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- - By Tim [us] Date 2018-06-13 10:31 AM
Guys - Do you have a beard? Have you ever had one? Pros and cons.
Ladies - Do any of the men in your life have a beard (spouse, brother, son, dad, etc)? What do you think of beards in general?
Plans for Fathers Day?

Workout, food, and drink, as well as anything else you want to share. Are you glad today’s dailies weren’t started by The Beard?
Parent - - By Tim [us] Date 2018-06-13 10:46 AM Edited 2018-06-13 10:48 AM
My late wife hated facial hair. Nearly every Summer we went on a weeklong camping trip, and I let my beard grow, but then I would shave right when we got home.

My former girlfriend encouraged me to grow a beard. She gave me tons of compliments on it. Then she broke up with me.:wtf::roll::laugh: She still compliments me on it when we see each other. So I kept the beard.

My girlfriend (who is probably my future wife) has only known me with a beard and loves it. She’s still a little thrown off every time she sees an old picture of me without one. Her vote gets the biggest weight. I’m keeping it.

The basic reaction of people in my life to me with a beard:
1) My parents, my in-laws, my siblings, and my kids don’t like it.
2) Everyone else - friends, coworkers, girlfriend, extended family, random strangers, acquaintances - loves it.

Fathers Day will likely be a day trip to visit my in-laws at the beach.:cool:

Biked this morning
Overnight oatmeal for breakfast. Cool recipe where you combine oats, almond milk, chia seeds, maple syrup, and cinnamon and leave it in the fridge overnight. No cooking required - just heat and eat.

I think this Dailies topic is far more interesting than what we usually see from that guy from Wisconsin.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-13 11:11 AM
I like your topic Tim.
I'm really glad that things are going so well with your GF.

R makes refrigerator oatmeal almost every day, it is good stuff.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 11:20 AM
Fun topic!
Excited for you and your gf! This is fun! :hug:
Parent - By cowboyjunkie Date 2018-06-13 11:30 AM
From the pictures you look nice with and without one, but you have a really nice face and that's why I prefer you without one. LDR too.
Parent - By skigirl Date 2018-06-13 11:38 AM

>  probably my future wife

Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:20 PM
I make often refrigerator oatmeal to eat before a long run.  I usually do oats, greek yogurt and NUtella.
Parent - - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2018-06-13 3:52 PM
Cool stuff, all of it. :cool: Funny how close family is the only group which doesn't like it. :wtf:
Parent - - By Tim [us] Date 2018-06-13 9:40 PM
I think they’re just accustomed to seeing me without one for so many years that it’s a shock for them to see me with one. Whereas people who haven’t known me as long don’t have an image of a beardless Tim ingrained in their brains.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-06-13 11:13 PM
I think you're probably right -- especially parents, siblings, others who remember when the cat could lick off any whiskers you might produce.

Not sure what your family situation is however I'm guessing big sisters are probably the rudest when their little brothers try to grow facial hair.
Parent - - By george [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:19 PM
Back in college, I had a "beard." My facial hair is quite patchy, and not  much grows on my actual face, so it was more of a combination chinstrap/neckbeard. It looked hideous and I can't believe I actually let myself be seen with it. Now I just have sideburns (because I'm a hippie) and a goatee, the two places where hair does grow. I really wish I didn't grow any facial hair at all though, because I hate shaving.

As for working out, I ran 7.8 miles with a buddy at 6am and took a yoga class at noon. I was absolutely exhausted this morning from yesterday's track workout and lifting, and from being up with the little one all night, so I almost didn't make it to the 6am run. But I got it done, and that's all that matters.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:24 PM
Blazerboy thinks his gross, disgusting, horrific neck beard is a beard.  A neck beard is NEVER a good look.
Parent - - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:52 PM
Have you cut your hair?
Parent - By george [us] Date 2018-06-14 5:43 AM
Negative. It is approaching man-bun length (which is also not a good look)!
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2018-06-13 1:29 PM
No beard here. I had a beard for a few months in 80' or 81'. There are a few old photos of me sporting that beard. I don't care for them. WTH was I thinking! I had a mustache for a long time (started in HS) but at some point got sick of that too and have been facial hair free for decades now. My wife seems to have a real hatred for beards these days. It's sort of funny.

Workout: Nothing yet. 6-7 trail miles this evening after work. Green Lane perhaps. It will probably be muddy no matter where I go, unless I hit the local trail but I am not inclined to run multiple loops tonight.

Food: I believe tomato basil pasta is on the menu tonight.

Drink: Conshocken Brewing Type A IPA. Not now, later. Post run.

Any daily is better than no daily.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:52 PM
Can I come eat? and drink?
Parent - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2018-06-13 3:49 PM
Funny you should ask...just last week I just shaved off the full beard I've had for the longest time ever which I started on our Italy trip the last couple weeks of April (started just to have an appropriate scruff). I kept it for 5-6 more weeks after getting back, kept trimmed to a #3-shears length. It got positive reviews from mrs. flamus, colleagues and friends and I liked the look, as well as not needing to shave most days. But it was too damn hot when the temps got higher, still required maintenance such as trimming and occasional neck shaving despite being a full beard, and it just was kind of uncomfortable (especially when eating since wiping my mouth with a napkin still left the feeling that sauce or whatever was in the beard :laugh:). Maybe I first should have asked y'all with a pic, but it wasn't a hard decision to shave it off.

Today was 4 miles along the river at lunchtime. The rain had stopped temporarily but I still ran on the pavement instead of the grass since the grass was pretty long and really wet and I was feeling like a wuss who didn't need wet feet today. :laugh::blush:
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-06-13 4:16 PM
4 very humid miles this morning with my SIL, who's visiting me for a glorious week!:hug::hug: It's always so great to spend time with her. Then lots of errands and dog walking, and picking up wine for a little get together we're having tonight. I want my friends to meet Shannon.:hug:

My husband had a beard for a long time. I was always :meh: about it. It scratched me when he kissed me, and sometimes little birds would fly out. Just kidding. Then he turned the beard into a goatee like Spock's evil twin.:roll: It might have been a bit more palatable if he had lost the double chin.:meh:
Parent - By IB Date 2018-06-13 5:40 PM
No. No. One wouldn't have to shave but I think it would be far too itchy for me.
We will likely do a potluck dinner for Whitney's father at their place.

5.5 miles - Got another Strava course record today.

13¢ (4 coins)

59º & sunny at 0735

Inov8 220
- - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 10:55 AM
Beards aren't my thing although some men look good with them. :mischief:
We'll likely swim and have lunch on Sunday. I'm sure they'll have baseball practice which my husband wouldn't change for the world.

35 min spin, burpees, planks and push-ups
Oh, I had a protein shake and then a cabbage salad for lunch :grin:
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-13 11:12 AM
how was six flags?
Parent - - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 11:21 AM
It was actually great! Not crowded at all which surprised me. We didn't wait over five minutes for anything. Of course, my kids are younger and we don't do the big roller coasters and "scary" stuff. Overall, two thumbs up!
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-13 11:40 AM
we went on Memorial day and same thing. It was hot, but no lines. N and her friend are both thrill seekers and we went on every ride they were big enough for. So much fun.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 11:43 AM
Good for them!
I scared my 7 year old on Judge Roy Scream last year so I may have messed him up for awhile. :shocker!:
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:25 PM
That is great!
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2018-06-13 11:38 AM
Do you always do the same number of burpees?

ETA: I mean, I know sometimes you do the same number of burpees as years you are old - just wondering if that's an every-time thing.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 11:44 AM
Not always. I did today but I've been doing this 10 min version and that equals 100. : pbbt:
- - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-13 11:09 AM
I think beards are fine, I don't have strong feelings about it. Every now and then R will grow one, but not for a while. What I dislike is like 1-2 days of stubble. It looks fine but is too prickly.

DH is out of town so it was a treadmill run, for those who remember I just had it repaired about 2 weeks ago. I have run on it a few times since then but certainly not every day. Anyway, today 2.5 miles in it slowed down and then stopped and smelled like something was burning. Not good. I managed to run another 4 or so after dropping N at camp, but that was after 8am and it was really hot by then.
Anyway. I'm annoyed. I called for another repair but that will take a week or so since they are ordering a new motor. I hate this tm.

Father's day is DH's choice. We will discuss tonight. Since his family sucks I want to make sure he feels appreciated and loved by us.

will be having a huge salad for lunch. I am back to writing down what I eat, I just need to be more aware of it and not stress eating when I'm at home...
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 11:22 AM
That's really frustrating about your treadmill. :mutmad::cry:
I read about your trip yesterday. Really stinks for your DH and daughter. :sad:
Parent - By skigirl Date 2018-06-13 11:37 AM

> Since his family sucks I want to make sure he feels appreciated and loved by us.

Awesome.  :cool:
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:25 PM
Super frustrating about the TM.  Sorry.:sad:
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-06-13 4:19 PM
Since his family sucks I want to make sure he feels appreciated and loved by us.

This exactly the same with Philip. His dad has gotten so bad that Philip doesn't even want to see him on Father's Day.:sad:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-14 8:33 AM
I mentioned to R that we should have N send a card to his dad for Father's day. I don't think he is really motivated to make that happen.
- - By skigirl Date 2018-06-13 11:36 AM Edited 2018-06-13 11:40 AM
I won't let my DH have a beard - I dislike them.  That being said, a few years ago we signed up for a team cross-country ski race, and he announced he was growing a beard and would shave it off after the race.  We entered the race under the team name "Beauty and the Beard."  We did the race, he shaved that evening, and that's that as far as I'm concerned.  : pbbt::laugh:

Last week and this week of running have been really good.  I think that's because I haven't been at home - I was on a work trip in one city last week and am now on another work trip in another city this week.  Back at home, for weeks, I've been stuck at 20-minute runs and they have felt really difficult.  Now, all of a sudden, now that I'm away from Allergy City : pbbt:, I've been suddenly able to bump up to 30+-minute runs with no problem at all.  That's very encouraging.  :happy:

I've been out for lovely runs yesterday and this morning, on paved trails beside the river.  Beautiful sunny day; tons of other runners and cyclists out; feeling strong and healthy - a great experience.  :happy:

ETA: I see we were asked to comment on food and drink.  Going out for a dinner tonight with the group - I'm taking a graduate course this week.  I plan to eat well and, if possible, have chocolate cake for dessert.  (It's my birthday :wink:).  :happy:
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 11:45 AM
Happy Birthday!!! :hug::hug::hug:
Lots of positives in your dailies! :grin:
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2018-06-13 11:57 AM
Happy Birthday!  June birthdays rule!!! :cool:
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:11 PM
Happy Birthday!
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:26 PM
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2018-06-13 1:31 PM
Good runs and chocolate cake... life is good!  :happy:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:41 PM
happy birthday! Enjoy your chocolate cake.
Parent - By brneydrnnr (barney cougar) [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:43 PM
Happy birthday!
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-06-13 4:20 PM
Happy birthday!:hug:
Parent - By JimGo1 Date 2018-06-13 7:15 PM
Happy Birthday !!!
- - By N70SAK Date 2018-06-13 11:57 AM

It's hot and still a little smokey. I may go to the driving range in a while. :meh:
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:27 PM
But, do you have a beard?
Parent - By N70SAK Date 2018-06-13 3:38 PM
No. I've tried before but it's not me.
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2018-06-13 1:33 PM
You don't like the driving range? I prefer to go the local shag range (it's free) but I can only hit about a 7 iron there at the max due to the field size. I need to go to the one where I can practice hitting my driver at junk car.
Parent - By N70SAK Date 2018-06-13 3:36 PM
No, it's that fire season has started in mid-June that bugs me.  And I stayed in and studied. : pbbt:
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:51 PM
funny Dr. Beard :laugh:
- - By Ed [us] Date 2018-06-13 12:14 PM
I do not have a beard.  I tried growing one at some point back in the '80s and it didn't work out so well :meh:  For all the years I did a long run on Sunday mornings I would typically skip shaving on Sundays.  I still do that! day worth of stubble.

For Father's Day DS is grilling dinner and DD & her DH will come over.  Father's Day is also mine & DW's anniversary...40 years!  We're planning a "date night", dinner & a movie on Saturday.  The following weekend is my BD and since DS will be away, I think we may be celebrating that this Sunday also.  A week from Saturday I get to take advantage of the discounts reserved for actual "senior citizens" :laugh:

My workout was teaching spin class this morning and doing hip & shoulder exercises afterwards.  Before I left the gym, I signed up for a 6 week "Morning Masters Swim Coaching Class".  Starts at the end of this month, Thursdays @ 6:30am...another early wakeup day :roll:  

Running related stuff...our club put on the first of 6 races in our annual series last night.  I get to play race director.  5K distance for the first time as we usually just make them a loop or multiple loops around a 3.65 mile path in a park.  We had 73 runners on a wonderful night for a race!  This morning was typing up & posting results online.  We have pint glasses as overall & age group awards, club logo and series name/"Award Winner" stenciled on opposite sides of the glass.  Today was also time to order more so within the next couple of weeks I'll have a dozen boxes of 24 pint glasses arriving and need to store them in the running club "nook" in a back corner of my basement.
Parent - - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:27 PM
The swim class sounds great!
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2018-06-13 2:30 PM
We'll see what I get for my $50.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:51 PM
Sounds like you've got lots of fun upcoming plans!! Happy early Birthday and yay discounts. :laugh::laugh:
- - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2018-06-13 12:46 PM
4.3 miles for me.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:28 PM
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2018-06-13 1:33 PM
Where did the .9 go?
Parent - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2018-06-13 6:03 PM
:laugh: I had a work email that I needed to attend to so I cut the run short.
Parent - - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:50 PM
Whaaaaa? Where's the 5.2?
Parent - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2018-06-13 6:03 PM
- - By nooner [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:09 PM Edited 2018-06-13 1:12 PM
4 miles this morning.

The other guys were doing 8 but I didn’t want that much so joined them at one of the places we normally meet on Saturdays for our long run. Turn some out that was a good thing as there is a Starbucks there and the building we normally stop at fir bathrooms and water wa locked up when they went by. The two parks we stop at along our route are now open for summer camp so we have access to the old water fountains and bathrooms there too.

I’ve attempted to grow a beard (or just have been lazy for a week or two :wink:) but it doesn’t work for me or my wife. Sometimes I think about shaving off the mustache but never get enough courage up to do that.

I appreciate anyone who gets the dailies started, topic or no topic.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:29 PM
Would you believe I was surprised you wrote you had a mustache?  I am an idiot!!:laugh:
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:49 PM
Nice job!

Are you feeling better with less running? (err... recovery)
- - By PuddleThumper Date 2018-06-13 1:17 PM
I'm not anti-beard but i always think when i see someone with one, i'll bet he'd look better without that. :roll: Fortunately DH has only gone for that nonsense on occasion but really doesn't have the right growth for it. and goatees are silly. : pbbt: his dad has always had a beard though. And evidently his dad shaved it off at some point when dh was little, DH freaked. :laugh:

no farther's day plans. DH is spending all of his days with his dad this week as caregiver since his mom is out of town.

the race last night went well! i last did this 8k on trails in 2015 when i was fast. :roll: But i am pleased with how i ran yesterday. first mile was the slowest and then all other miles (even with significant hills) were consistent. it's the first time i've been under 10 minute miles in a while so i'll take it! as expected, i slept terribly. My legs are so hot after a race. :wtf: I normally sleep warm anyway but after a race or hard workout in the evening, my legs just feel like they are burning up. So i overslept this morning and only had time for 4 super slow miles. it was raining! that is surprising because we've had a real dry spell the past 6 weeks or so.

eh, i don't really care, one way or the other. any daily is fine with me.
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:29 PM
Nice job on the race!
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2018-06-13 1:37 PM
Good work on the race. I have short 5k trail race later this month, evening as well. Second of three in a series. I was happy to run just under 9 minute pace in May when 2 years ago I was more around 7:30 pace. It still felt pretty hard!  Weird about your legs for the shorter race. I never seem to have issues but then again I always run in the evening.
Parent - - By PuddleThumper Date 2018-06-13 1:58 PM
i wanted a good workout and i got one! I did manage to pass people the second loop as well. I normally don't run sub 10 now ever so to do that on trails was pretty good. :happy:
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2018-06-13 2:02 PM
That is how I am approaching the series this year... as a workout. It's so small though the goal is find your place in field then try not to get passed!
Parent - By PuddleThumper Date 2018-06-13 2:05 PM
i got lapped by the top (male) finishers of the 12k race. Those were the only people that passed me the second loop that i didn't pass back! :mischief:
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:40 PM
nice race!
That has to be really hard on DH, caregiving is draining in every sense of the word.
Parent - - By PuddleThumper Date 2018-06-13 1:55 PM
Dh takes days. his brother (who lives across the street) takes nights. what's worse? MIL is the full time caregiver usually with Dh and brother helping with some daily things like getting him out of bed. I frankly don't know how she is continuing to do it. She is 80.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2018-06-13 2:39 PM
I don't get it either. That is grueling. I'm sorry
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:48 PM
The race sounds fun!
I've heard about kids freaking out when their Dad's shave :laugh:
Parent - By JimGo1 Date 2018-06-13 7:26 PM
Nice job on the race !   I like to run trails but am a crappy trail racer.  I find passing kind of awkward on single track so I just settle in :meh::roll::happy:
- - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 1:49 PM
Five miles this morning, will go to boxing class tonight.

Blazerman occasionally grows a goatee and I think it looks great.  Sometimes, he grows a soul-patch and I mock him.:roll::laugh:  A few years ago, he and I were having a discussion and I noticed he had a goatee.  I asked him when he grew it and he said, "a few months ago".  The kids laughed hysterically and blazerman was a bit irritated.  I can not honestly tell you if he has a goatee at this moment, but am assuming he doesn't as it is nearly 100* every day and I don't think he likes them when it is hot out.  And yes, I most recently saw him this morning!:laugh:

For the past 7-8 Fathers' Days, blazerman golfs with the same group of men and afterwards, the families all gather at one of the guy's house with all the kids to BBQ and watch the US Open.  Since the boy has orientation at UT first thing Monday morning, we need to drive down to Austin on Sunday, so this year, we are skipping the get together.  The kids have planned a dinner and movie night for Saturday, so we are celebrating early.

I don't care if there is a topic in the daily or not......if I have something to say, I will say whether there is a question or not!
Parent - - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 2:47 PM
Nice run! Are you back to running every morning?

Enjoy Austin! :cool:
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-06-13 6:52 PM
I am due for a day off......
Parent - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2018-06-13 4:21 PM

Enjoy Austin!
- - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2018-06-13 6:02 PM
Biked about nine miles to and from Working Draft Brewery to meet up with some friends. Had three IPAs.
Parent - By redraider0528 (Fashionista) Date 2018-06-13 8:52 PM
For what it's worth,  The Beard has a nice beard :grin:
Parent - By Tim [us] Date 2018-06-14 9:03 AM
- By JimGo1 Date 2018-06-13 7:24 PM
Happy Wednesday,

Had a really good 6 mile trail run today at the park.  The hill repeats have really helped my running apparently.

I sold my mountain bike - an old school trek XC race bike with 26" wheels.   I'm getting a new bike for fathers day that we ordered today - I'm stoked !   I'm not really a racer anymore but still ride technical single track so I'm getting a nice hardtail with 29" wheels and air forks.   I'm a tall, lanky rider so this will be a much better fit for me and will roll over all the roots and rocks around here much better.   I'm anxious to get it and get camping and Fundy national park and give the trails a go with it.  The bonus is the kids are starting to ride more too.

I like the forum Beard but not the facial beards.   I always thought they were uncomfortable, itchy and gross.   They also catch food and other nasty stuff :laugh:  I do like to quit shaving for a day or two at times though.
- By sideshowbob Date 2018-06-13 7:30 PM
Never had a beard--couldn't get past  that early itchy stage.:roll:

Habitat all morning--taping and mudding ; boring, but good time to talk with coworkers.

Three gallomiles after dinner--just beat the t storms.
- By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-06-13 11:19 PM
First serious boyfriend had a very heavy beard. It was either grow it or shave twice a day and deal with the ingrown hairs. He opted to grow it. Didn't look -- or feel -- bad.

Beards can be handsome and sexy -- as long as you can't look at the beard and its owner and see what he ate the last couple of days.

My mum doesn't like beards so my dad only grew his out once. All the kids got chicken pox and it turned out he hadn't had it when he was a kid. Bad case. He was miserable, and shaving was out of the question.

DH was part Native American and that showed up on the follicular side -- he could not grow a beard on a bet. Nor can DS. DSBF grows his sometimes and it looks good on him.

Father's Day? Nothing at all. My dad's been gone 3 years, DH 4. Nobody to celebrate.

Daily: 3.4 with RN this morning.
- - By mkh (Mr. Fashionista) Date 2018-06-14 7:40 AM
Work out.
9.00 miles
5:55 pace overall

2 x 1200
2 x 1000
2 x 800

At about 5k pace. Felt good.
Parent - By mkh (Mr. Fashionista) Date 2018-06-14 8:34 AM
Also, I do have a "beard" but it's not really much. I have facial hair, I'll say that. I haven't totally shaved in probably 4 years, just trimmed it down.
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