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- - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-07-21 5:08 PM
What's everyone doing?
Parent - - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-07-21 5:12 PM
I did another walk/run for a short distance. My foot was not 100%, but I am hoping if I baby it, it will get better. I had a busy morning doing chores and then went to knitting. I have to write 2 reports and I am not in the mood. Hoping I can bang them out quickly. Not sure if I will work on them tonight or save them for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a rest day from running and biking, but I will do some core work and pushups. We are suppose to get rain and high winds tonight through tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I don't need to go out for any reason, so it may just be a pajama day.
Parent - By swandive Date 2018-07-21 6:41 PM
I do hope your foot continues to improve.

A pajama Sunday sounds perfect!
Parent - - By Mickey [us] Date 2018-07-21 6:19 PM
recovering from scout camp : pbbt: Spent 4 days being the "token female adult" for an older troop lead by 3 fathers :laugh:
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-07-21 6:41 PM
But hey, having dads involved in "girly" stuff is good, right? :grin:
Parent - By Mickey [us] Date 2018-07-23 4:51 PM
It is pretty awesome & the lack of drama is refreshing. :grin:
Parent - - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-07-21 7:51 PM
:laugh: You probably ran circles around them.
Parent - - By Mickey [us] Date 2018-07-23 4:53 PM
That bunch are a sharp crew.

Although, during scoutlette day camp I had another male volunteer mansplain fire building to me.  My 4th graders built and one-match started a fire before he could get his going :cool:  Then we giggled when he started a grease fire with his bratwurst because he didn't perforate the aluminum covering the grill, it just pooled the grease instead of dripping below into the fire :laugh:
Parent - By old turtle Date 2018-07-24 2:11 PM
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-07-21 6:40 PM
I'm thankful that today was not my long run day as we had some quite severe thunderstorms around 7am, which would've been about an hour into my run.  Tomorrow is at least looking to be less stormy, though still warm and humid and all of that crap.

Today I ran some errands and (unintentionally) checked out three of the largest books I could find at the library. :laugh:  Two vegan cookbooks and a 650-page tome about the Warsaw Uprising.  I made a really yummy root vegetable pot pie for supper, though I'm not sure that my nieces have the same appreciation for turnips and rutabagas.
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-07-21 7:52 PM
:laugh:On the books. Sounds like it was a good day to skip a run.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-07-22 9:04 AM
I ran just over 14 this morning.  No thunderstorms today, just warm and humid.  The first 4 miles or so were ok, then I got tired. :laugh:  Overall I'd say it wasn't a pleasant run, but it wasn't horrible so I guess I'll take it.
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-07-22 5:01 PM
Ugh, humidity has luckily been good here this weekend.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-07-22 7:12 PM
Out of curiosity, what do you mean when you say the humidity has been "good"?  Our humidity is currently all the way down to 67*F (actual temp of 73*F, so 81% relative humidity), which qualifies as abnormally dry conditions.
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-07-23 7:46 PM
It has been high 60% right now 53%!
Parent - By swandive Date 2018-07-23 8:34 PM
OMG, so jealous!
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-07-22 7:43 PM
Just over 14 is impressive! Glad it was not horrible.
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-07-22 4:59 PM
5K yesterday and finished 1st woman but 4th overall . No prize for me since they only did top 3 overall. Oh well! Then met a new running buddy through a friend. New buddy lives 2 miles from my parent's house so she showed me a great long run route this morning, even better we are the same pace :happy:
Parent - By BoredTemp [us] Date 2018-07-22 5:44 PM
That sucks.  I've never heard of not doing top for both sexes.  Congrats on a good run!!!
Parent - By swandive Date 2018-07-22 7:09 PM
Not getting an award for being 1st woman kinda sucks, but I think a new running buddy sounds like an awesome prize. :cool:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-07-22 7:41 PM
Yay for a new running buddy!
Parent - - By BoredTemp [us] Date 2018-07-22 5:47 PM
So my body seems to be deciding that it hates the sun.  :cry:  lately if I go outside for extended periods, I come home and a few hours later am just wiped out.   I'm not particularly sunburned, this happens even with sunblock on.  I'm well hydrated, etc. 

Luckily (?) I work an office job so don't see the sun for more than 15 min during the week.  Literally.  : pbbt:

Any suggestions, or should I just resign myself to identifying as "vampire?"  I love being outdoor and this is putting a damper on my long runs.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-07-22 7:09 PM
I wonder if spending most of your life indoors means you don't acclimatize to the sun. :wtf:  I mean, I'm sweaty and miserable being outside, but I do it enough that I kinda have to learn to deal with it.  Maybe being in a climate-controlled environment means your body doesn't remember how to handle being miserable. :laugh::cry:
Parent - By BoredTemp [us] Date 2018-07-23 6:14 AM
Maybe, but at home we only barely have AC so I don't think it is heat.  More just the damn sunlight.  And I used to be a beach kid!  I feel like I have the flu or something.  Hot, aches and just tired and uncomfortable.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-07-22 7:43 PM
Heat can make you tired. I am wondering if it's the heat rather than the sun. Maybe try to stay cooler if possible? Ice kerchief?
- - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-07-22 7:45 PM
At DD's home for the week. I drove up last week, 1300 miles in 3 days. That will wipe you out.

10 miles on Saturday. 5 miles this morning plus a 6.2 mile hike this afternoon.
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-07-25 9:51 AM
aw, hope you enjoy! That is a lot of driving :shocker!: Nice activity too, as always!
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