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- - By stickywicket Date 2018-01-24 7:03 PM
We're heading to the US - me soon, ministicky and mr. sticky a little later, so this question is a little late for me, but still relevant for mini and Mr S. But I've been reading about how awful this year's flu season is in the US, and I'm pretty sure flu vaccines are already available here, though flu season doesn't start here until way after we get back.

So the question is, should we get the NZ vaccine before leaving? How close would the vaccine here be to what we would need in the US? Since you're supposed to get one annually, how long does the vaccine last?:wtf:
Parent - By Mickey [us] Date 2018-01-25 8:47 AM
You probably want to discuss this with a travel-related-doc. They would know the specifics of the strains of flu present in your vaccine.

What I recall from my own doctor - Flu vaccine takes ~2 weeks to build 'full immunity' in a person. The vaccine 'lasts' until the flu mutates, which means in some cases, they miss the particulars & it's a bad match.  This is what happened in the US this year, our vaccine is a poor match for the strain going around.

What a friend reported - her daughter tested positive for Influenza type A this week.  (and strep! poor kid)
Parent - By gophergirl [mx] Date 2018-01-25 9:30 AM
Talk to travel clinic but from what I hear it is very similar. It does take 2 weeks for immunity and flu is peaking in US right now. Each year vaccine is different based on best guess of what strains will be out there. So you would continue to get a vaccine each year. If it is available I'd say get it.
Up Topic Communities / Women / Flu question

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