choose whatever nickname she likes for herself, but I'm guessing we'll also call this one by her full name until she tells us she'd prefer something else.
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:45 PM
When O was born we kept getting the “what will her nickname be?” Especially from SIL. I didn’t really care. She has morphed into O not her full name of Ophelia, for now at least.
Parent - - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2018-08-30 12:08 PM
I vote Juniper. (obviously this carries some weight in your decision making process. : pbbt:)
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-09-13 10:55 AM
:laugh: it's looking that way... but I'm also prepared for the possibility that she will be born and we'll say "look! It's Mary Beth!" : pbbt: (quite unlikely that Mary Beth would even come up, but YKWIM)
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-12 6:21 PM
Ugh being hugely pregnant with a toddler is so tough. We got through it OK, if that gives you hope! The newborn phase is still pretty hard with the physical recovery (for me at least) but at least that is short-lived....once it is in the rearview mirror.
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-09-13 10:13 AM
thanks :hug::hug: 4 weeks to go. Every time P wants me to pick her up, I have to take a deep breath and remind myself to lift with my legs :laugh:
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-08-18 2:34 PM

Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-08-18 2:58 PM
Well, I'm here now. Twig is about 3.5 weeks old. Super cute, and mini is adjusting as well as can be expected. We're all pooped. He sleeps for good stretches of time, but sometimes those stretches are during the day rather than at night. Meanwhile I'm trying to remember what we did with Mini since he was such a good sleeper. Whatever it was,it's also harder to do when there's two that you need to attend to at night. : pbbt:
Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2018-08-24 7:54 AM
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:10 AM
:hug: thinking of you guys!! Glad to hear that mini is adjusting “as well as can be expected” - don’t think you can do much better than that. Talk about his world being rocked! Sounds like he is doing great.

Ah, sleep. I’m enjoying it while it lasts :cry:
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-12 6:21 PM
Aw tiny baby! Congrats on the Tiny Twig!
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-08-27 11:43 AM
I'm in that "toddlers are funny" stage, complete with licking my belly yesterday multiple times (?!?!?!), attempting to sing songs, and mimicking everything (animals, people, cartoons).

Our daycare closed about 3-4 weeks ago and the adjustment to the new one has been rough at drop off (some of his old teachers are there but not at drop off) but we are surviving.
Parent - - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2018-08-28 9:32 AM
Hey I've been thinking about you good to see you're all doing well. We are moving my benmike to a new daycare October 1 I already feel horrible for him. He even has a little friend at his current place to miss. :sad:

Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-08-28 1:00 PM
awww. Transition has been rough although 1 girl from his old place is there (and some older kids). I think some kids do just fine but mine definitely is a creature of habit and does best w/o change.  He finally stopped saying the names of the kids from the old daycare when I ask who his friends are although he doesn't tell me the names of the new kids :wtf:
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:16 AM
Gosh this age is so cute isn’t it? p sings twinkle twinkle, happy birthday, wheels on the bus, and the alphabet non stop.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-08-30 8:25 AM
yes! I love it when he wakes up singing, its so cute
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:28 AM
soooo cute.
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-12 6:23 PM
What fun! (the cuteness, not the day care transition....)
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:27 AM
my baby turned 2 on Monday :cry::cry::cry: I can't believe it! We had a little bday party on our deck with a few of her buddies. it was really fun, although she had no idea what was going on. Ha ha. Just another day of fun in her world. I made an awesome cake that I was very proud of, lol. She got a balance bike from daddy that looks just like his bigger mountain bike. He is so excited about it. It's super cute. She loves loves loves her daddy, and we have been transitioning to him doing a big chunk of bedtime, which will be very helpful with #2 coming in 6 weeks or so :shocker!: I'm terrified that she is going to be furious at me when little sissy comes, but we have lots of plans in place to ease the transition as much as possible - knowing full well that there's only so much we can do. We have a little bag of special toys that will only come out when baby is nursing, so P can play with those. She's not fully weaned, so I'm 100% anticipating a nursing regression, but that's fine - I'm ok with tandem nursing for a while. My mom is coming to stay with us for two weeks, so P will get lots of undivided grandma time, and grandma can take baby for chunks of time too so P can have mama time. Mama will hopefully get some sleep time too, but I am also preparing myself for the worst there too :laugh: I'm staying fully enrolled in coursework for now, and my profs and my program are being super supportive, but we all are aware that anything could happen and we will adjust as needed. So, we shall see!

I guess that was kind of a combined PP and preggo update!
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-08-30 11:56 AM
6 weeks :shocker!::shocker!:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-31 11:51 AM
I know :shocker!::shocker!::hug::shocker!::shocker!:
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-12 6:24 PM
Just wow. You're awesome, C!
E understood and was excited for his 3rd bday this year, I bet the same will happen for P.
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-08-30 8:44 AM
ESG, eager to hear about how your family is doing! :hug:
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-12 6:32 PM
Haha, here I am! I posted this thread and then disappeared. Back at school with 2 little ones and pumping and all that jazz is busy busy busy.
We are good. Great, really. I mean, we don't sleep (often more due to E than baby V but hey whatever) but both DH and I are getting more back into working out, which I think is a good sign our life is getting back more to "normal."
E is playing soccer this season, he had one practice so far but LOVED it. He and V are at the same day care as he's been at since 7 months. They are the only two kids there besides the provider's own two children, we are all very happy with the arrangements. V is growing like crazy, I can't believe all the things she already does: she's crawling and cruising and we gave her our pasta puttanesca straight off my plate last night. She's 7 months old. I think she's just getting through a growth spurt (I had a few "rough" nights with her) but otherwise she actually sleeps. I didn't think that was really possible, considering my experience with E. He still struggles with sleep but we are making it. Seeing the two of them laugh and giggle together is amazing.
I hate pumping but it's happening and going OK. I am pumping 3x for about 30 minutes each time to get the milk for V. My goal is make it until Christmas break and then after that, no more pumping or maybe just once.
I'm never planning on being pregnant again and I am so happy about that, it was really really tough for me emotionally and not great physically either. Just in case you forget any of my complaining! I'm hoping DH will agree to getting snipped. He has completely shot the idea down so I find that promising.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-09-13 6:53 AM
:hug::hug:  sounds like lots of fun. 7 months already!?
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-09-13 10:09 AM
I love reading this update! It is very soothing and validating as I'm 4 weeks away from EDD... sounds like V is doing great, and E is adjusting really well to being a big brother! I an imagine how crazy busy you are, and I'm really glad to hear that you are getting back to something resembling normal, whatever that is :laugh: your daycare situation sounds awesome! Also, you saying that V actually sleeps is giving me hope that we may actually get a sleeper the second time around.

Pregnancy sucks. I totally understanding being happy being done with that life stage. DH is going to get snipped when we are done - which may be after three :shocker!:, or two, depending on how things go this time around! I think we both are having a bit of the "maybe we should try for a boy" thoughts, even though we are 100% aware that this could result in three girls. It will be very, very exciting to be done with being pregnant, when that happens.

Pumping sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks. trying to find 30 min 3x/day during the work day - the WORST.  I hope you're able to be done after Christmas, at least mostly.

:hug::hug::hug: you are doing great, mama!!!
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-15 6:09 PM
My first pump is during the commute (at 7am) which helps! I don't usually get much but I can do my second pump at 10 so my body doesn't have to wait too long. I thought I was getting a clog the other day b/c V had a good night of sleep and then I had crappy pumps (my breasts just do not drain well to the pump) and then I had a meeting that I stayed 30 min late for but my body was telling me to get out of there and I had to leave early. But she cleared it for me by bedtime.
Men would never understand it (b/c they've never lived it) but your body is reminding you that you should be with your baby, ugh. When I have down moments like that, I remind myself of getting to be with my kids in the summers and I know not everyone can!

I love having 2 kids. If we ended up with three, we'd be happy and fine but I really feel like our family is complete with 4 of us. I can understand not being sure or wondering if you should try for another too though.
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-15 6:10 PM
Yes, for me pregnant with a toddler was somehow worse than newborn plus toddler. I think. Maybe I'm forgetting. But I was also puking right until the end so there's that.
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2018-09-15 6:02 PM
I meant he has NOT shot the idea down...goodness.
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