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- - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2018-03-17 9:38 AM
What are you up to today?
Parent - - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-03-17 12:11 PM
I managed 11 miles and my goal was 10. It was a quality 10, but the last mile was not so quality and included a walk break. I have trained harder this week so I am guessing that's why the extra mile was a struggle as opposed to a victory lap.:roll:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-03-17 3:42 PM
Well done!! Excellent double digit run.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-03-17 5:19 PM
I don't think I've ever had the last mile of a long run feel like a victory lap. :laugh:
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-03-19 6:54 PM

No. It's more of an "oh god, I want the potty, a hot bowl of soup and a shower" crawl.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-03-19 7:53 PM
I don't think I've ever wanted a hot bowl of soup. :laugh:  Maybe a glass of ice water or some potato chips, but I don't think I've ever wished for soup!
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-03-19 10:00 PM
I get cold after long runs, even in broiling hot weather. Once I stop, I will literally get borderline hypothermic, even in 85 F. weather and 90% humidity. So I will want something hot within a half-hour or so of stopping.
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-03-17 3:28 PM
7 miles! woot! And eked out sub-10 pace, barely :laugh: I felt pretty ok too. I think I should be able to slog through 15k on 4/7. 8 next Saturday, 9 the Saturday after, then race the Saturday after that. It won't be pretty, but I'll be glad to have done it.

did a little core work too. also had brunch with P and a friend. Making avgolemono now (Greek chicken rice lemon soup). yum.
Parent - By swandive Date 2018-03-17 5:19 PM
Wow, looking good. :cool:
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-03-17 7:01 PM
Glad you are making progress. I hope your race is a good experience.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-03-17 5:18 PM
I didn't run this morning. :blush:  There was an 80% chance of thunderstorms, so I didn't even set an alarm.  There weren't actual thunderstorms and it wasn't even raining by sunrise and I was quasi-awake so I could've gotten up, but I didn't.  Honestly, I was hoping for thunderstorms because I was too tired to run after working until 9pm three days in a row.  I am planning to do a long run tomorrow, though.

RR question: Do you get tired of your routes?  It seems that most of us run outdoors a fair amount and don't move terribly frequently, which limits the radius of new terrain.  I live in a semi-rural area, so running options are somewhat limited, but I swear I've run every runnable road within a 10-mile radius approximately a million times.  And for weekday runs, my options are so limited and I'm terribly bored with all of them. : pbbt:
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-03-17 6:27 PM
To your rr question: yes, though on the other side, I also appreciate having some routes that I know really well, that I can just put my shoes on and head outside without thinking too much, and that also give me a constant where I can compare my progress - or lack thereof : pbbt:  that said, I do travel and have fun figuring out new places to go, and am willing to drive a bit to get to some more unusual routes when I have the time for variety...
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-03-17 7:03 PM
Yes I do, but running with the various groups helps some. Still I have run made a few times.
Parent - - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2018-03-17 5:44 PM
30 min in 46.5 degree water. I think that was my coldest water temp in skin. Took a long time to warm up after, we need to get a hot tub, or sauna.
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-03-17 6:22 PM
Holy moly, that's cold. I think you need both the hot tub and the sauna. : pbbt:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-03-18 3:00 PM
:shocker!: what stickywicket said!
Parent - By Nomad Date 2018-03-18 3:54 PM
If you're serious, my experience with trying to warm up after running in -35C is that hot tub is better. I don't have a sauna but have the option of steam room or hot tub and the steam room leaves me feeling superficially warm but then I get cold again, like it's warmed my skin but no deeper. 15 mins in the hot tub on the other hand warms me all the way through & I'm fine the rest of the day.

The fact that I've been able to experiment extensively enough to have reached a conclusion is not a positive thing :roll:
Parent - - By stickywicket Date 2018-03-17 6:38 PM
I ran. Very happy, cause my Achilles has been bugging and I took some time off while doing exercises and they seem to have helped, knock on wood. I was in a really good routine so hoping. It to have to take anymore time off. Easy run, and walked up the hills, but still.

New neighbors moving into our street hope they're nice. : pbbt:

On a more dismaying front, I sat at a bus last week - one that I don't often use but in a major area, looked down at the bench and saw antisemitic graffiti. :sad: I called the council to clean it up, but 5 days later it is still there. Not sure how long it usually takes them to get to things and wondering if I should just go and try to clean it, though I don't know what would get it off. Traveling in small town Midwest US I felt very "other", not sure if it's just the way things are now - apparently everywhere, or just...unfortunate.
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-03-18 3:00 PM
that's really unfortunate and unsettling about the graffiti, and that it has not been addressed yet.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-03-18 7:45 PM
Glad to hear your Achilles is cooperating.

:meh: on the graffiti.  If you decide to take on the cleanup process yourself, I'd suggest consulting Google.  I'm sure other people have asked about the best way to scrub off graffiti.  As for the sentiment behind the graffiti, :mutmad:.
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-03-19 2:22 AM
I contacted someone who's taking charge of making sure the people who are supposed to actually do their job. Hopefully that take scare of it.
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2018-03-18 3:00 PM
sunday: 4 mile hike with P in the Ergo in the am, and a 4 mile slow jog in the afternoon. 4 days in a row of running. Ready for a day of yoga only tomorrow, and feeling a bit better about getting my mojo back on track. I'm slow, but slow miles are better than no miles.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2018-03-18 7:42 PM
Getting stuff done by just not sitting down works until the point when I actually sit down and am unable to get up again.  It was hot last night so I was awake before my alarm went off.  I headed out at first light and ran 15.5, showered, and started working before I got (an albeit late) breakfast.  Finally warmed up some leftover pizza for supper sometime after 8 o'clock.  Now I'm definitely too tired to move.
Parent - By stickywicket Date 2018-03-19 2:47 AM
:hug: you need a vacation. Maybe in Nz. Come with Reebs. :wink:
Parent - - By Mickey [us] Date 2018-03-19 4:41 PM
I really want cookie season to be over... my kids are trying to earn a Mac book & I'm pretty tired of cookie sales! On the upside, my two children may outsell the entire rest of the troop put together :roll::laugh: and we have a fairly large troop. At least there will be no parents complaining my kids "take it easy" and that their kid "worked so very hard to sell cookies" and therefore their family should have a bigger say in how the money is spent. (noooo, I'm not going to keep those numbers in my back pocket at all! :mischief:) Anyone want cookies? : pbbt:

Also, interesting stuff at work that I can't get into online.

And interesting (in a bad way) stuff with my knee that I can.  I think I have an inflamed bursa below the kneecap, it was aggravated last fall when I went scuba diving, and then again over winter when I tripped over a toy & landed squarely on that knee with all my weight. The swollen lump is squishy (liquid filled) and still about the size of a ping-pong ball, though not that shape, much flatter. But I cannot kneel down at all - zero pressure on that knee. Not cool.  I haven't tried running, but after a full day of hiking & stairs & climbing hills, it's not particularly happy, but not screaming either. bleh. time to see a real doc :meh:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-03-20 9:00 AM
How many more boxes do your kids need to sell?
Parent - By Mickey [us] Date 2018-03-20 6:15 PM
233-ish boxes to go.  We should get about half of that in credit from the troop booths (two booths to go, so still tallying those)
Parent - - By NotSoFast [us] Date 2018-03-20 1:34 PM
I know people that want cookies. PM me your email and I will send it to them. They are normal folks. Well normal as I am...
Parent - By Mickey [us] Date 2018-03-20 6:16 PM

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