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- - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-07-13 5:20 AM
I need to wake up earlier, so that I can post more. What's everyone doing today?
Parent - - By runningteach [us] Date 2018-07-13 5:25 AM
I rode my bike 4 times this week and have been working on my balance to strengthen my ankles and some general strength and stretching. I'm trying to be better about the exercises. I will say though, I am seeing an improvement in my push-ups. My upper body is weak and I struggled with even doing one. Lame, I know. I am able to get lower and get to 15 easier. :laugh: You all can run circles around me in the push up department. I'm still doing modified ones, but I am becoming more confident that I will get to the regular one.:happy: I'm excited to be going on a knitting trip tomorrow to a store in Massachusetts. I enjoy the ferry ride and the prices on sweater yarn is great. DD will be finished with school on August 3rd! I can't believe it.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-07-13 5:42 AM
Excellent progress with your biking, stretches, etc.! My family and I used to go on excursions to yarn shops all over the place. It was great fun making day trips of it.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-07-13 5:43 AM
My pushups do not go up right now. HA!
Thursday’s run was 45 minutes with a mile walk afterwards. I saw a squirrel with an off-white tail. A bird came within about 3 feet of me and it was a Flicker. Goose families, robins, etc. It was a good bird day.
Today I plan a lighter park run, then out to my library. :grin:
Happy runs, All! :hug:
Up Topic Communities / Women / Finally Friday RR

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