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- - By Grey Beard Tom [ca] Date 2018-06-05 8:16 AM
Let the rubber hit the road.  Speak up.

QOTD....Do you check your tires?
Parent - - By Grey Beard Tom [ca] Date 2018-06-05 8:26 AM
Made it safely to Black Mountain with one of the easier drives here.  One to Atlanta today.   Will be there until Saturday.  

I had a really nice run here this morning.  Exceeded expectations.  Perhaps it was the Curly Fries I ate at mile 525 on the way down yesterday.  The mountains look so lush from all the rain, but there are plenty of signs of flooding all around.  Ellen is still boiling water for drinking, but also using bottled water.  Saw water trucks in town still handing out water. 

I try to look at tires before hitting the road.  My one tire looked very low this morning, but when I checked pressure it read high:wtf:  I will check at gas station.   Stopping at Asics outlet to check for new rubber for feet.

Tom in Western Carolina
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-06-05 8:29 AM
Well, the flag by your name says you are in Canada!

Do check those tires!  Be safe.
Parent - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2018-06-05 9:09 AM
Curly Fries make every run better
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-06-05 8:31 AM
Good morning

Just returned from my morning walk and I need to shower and go meet some friends for lunch.

Nothing new -- just hot and hotter!

QOTD - my husband does.  But if the light comes on in the car, I tell him about it.

Enjoy your Tuesday and in Tom's case, it's Traveling Tuesday!
Parent - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2018-06-05 9:10 AM
Running 3 or 4 miles at lunch time. Lovely running weather here.

QOTD-i check the tires and other things on all the cars fairly regulary.
Parent - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-06-05 9:52 AM
Good morning folks.

You may have had a good trip yesterday, but there is no amount of curly fries that will help you drive around Atlanta.

I still felt like excrement this morning, but it was 53°  this morning so I forced myself to go run 3.21 miles. 

Then I took Cindy to her 10-year colonoscopy. 

I eyeball my tires but I don't check them. I ask the shop to do that at each oil change and rotate them every other oil change.

But your QotD has reminded me that I want to get my tires and connecting parts checked out.  I hit the mother of all potholes just south of the Detroit airport on I-275.  I thought for sure the car had had it, but nothing felt different and the tires look ok.  We'll be putting a lot of miles on the car next month so I need to make sure everything is good. 

We'll be going to Tallahassee-WV-Michigan-WV-Tallahassee-WV.  Just like last summer.  Get the kid, take her to Michigan, and then take her back.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-06-05 10:03 AM
I'm pretty anal about rotating the tires and getting oil changes.  I have it all loaded in Outlook (like most of my life:laugh:) and tend to them all regularly.  I even have reminders for the kids' cars and they no longer live here.  I suppose I should let that go.   Tire pressure though, I wait for the light on my dash.  Got caught in a really sketchy area of Peoria once with a low tire.  Called my husband crying from 100 miles away and I still didn't learn that lesson.

Watched a couple from church renew their wedding vows this morning.  47 years of love; I got a little teary eyed.

All the stuff in the yard has been watered, trimmed, and encouraged to continue growing.  Dog has been walked.  Clothes out on the line.  I guess the rest of the day is Me Time.  I'm on my 3rd book of a Nicci French murder series.  7 days of the week kind of like Sue Grafton's 26 letters of the alphabet.  3 stars.  Not great, but pretty entertaining page turners.
Parent - By DottieO Date 2018-06-05 12:32 PM
I check my tires when I fill up with gas. My last oil change was in October and I still haven’t hit 3K miles yet. I use synthetic oil do technically it’s due at 5K miles but that takes me a year! I may lease my next vehicle even though it goes against my thoughts on leading but I might try out some new vehicles and buy new in a few years. We’ll see.

Today I bordered all my garden beds with rocks from the beach. It looks quite nice. My arms and quads are quite sore :cry:

We’ve had a lot of rain and I’m heading out now for a run before it starts up again.

Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-06-05 2:19 PM
I keep the tires checked for wear.  A dash light lets us know if one is low.

This weather has been ideal the past two days.  No humidity and clear sunny skies.  I'm loving the morning running in June.  10 miles this morning just as the sun was about to appear. 

We have our men's bible study tonight.  Actually it's a dvd series on apologetics.  A brief video then discuss.  Good stuff.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2018-06-05 5:06 PM
I am anal about my tires and oil. I had Chris drive my TJ tonight because the tires were acting weird on the highway. I am always checking the pressure in them.

Today was the gym for a short upper body workout. Went to the running store and decided to try a pair of Altras.

Tomorrow is my first trail run of a summer series I thought I'd try not far from the house. So fingers crossed. :happy:
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