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- - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-07-03 5:09 AM
Yesterday marked two years for me and Iowa. :happy:
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-07-03 5:18 AM
--Horrible flare of carpal tunnel symptoms last night. :cry:

--Assignment at work yesterday was to write 2-3 lesson plans. I got 6 done. And, I worked on a display board for my Pre-K and K classes. :cool:

--Looking forward to a midweek day off. :happy:

--I think I’m going to get my mom an entry to a paint night for her birthday. I’ll buy an extra spot so she can take a friend. She needs to get out of the house in the evenings a little. That has been a rough time for her.

--I was contacted on FB yesterday from someone wanting to buy a pint of my homemade beet juice. :grin:

--My brother and his family (and a German exchange student) are all headed to Oregon for 10 days. I guess my brother and SIL are serious about relocating there. He just got his license and a bunch of other stuff for the marijuana manufacturing business. MY SIL is even looking in to special medical training. She already has a Master’s in Nursing.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-07-03 5:28 AM
Happy Anniversary yesterday

Matthan got engaged and I told Suzi she was not allowed to suggest me performing the ceremony. (although it would make my ex INSANE which would be fun) hahaha
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:05 AM
Exes deserve to be made INSANE. Go for it! :evil::mischief::laugh:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:12 AM
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-07-03 6:09 AM
Happy anniversary!

If I lived near you, I'd buy some beet juice for Anthony.  He swears by it as a natural running enhancer.
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:11 AM
It’s all natural, no additives. :wink:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:13 AM
Good idea for your mom!

Good luck to your brother and his family.

Happy Anniversary!:hug:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-07-03 6:41 AM
happy Anniversary!

Look at you little miss overachiever at work :laugh: in a few years you'll be on the dark side with the rest of us
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-07-03 5:50 AM
~Have almost all of the results from the $hit Show Saturday fixed. The #1 problem is people just dropping out and going home. So we list them as DNF then they scream "NO I dropped to the 10 mile race". Yeah. Thanks for telling us jackass

~I have only come across one person that I seriously do not have a time for at all. I asked him what he ran but he hasn't gotten around to telling me yet :roll:

~Happy Independence Day tomorrow. I'm celebrating by declaring my independence from my pants

~Another heat advisory today and tomorrow

~People in Florida are eating Iguanas??????? Chicken of the Trees?

~5 more races to time this month

~XC practice starts in 5 weeks!
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:10 AM
I wouldn’t think you would have that many issues with a race like the Night Hawk. Aren’t most of those participants a bit more seasoned when it comes to running? However, I can totally relate to all of your problems. I need to figure out a way that everyone in my race 1) wears a number 2) wears a bib 3) wears the bib on the FRONT of the body and  4) wears the bib AND number that they were issued. Don’t wear your number and switch tags with your friend. I’ve encountered that. :wtf:
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:14 AM
The issues are:

Nobody wore their chip the way they were instructed. I'm surprised anybody read when they came across the line. One couple attached both of their bibs to their freaking DOG

A ton of runners just quit running after one loop and didn't tell anybody. Just went home.

RDs did not provide finish line volunteers to record bib numbers for our backup system.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-07-03 6:42 AM
that's my thought too, it isn't like it was a random 5K but it is a race more serious runners would be doing. That makes it so crazy people would not listen to chip rules, etc
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:47 AM
You'd think.
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-07-03 6:11 AM
It's great that you've been able to get most of the results recovered.  Hopefully you don't face conditions like that again.  Is that race cursed weather wise or what?  Isn't that the one that had tornados a few years ago?
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:15 AM
No that was the Free State 100K. Same trails, different group putting it on. But yeah I got pulled from Free State due to tornadoes a few years back
Parent - By Mickeyd Date 2018-07-03 6:23 AM
I remembered the storms and your race, not the name I guess.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-07-03 6:43 AM
eating iguanas? YUCK

what is your goal for how many races to have per month?
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-07-03 6:46 AM
No goal. We figured we would do about 6 all year hahaha

I'm guessing next year we will turn down more races than we do.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-07-03 6:51 AM
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-07-03 6:22 AM
*Wow do I run slow in the early morning.  This old body takes awhile to move freely I guess. 

*My foot was bothering me again last night.  :mutmad:  It was fine after run number 1, and didn't hurt during the second run either, then randomly swelled up last night.  :wtf:  I need to check my log book and see what shoes I was wearing last time this happened.  I suspect it may well have been the exact same pair. 

*As it stands right now, and I still have 10 days before my appointment, I think I'm going to live with my throat thing.  The new meds are the best of the bunch and with all the lifestyle changes I've made (giving up pretty much everything :cry:) the symptoms are manageable enough to live with.  It's definitely the best it's been since March when it all started.  Yes, I still feel the lump most of the time, but it's less pronounced and I'm having fewer instances of feeling like I might choke.  I don't know. In other words, the surgical option sounds even worse. 

*I've been feeling like I've put on a few pounds, things are jiggling that should not jiggle when I run.  :laugh::cry:  I've been avoiding the scale.   :blush:  Today I bit the bullet and discovered, nope, I'm right where I should be.  :wtf:  I'd have sworn I was up about 5 pounds. 

*I have to get groceries late this morning after work.  It's going to be a mad house.  :cry: 

*I'm hosting breakfast tomorrow morning for 2 band sections before the parade.  Then I'm watering the band during the parade.  And it's supposed to be 90 something with storms in the forecast.  :meh:  But, Bill is doing a stadium stair climb in that weather, and I think my day sounds better than that.  :grin::laugh:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-07-03 6:44 AM
I'm glad your throat is better but having to give up everything and then still having issues doesn't seem fair

I hope the storms hold off for the parade
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-07-03 6:51 AM
Taping my toe seems to make it hurt more :wtf: Not sure if I should keep taping it anyway or let it be free

I could walk on it a lot better yesterday which was good.

Had a free Chik Fil A breakfast sandwich in the app today. i swear they've been sending a free item almost every week.

Work is closing early today which is nice although I have a lot to do. It is weird I was stressed last week about getting stuff done but this week I dont care :blush::laugh:

I also have this weird feeling I'm forgetting to do something but I can't remember what it is #oldage
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-07-03 9:59 AM
Free Chik Fil A :hug::hug::hug:
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