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- - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-05-21 5:35 AM
Good morning.

Smell anything good on your runs lately?
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-05-21 5:45 AM
Started Monday off with 4.26 miles which included some hill repeats.  4 times up a gravel road to the baseball fields, around the fields and down the other side.  It's about a half mile loop so it isn't like I'm sprinting up a hill over and over. I have a nice long break in-between each "up".

I had a strong whiff of lilacs this morning. Reminded me of when I was up in Mackinac Island a week after the Lilac Festival. The Island is covered with lilacs (it seems).  A few hundred yards later I was hit with a strong skunk smell.  I kept a careful eye out but never saw who was responsible for the odor.

Next door to us is an assisted living center and some mornings the smell of them cooking breakfast is strong.  It's like living next to an IHop but you aren't allowed to go in and eat.
Parent - - By Ron274 [us] Date 2018-05-21 6:14 AM
Good morning Dave! Hill repeats are always good no matter how you gone about it. Only smell here in the Villages is musty from all the rain we have had had the last week or more. on a dry day, cycling in the country it's the smell of jasmine OR, the essence of nature from cattle and horse ranches. Run safe!
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-05-21 6:42 AM
Big story in the local news last week was the opening of an outdoor Pickle Ball court in nearby Ashland, KY.  It made me think of you. It was the first time I saw people playing Pickle Ball.
Parent - By Ron274 [us] Date 2018-05-21 10:58 AM
Dave, Pickleball is insane down here. We have more courts than anywhere in the world would you believe? I've tried it but I prefer platform tennis more. I like playing the ball off the screens.
Parent - - By Ron274 [us] Date 2018-05-21 11:00 AM
Dave, Pickleball is insane down here. We have more courts than anywhere in the world would you believe and they will be adding more.
I've tried it but prefer platform tennis. It's fun paying the ball off the screens.
Parent - - By Ron274 [us] Date 2018-05-21 11:01 AM
Oops! Sorry folks, posted that twice. :roll:
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-05-21 12:20 PM
That's OK for posting twice.  Pickleball can be played in "doubles."
Parent - - By Deb [us] Date 2018-05-21 6:41 AM
Morning Dave!

Yes lilacs here too! and honeysuckle. But I just learned they are invasive, the Japanese are anyway, here.

I forgot how wonderful running in the early morning is. Since I usually have an open day I don't go in the early morning anymore. And most Sunday nights I stay up late (but TWD season is over) and don't get up early enough to get a run in. But this morning I got up early and headed out. Ohh the calm and quiet! Such a wonderful feeling. The world feels so different that time of day. We were in a local sports bar we use to eat at a lot the other night. This guy there says "I miss seeing you run. Are you going to start running again? You have to run again." He told me his wife had breast cancer 4 years ago an she won't leave the house. I knew I hadn't seen her in a while but I didn't know why. So when I ran this morning I headed to their neighborhood, which is a little further than I have been running lately. My watch wouldn't start so I was doing my first few sets of run/walk by feel. After it started I ran 2.5 miles, so I'm guessing I ran a tad over 3? If I remember correctly that route in just under 4, but I took a shorter way than I use to. I saw this cool historical sign tucked in the bushes too that I never knew was there. I have to go back and read it again.

Have a great day everyone.

Heading off to work.
Parent - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-21 5:52 PM
Its neat discovering something new in your area.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-21 8:08 AM
I love the smell of lilacs! I'll bet one of those "mature" ladies would be happy to share breakfast with a youngun like you!
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-21 8:07 AM
Good morning!

I got out earlier for just over 2 miles of hot, sweaty fun! There is a lot of honeysuckle on one of the streets I run on, along with a lot of roses, so yes.....good smells! The smell of honeysuckle takes me back to my childhood days because we had a lot of honeysuckle bushes in a field beside our house!

I received a Fitbit Charge 2 from my weight loss study on Saturday, and I'm spending the day trying to figure it all out! Unfortunately (or fortunately??) all of my info is shared with my coach at Dana Farber Cancer Center, so no fudging the numbers!! :roll::laugh:

Conor's lacrosse banquet is tonight. I'm not really looking forward to it, because Conor didn't actually play much due to his injury. Also, we had the option of purchasing dinner or not, and Ray and Conor will be eating, but I will not. It's being catered by my favorite Mexican restaurant, and I didn't want to be tempted to pig out, plus, I just didn't want to pay the additional $10! It's gonna be a long night:meh::grin:
Parent - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-21 5:49 PM
I can't decide if that is stoic bravery or masochism.
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-05-21 9:23 AM
No particular smells on my run.  I did see a skunk with her baby on Saturday morning's run.  She was eyeing me, but I stayed on the opposite side of the road. 

This is the last week of school for kids.  Tomorrow is primary elections, so no school for kids, but it is a work day for teachers. 

8 miles this morning.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-21 11:41 AM
Most of the places I run, the dominant scent is last year's cornstalks rotting in a field.  It will take your breath away and not in a good way.  Smells like home to me though.

Rain all morning but there is a promise of clear skies by late afternoon.  I'm puttering around with odds and ends of work in the house.  Will get after my weights later and of course a long walk with Misha if it dries up.  Too hard to navigate an umbrella, a dog leash, and a poop bag all at once!
Parent - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-21 5:47 PM
While I was running, I saw a really big muscular dude leading around this little tiny white dog. I would have laughed if I could have caught my breath.
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-21 1:33 PM
Hi all!

Went to the doctor for my annual well fitness checkup this morning.  The NP just made my day!   When she walked in, she said she must be in the wrong room, as I did not look like a 61 year old!  Thank heavens all of my grey hair was not showing! 

I went for a walk early this morning before my visit and it was so nice outside.  This evening I have reunion with my ACTS teammates and retreatants.  Looking forward to it.

Other than that, not much going on.  I need to tend to housework and pulling some weeds from the flower beds.

Have a good rest of your Monday afternoon!

QOTD -- none that come to mind.
Parent - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-21 5:44 PM
You folks have been chatty today while I've been way too busy at work.

3.07 miles this evening. More than I originally planned,  but I had to take a "Gosling Detour". There aren't many gosling this year, but all eight of the little buggers were scattered along the little trail I normally use to get to the park from my subdivision.

The area around me is mostly suburban, so quite frequently I smell somebody grilling when I'm running. Tonight though, it was onion grass from all the lawn care companies trying to catch up after the all the rain.

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