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- - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:03 AM
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:14 AM
Ugh. My kids are nightmares right now. Rip was up late again but this time for homework and making her valentine box. She wasn't in bed until 10. Complaining that she had done school work all day and didn't get to do anything fun. Even recess was canceled due to the weather. Tj was in bed earlier, but was still a nightmare this morning. I swear they will both be in bed at 8pm tonight. :cry:

After we do valentines.

Baseball practice starts tomorrow. And it is full swing. He'll have 3 practices this week, 4 with an optional on Sunday. :shocker!: We'll see if he wants to go to that last one. Rip's soccer isn't off to a great start with the fields canceled every night. They'll have indoor practice twice this week. At least it is practice.

Work is meh. I feel like I'm falling all over myself with weirdness right now.

Feel like a hoarder. I'm not. But I have so much I want to get rid of. :meh:
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:24 AM
10 isn’t too bad if it doesn’t happen regularly. But, I’d be like you. 8 p.m. it is tonight! : pbbt:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:27 AM
She is my easy one so I'll let her stay up every once in a while. But after this weekend, we all need sleep. We are all dragging.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:26 AM
I'd better be in bed before 8 myself haha
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:28 AM
You get up at 3?

I've found myself waking up at 430 these days. I need to actually get up and go for a run or something. :shocker!:
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:36 AM
Yup up by 3
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-02-13 11:46 AM
what is up with Valentine's boxes these days - they seem so elaborate when I see pix on fb
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 12:05 PM
Rip's is usually pretty but this year we didn't have the bigger paper so we had to just tape the heck out of it. Then she drew on it. She was happy with it.
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:22 AM
--I presume the TM guy is coming today. He never confirmed anything. His communication skills haven’t been the best.

--OK, so I stay up a little bit last night to watch the Olympics. Iowa was tired, went to bed. When I go to bed he turns over and said “I’m going to ski jump on you.” :laugh::laugh: Some sexual Olympic dream he was having? :laugh: He had no recollection of saying that. Too funny.

--Car insurance went up $200. :wtf: I’m guessing it’s because they don’t have my homeowners policy anymore. Whatever. Time to shop around for new car insurance. Geez, that’s all I feel I do lately. I was probably going to change it anyway. It’s thru an independent agent (she took over after her brother’s death) and she has been absolutely terrible at running the business.

--So, I stop by my mechanic’s shop the other day to see if he’ll just check my oil and top it off. My car has been using a little and I sometimes have to add some between oil changes. I pull up and he comes out and was like, “Are you here for an inspection?” I told him no and asked him if he’d check my oil. “You don’t need an inspection?”. No, at least I hadn’t received any renewal notice. “What year is your car?” 2004. “You need an inspection!” :laugh: Yep, sure enough tags are expiring in March. He wrote up the inspection then I went to the DMV got the new tags and got a new driver’s license with my new address while I was there. Came home and got to wondering about Iowa’s truck. I thought his tags were due before mine. Yep, sure enough, his expired in December 2017! Oops! So, either they don’t send out renewal notices anymore or they didn’t get forwarded by the postal service. Who knows?

--Going to take the kids to an “All You Can Eat” buffet when they are here from CA. I think that’ll be a good Midwest cultural experience for them. :laugh::wink:
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:27 AM
Hahaha I can't help myself, I still love an all you can eat buffet.

Might hit up Golden Corral tonight for Fat Tuesday :grin:
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:28 AM
Mmmmm golden corral! Yummy! Excellent idea for Fat Tuesday!
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:42 AM
I was thinking Golden Corral although I’m not a fan. There is another place in KC called Peachtree Restaurants but it’s a lot of soul food. Not sure how fried catfish and collard greens will go over with the kids. Any other suggestions?
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:47 AM
They'd probably be alright with the catfish...

What about a casino? I think Ameristar has a big buffet...
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 1:48 PM
Can you take kids in there?
Parent - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-02-13 1:58 PM
Ya should be able to. Just not on the gaming floor.
Parent - - By Mickeyd Date 2018-02-13 12:08 PM
Do you have a Ryan's?  I prefer them over Golden Corral, but the one near us closed.
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 1:48 PM
I think we used to have one of those in Springfield but I haven’t seen or heard anything about it in years. I bet it’s closed too.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-02-13 1:14 PM
I really wanted to go to Golden Corral for breakfast when I was pregnant, We finally decided to go one day and got there and it was closed - it had closed a week or two prior. I was so mad!
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 1:47 PM
I’ve only been to Golden Corral once and I basically lost my appetite with all the morbidly obese people with their plates piled high with food. It was really kind of sad. I don’t think you really missed out on much.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-02-13 2:17 PM
buffets generally gross me out, we would go as kids for like Easter and similar holidays. I never liked it then. But man I wanted a plate piled high with bacon :laugh::laugh:
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:31 AM
All-you-can-eat......: pbbt::hug::cool:

I watched a bit of the olympics, but all they wanted to talk about was Shaun White so i turned it off. Watched Chicago Med.
Parent - By spiritbear [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:42 AM
Hmmm, I didn’t see anything about Shaun White. It was pretty much all about Chole Kim last night, as it should have been. She rocked. :cool:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-02-13 1:14 PM
I agree that they seemed to talk about him an awful lot and it wasn't even a men's snowboard event
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-02-13 11:48 AM
Way to go mechanic! That sort of sounds like my driver's license renewal - I never got anything in the mail saying it expired and the only reason I realized it was because I happened to look down and see one day
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:32 AM
DirectTVNOW is awesome! Now if only I could have cheaper internet from comcast.:mutmad:
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:36 AM
~After Suzi got off work we went and picked up our new trailer to haul timing gear in. Our last BIG expense.

~Of course the lights wouldn't work. UHaul did the wiring harness on Suzi's jeep. They weren't working awhile back and she took it back to then and they supposedly "fixed it" (they replaced a friggin fuse---I bet you $100 they didn't ground it properly). So we're hauling this thing home an hour on the highway with no working lights on it and it's getting dark, all the while she is on the phone cussing at Uhaul who is telling her "your trailer is probably drawing too many amps" ??????  :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:  They get to see her again Wed. They won't enjoy that.

~Then had to pick up some padlocks and wheel chocks. Very late dinner for me.

~Supposed to get the sunroof replaced this afternoon if the glass comes in. Fingers crossed.

~Day 9 of return to Paleo. So far so good. Was feeling kind of off yesterday but went to the gym to hit the treadmill anyway. Felt pretty good. Longer run than normal and could have gone longer except my nipples had rubbed clean off my body. Friggin million degrees in there and I was drenched.

~Happy Fat Tuesday. Happy Kiss Day. Happy World Radio Day.
Parent - - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:46 AM
Good job with the paleo!

Do you really need the nipples? :shocker!::laugh: Do you have that problem often? Seems like at a certain point maybe they'd just stay gone. Kind of like plucked eyebrows disappear with time.
Parent - - By flyguy (Stump Grinder) [us] Date 2018-02-13 7:48 AM
actually after a certain point they get to where they are ALWAYS chafed. it sucks

Winter is cool cuz compression shirts stop it but in nice weather gotta wear tape or bandaids. It's ridiculous
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 8:11 AM
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2018-02-13 11:49 AM
hope the trailer thing gets fixed soon, how annoying.

that sunroof pic was crazy
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2018-02-13 11:52 AM
I ran on the TM last night! For a mile. Only 1/2 mile in and my left knee was killing me - made myself make it a mile and then I stopped. I think the last time I ran outside my knee hurt too but it was worse on the TM. Tried getting on the foam roller last night but it was super painful, I'm sure it is my ITB that's what it  always is

Working from home today. B decided he was super sleepy and so I let him sleep in. Then M forgot to check my tires last night since my tire pressure light came on yesterday afternoon so I decided I'd take it to a tire place after daycare. But the line was like 4 deep right when they opened so I went home

My closest grocery store is undergoing a big renovation so they have everything a mess and are starting to rearrange areas - ugh this is going to be super annoying.

Should probably get a few things done around the house since I'm home but idk

Might try to run or run/walk today outside since it is going to be 40s and sunny. Enjoy the nice weather while I can.
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2018-02-13 12:33 PM
Def go for a walk/run. Enjoy the weather!

As for the rest of things getting done.....meh.:laugh:
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