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- - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-06-27 6:42 AM
Not only is it Hump Day but also national ice cream cake day!

So what are your plans for today. 

Post away...
Parent - By markhh [us] Date 2018-06-27 7:01 AM
Crazy busy at work last few days, but interesting tasks, so all good.

3.5 miles last night with the last quarter mile or so as wind sprints. It felt good to up the speed a bit.
Parent - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-06-27 7:10 AM
Ran 3.2 this morning but it sure didn't feel very good. Tired and sore all over. I think it is mental due to a very tough work project so I just plowed through it. Better to workout though the stress than to give in to it
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2018-06-27 7:58 AM
Tonight is the Tiki Trail 5K. Happy hump day everyone.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-06-27 8:20 AM
3 miles with Lisa at Hawk Island.  We saw a blue heron twice and a cute little snail almost met his fate at the hands of my running shoes.  There might be a picture of that.  Hawk Island is about 1/2 mile from Lisa's house and has a 2 mile paved trail.  Then there is a one mile section all on wood that snakes back and forth over a creek.  There is a good sized lake, a sand beach, paddle boats shaped like swans and 2 soccer fields.  A couple cute pavilions to rent on the weekends too.   They are so lucky to have found a house in this neighborhood.

Rainy today so no yardwork:sad:  I think we're going to do some inside stuff.  Jacob took the day off so with a bit of caffeine we should be able to accomplish mega projects together.:hug:
Parent - - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-06-27 9:46 AM
Sounds like a rave run.  Do you still call him Giraffe Boy?
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-06-27 10:15 AM
yep, always will.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2018-06-27 11:01 AM
Wow that sounds like an amazing place to run!!! :cool::cool:
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-06-27 11:36 AM
Sounds like a nice place!  Send the rain down here.
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-06-27 9:54 AM
When you retire and get older, many folks take lots of pills.  You get one of those weekly pill boxes that tells you what day it is.  Thankfully the forum reminds me the significance of the day.   As a bonus, we may have to get some ice cream cake. 
Took  Lynda and Ellen and Nathanial out for a very nice breakfast.  One of the local B&B opens up some additional seats for reservation breakfast only guest.  Buffet style and my fave was blueberry pancakes with vanilla cream syrup. 

Tom in WNC
Parent - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2018-06-27 10:03 AM
11.37 miles this morning. Nothing special. Just a nice steady run in some light rain. Rather enjoyable.

I have ice cake with it. Will have to eat it tonight.
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-06-27 11:35 AM
Went to Planet Fitness worked out and then came home and helped my husband clean the garage.  I am in desperate need of a shower.
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