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- - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-27 2:25 PM
Well this was my first race in a long time. Nearly two years. And over 2 years since I ran a 5k. Interestingly it fell the day before my two year diagnosis anniversary. What a long strange trip...

Early cloudy drive to Maine with the occasional spitting of rain. It wasn't forecast to rain until later in the day, so I kept hoping the rain would hold off. We arrived early because I wanted to see the CainCross. People running with their dogs. When I was waiting of the start with all the doggies raring to go this elderly guy started giving me the history of the race and was telling me about a few of the dogs in the front. He said they were elite sled dogs and naming them. I believe it! One of the dogs he pointed out won. It was fun to watch. The guy told me someone always wipes out at the start because it goes down a slight grassy hill (I was very cautious when I ran through that section)-- and sure enough. She got right back up to all was ok. I was amazed how well behaved all the dogs were. What good puppies!!

The race was only 15 minutes from my son's house so in the usual manner of my boy he arrived about 15 minutes before the race. :roll: My daughter use to call it Jesse-time, he's always been that way. I was strolling around checking out the vendors. One of the shoe vendors said I could run the race in a pair if I wanted. I was tempted, but since I didn't know the course I passed. Thought that was cool though.

Right after Jesse arrived we lined up. He is not a runner, so he said "yeah, I'm not going to run fast, I usually run 13 min miles and yeah I'm not into running" he knew I was still getting back into running shape--so no big deal. We lined up way in the back. We ran the first km (it was marked in km) or so then walked. I was feeling pretty good so we started running longer. Then the humidity kicked in. The hills were tough, I was walking through the rocks and the downhills that were loose. (Not into getting hurt at all.) He kept stopping for me. So I said "Ok Mr. I hate to run, I run slow, go for it" he said no I'm going to run with you. He was charging up the hills and waiting so I told him "I want you to run your pace-GO". So he did. The last couple of hills I had to walk, one was straight up it seemed. After that I ran in.

Nice non-technical trail. Had a wonderful time running with my boy. Was a belated Mother's Day run. He finished slightly ahead of me. I think he kept stopping for me, I lost track of him a few times. I heard him when he passed Chris just before the finish  "I lost my mom" I was right behind him. Chris laughed and said she's right there. I didn't have any goals for this run. I just wanted to see where I was and get back into running in a group and the race atmosphere, which I loved!! I did want to finish in under 45 minutes though.

So my first 5k back in the game 37:54. I was pretty excited when I saw the clock! We had a great time. I loved that he ran it with me. Although they did run out of runner food, :meh: :wtf: so we ended up going to Subway afterward. He liked running this trail so I think he might start trail running. :hug::hug: He takes care of the kids a lot, so he workouts out at home. In between sets he runs the perimeter of the yard. I thought that was interesting when he was telling me that. I think he finished in 37 something.

It was so much fun being back in the running culture. I really missed it. I felt like I turned a corner yesterday. Not sure how to explain it I just had this feeling that everything was ok. Even though not a great 5K time I felt amazing, I was so happy. My legs were sore and I was exhausted but it felt so good. Getting out of the car after a 2 hour ride was :shocker!: I was expecting to wake up sore and unable to move, but I felt great. No aches or pains. Went to the gym and did a light workout this morning.

Thanks for listening to me ramble and babble.  :laugh::laugh::laugh:

Have a great holiday weekend. Giddyup!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-27 2:51 PM
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so happy for you!!

And I looked up the event and found a youtube of the dogs running.  I'd not heard of that before.  That would be so much fun.  Well, except for the fact that Misha runs a 7 minute mile and I definitely do not:laugh:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend Deb. Thanks for sharing your joy!
Parent - - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-30 10:13 AM
Thank you! I thought you'd like the dogs. I took a video. this is my first time uploading to YouTube so I'm not sure how it came out. The woman talking to me was so funny. Oh my lord... :laugh::laugh::laugh:

It was a fun race.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-30 3:36 PM
I saw a few Huskies!
Parent - - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-28 4:23 AM
Awesome, Deb. Races are a special atmosphere. And having the the boy with you - nice.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-30 10:14 AM
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-05-28 7:55 AM
Welcome back to running some events/races. It sounds like a fun race to be in.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-30 10:15 AM
Parent - - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-05-28 8:12 AM
That is a great read!  I am very impressed at your time on a trail 5k like that.  Above all, I like how the fun was in it.  Nice going.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-30 10:15 AM
I wasn't sure how a trail race would be but it was an easy trail. Lots of fun.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-28 1:45 PM
Good Job!
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-30 10:16 AM
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-29 5:37 AM
"Not sure how to explain it I just had this feeling that everything was ok." This line alone made me so happy, and just a bit teary eyed. LOVED this so much!!
Parent - - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-30 10:10 AM
I thought you might understand that. Strangest feeling though. Calmness just washing over your body. :hug:
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-30 10:33 AM
- By Ron274 [us] Date 2018-05-30 3:23 PM
Way to go Deb!!!! So happy you had a good race experience to get you back in the groove. And running with you Son, special.
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