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Up Topic Communities / Masters / Good Wednesday Morning!! 4/25/28
- - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-04-25 6:29 AM
Good morning everybody!  Let's get started.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-04-25 6:30 AM
oh dear, it seems I've jumped ahead a decade.:shocker!::laugh:
Parent - - By Deb [us] Date 2018-04-25 9:50 AM
Hmmm did I miss something?
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-04-25 10:40 AM
I typed 4/25/28 rather than 4/25/18 in the title of the post.:roll:
Parent - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-04-25 6:41 AM
So the QotD - Where will you be in 10 years?

Hopefully I'll still be around, still running, maybe attending the kid's wedding, still working but only part time. But the big questions is, where will I be living?  Cindy and I don't know where we'll move to, if anywhere, should we outlive her parents.

I ran 5 this morning. 54 & overcast. I threw in a couple extra hills which could explain why I felt more tired than usual at the end.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-04-25 6:56 AM
I'm quite a bit off today.  I forgot to post after I started this darn thing.   

I like your QotD Dave.  Let's see...I hope to stay right where I am for my permanent address because I love my neighborhood.  But I hope we spend our winters elsewhere.  My running goal has always been to still be running 10 minute miles when I'm 80.  Life has a way of changing things so I'll amend that to just be running at any speed when I'm 80.  ( and that's 20 years away anyhow)

I set my post-kidney-stone PR at the time trials last night.:laugh:  Horribly slow but lots of fun.  A week ago we were in the 20's temperature wise, last night it was 75 when the run started.  First shorts run of the year.  All those un-tanned legs.:shocker!:  Next week we might be in the low 80's for the time trial.  We're going to need to set up a water table.  Felt like I'd been eating cotton last night.
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-04-25 10:34 AM
Kidney Stone 50k training,:cool:  I like your goal at 80.  Your Yoga will serve you well.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-04-25 1:09 PM
I'm a bit off everyday!! LOL! Our weather has been all over the place also!
Parent - - By Deb [us] Date 2018-04-25 10:07 AM
My hip and back were so painful yesterday (I could barely walk) that I called my old chiropractor. He was never my favorite and thought he was pretty mediocre, so I was looking around for others since he wasn't open until 3 Pm. I found one, but they didn't accept my insurance (typical story). They wanted me to pay $250 up front and $48 for a visit. So I called my old again and he said I'd be like a new paint, that kind of ticked me off, but i was in so much pain I said I would. It still kind of made me mad, so I called my insurance co and they gave me list.  Then I went through this rigamarole with the ones on the list. One was a little too earthy healing even for me. :shocker!: I like old style chiros that are hands on manual manipulation, electro stem, massage, etc. I called another, told them I was in excruciating pain, said I have an appointment in 10 days, uh did you hear the excruciating can't move part? One was closed. So I called another a little farther than I wanted to go, because I was that desperate! Ended up BINGO!!! he is really good chiro! Got me right in. Listened to everything I was saying and is an old style manual adjustment type guy. And a sports doctor to boot. None of this gentle, activator, easy touch $%&&^*$%!!

Still in a little pain today, but not like yesterday when I was in :cry::mutmad::sad: kind of pain. So no running today. But it's raining so I don't feel that sad about it. Just hope this heals quick!

Have a fun, healthy, safe day masters!!!
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-04-25 10:31 AM
That's good news on the chiro.  I've had the same one over 30 years.  The son is pretty much taking over.  Lots of hands on.  I figure close to 1000 adjustments.  Hey the old man was able to retire on me.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-04-25 10:41 AM
sorry for the chiro/insurance debacle,  be well.:hug:
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-04-25 1:08 PM
Glad you were able to get in to see someone! Insurance-DON'T get me started!! Hopefully you will be up for a run soon!
Parent - - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-04-25 10:40 AM
Back from oncologist this morning.  All the common blood counts, sugar, red, white, kidney etc were fine.  Proteins continue slow climb, but no spikes.  Put off treatment again.  Go to neurologist next week.  I just want to be able to see the grass from the green side in a decade.   My Aunt Shirley is still in hospital and may move today.

Chiro and massage this afternoon.

Tom in DE
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-04-25 10:42 AM
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2018-04-25 1:05 PM
Good afternoon! I just got back from a 2-mile walk with a bit of slogging thrown in. I had been trying to force myself out the door since 8 am. While I was out there, I asked myself, "WHY did I NOT want to do this earlier??" I had such a bad morning, but I feel much better now!

Ten years from now?? When my doctor told me I would need to take an anti-estrogen drug for ten years, I started to cry and said, " you think I will be ALIVE in 10 years???" He just shook his head, patted me on the back and said "YES!"......
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-04-25 3:40 PM
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-04-25 1:21 PM
I had about 200 yards to go on my 8 mile run this morning when someone called my phone asking me if I could drive a bus route this morning.  I agreed, called the bus driver to find out where her  route is, showered, gobbled down cereal, got the bus and drove the route.  First time I've subbed in the morning.  Usually it's the afternoon.
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-04-25 3:43 PM
I thought maybe you would run to the bus depot.  I also had a vision of you running and putting kids on your back while others were running along side all the way to school.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-04-25 2:31 PM
I am sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to the rain.  :hug:

This morning I did a 5.5 mile PW and then went to the nursery for some plants.  Will probably plant them tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the day!
Parent - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2018-04-25 3:44 PM
That's a good PW.
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