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- - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 5:22 AM
Happy May Day Masters.

What will you do to start the new month?
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 5:25 AM
Happy May Day.  I live in an area of the country that gives May baskets.  Do you?

I have self diagnosed my knee pain as a Baker's Cyst.  Anyone have experience?   My plan is rest and ice but I'm taking suggestions.

I've volunteered to run the clock at the time trial tonight.  Some of the fast guys can run it in 21 minutes.  I won't be standing out there by myself for long!
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 5:39 AM
Baker's Cyst -- have no experience with that.  Does it go away on its own?

So what is in a May basket?
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 7:10 AM
Well first, your mom has to totally forget that Mayday is coming.  Then on April 30th the 2 of you stay up all night fashioning baskets from construction paper.  They are to be filled with candy and flowers and you secretly deliver them to your friends.

In our case, both as a mother and as a daughter, the forgetfulness meant we loaded them up with popcorn because we were out of candy.  Once in awhile you'd find some leftover from Easter and sneak it in there.
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 11:16 AM
That basket is cute!  I may have to put this on my calendar for next year.

Happy May Day!
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:30 AM
Good Morning, Dawn! May baskets sound lovely!

I had a Baker's Cyst years ago. The doctor said that there were several ways to deal with it. I was told that it might just go away on its own and to try rest and ice just as you said. They can also drain it. However, mine was healed in a rather odd way! I did the New York marathon while I had the cyst. I was able to run with it, but was not able to bend my knee very much. Remember the story of how I was trying to step up on the curb in order to get in line for a porta-potty during the race and a woman literally knocked me out of her way to get to the potty's first? I was knocked over and onto the ground. Not until a day or so after the marathon did I realize that the cyst was gone! Although I was banged up from the fall, I could actually bend my knee for the first time in forever! My friend who is a doctor said that when I fell it burst the cyst! Hoping yours goes away soon.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 7:10 AM
I'm pretty sure I've had one before and it popped.:shocker!:
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 5:39 AM
Gosh when I was in elementary school, we used to do the maypole dance, but other than that I don't recall doing anything special on this day.

I am going to start the month by walking with a new friend.  I met her on retreat last month.  She is a retired educator that moved here from the Dallas area and is divorced.  She is probably a year or two older than me.  I need to expand my circle of friends.

My husband was up at 5:30 and I got up also thinking it was later.  I may need more than 2 cups of coffee!
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:32 AM
I remember doing the maypole dance in school also! If Rob is lurking-The maypole dance and pole dancing are two completely different things!:roll:

It's so nice to walk with friends!
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 7:05 AM
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:09 AM
It's a fine day to start the month of May.  Excellent weather this morning!  Nice sunny skies to start the school day.  I started the day with an 8 mile run.  Nothing new.

I don't know much else.  This is really the last week of instruction for the school year.  Next week is state testing.  The two weeks after that is partying every day with different school-wide activities.  The month of May always means summer break is right around the corner.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:34 AM
We have excellent weather here this morning also! Have a wonderful day!
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:08 PM
So is school let out late May? 

I am sure that the kids are anxious for summer break!
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:12 AM
Happy May Day!

I am starting on the Whole30 (ish) challenge today. I am having such a difficult time ridding myself of some things that I should NOT be consuming and I'm hoping this will be the kick-start I need. Probably not the best time to do this with so much going on in my house right now, but then again--when is there NOT a lot going on in my house/world these days??

The weather is beautiful here again today and I will be going out for a walk in a little while. I'm hoping to add a little more running into my walk today, but we will see. I haven't had a lot of energy the past few days and it has been a struggle just getting the walking in.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 8:39 AM
my sister lasted 20 minutes on Whole 30.  I think you are more dedicated though.  You will do well.
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-01 2:15 PM
Please tell your sister that I WIN!! I went at least 5 hours before I had some coffee to which I added some dairy!! Sorry, but I just can't do the black coffee thing, and since I've given up Diet Coke, I have to have some way to get the caffeine into my system!:roll::roll: Yep-I'm dedicated.:roll: Caffeine was definitely a necessity though-It looks like Alex will be moving back with us when she gets out of the hospital on Thursday and I have to change a room that is now Ray's office/music room into a bedroom again. Not sure there's actually enough caffeine for this.....
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 2:21 PM
Yay!!  You win.:grin:

Oh man, I hope Alex doesn't get stuck with any hassle from her apartment and roommate.

Tom, oh Tom, please ship a case of WaWa coffee to dear Pam.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-02 5:39 AM
Thankfully, Alex has a wonderful roommate. I spoke with her earlier this week, and she talked to her parents, then to the apartment manager and they decided that the best thing would be for both of them to move out. The roommate isn't taking any summer classes anyway and was really only staying in the apartment because the lease isn't up until July 31 (and to be close to her boyfriend), so she is moving back in with her parents for the summer. If they can get their things out this weekend, they will only have to pay a fee to break the lease and forfeit their deposit. Alex will still owe some utility bills and some other things, but it will still be cheaper than trying to come up with the money to stay until the lease is up. I feel so sorry for the dear roommate and I wish we could help out so she could stay there, but she insists that she understands and that she and her parents are fine with it.
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:08 PM
I just bought a Capresso milk frother.  Oh my, I feel like I am having my coffee at a fancy coffee shop.
Parent - - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2018-05-01 8:21 AM
Happy May.
"jogged" 2 miles yesterday to keep the stupid streak alive. It really hurt. Will try and jog 2 miles this afternoon and not die.

Sam and I leave Thursday morning for Florida, for 5 days. She turned 50 last week and our anniversary is later this month.
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 11:18 AM
Belated birthday greetings to Sam!  Enjoy Florida!
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-05-01 10:55 AM
I'm at work but plan to stop at the gym on the way home.

Best May Day video of all time:
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 11:18 AM
I should have known it was hockey related!
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 1:20 PM
Good one!!
Parent - - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-01 11:24 AM
Plan calls for another 1.7 run. But the left hips is a bit grumpy, so we'll see.

I did get a walk in at lunch at work, so at least I have that ...
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 12:32 PM
Something is better than nothing!  One step at a time.

I used to love workout during my lunch when I worked.  It always refreshed me.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 1:18 PM
we have a cycling route affectionately known as the Grumpy Grind.  Bring your left hip.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 1:24 PM
"Grumpy Grind?"  Dawn that sounds nasty.  Oh wait, Diego is back and all our minds to the gutter! : pbbt:
Parent - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-01 5:07 PM
You say that like it is a bad thing .. :laugh:
Parent - - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-01 5:10 PM
Put you left hip in, throw your left hip out...
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 7:02 PM
Parent - By markhh [us] Date 2018-05-01 5:11 PM
The hip cooperated, so got the 1.4 miles in as a solid run with no walking.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 1:26 PM
Had a most enjoyable walk this morning with a new friend!  And now I am getting ready to meet my other new friend for a glass of wine. 

I pretended I was a landscaper this afternoon and I trimmed our shrubs.  They look better and at least I have a starting point.

I am watching an old episode of "Grey's Anatomy."  Oh I so enjoyed watching this show and was in love with Dr. McDreamy.  He is a hottie!
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 2:07 PM
with all these new friends, you are going to have a LOT of may baskets to make next year.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 6:10 PM
I looked at a few pictures and I think it is totally doable and maybe at a reasonable cost also.  Wouldn't it be neat to surprise someone?  Have them open their front door and voila, a May Day basket would be at their door!
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 7:03 PM
Amy made them for all the girls on her floor freshman year of college.  And it was finals week, so it was a nice treat.  Of course, it was kind of hard to keep the popcorn popping a secret......
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-05-02 5:40 AM
:hug:That's so sweet!
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-05-01 1:37 PM
I thought this article was interesting since the topic of anxiety came up the other day.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-05-01 2:09 PM
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