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- - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-01-19 5:03 AM
Thank heavens! Not only two days off, but I get rid of that pesky "Oil Change Required" light at 4:30 today.:cool:
Parent - - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-01-19 5:08 AM
Yesterday became an SDO which was expected. I haven't gotten much running done this week, but why mess with a good thing since Thursday is usually my SDO. I'm heading to the gym in a few. I hope to get 3-4 and weights. I have a 10K coming up in a week. Starting to think I may not be ready. Not that I won't finish, but just that I may not obtain desire results. Goal is to get under 51 minutes, but my spadework has been sporadic and have been running relatively short (6 at most) distances.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2018-01-19 7:52 AM
Sustained rest can help a lot. You may surprise yourself! :grin:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 1:34 PM
Glad you are getting the oil changed. (You know, that's a good opportunity for a run, I find, heading out while the car is having its maintenance.)

And if you don't get the desired results for the 10K, I suspect the weather might have something to do with it.
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-01-19 4:56 PM
Catching up on Netflix and forum time. It's all good.
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2018-01-19 7:51 AM
Thursday I did 45 minutes running at the gym on the track. Hip flexors are now much happier. If we do the gym, I try to go two days in succession since that will even out the turns. They alternate directions on the track daily. This weekend I may get outside since the temps are supposed to rise into the low 40's! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
Today I plan a run, then 2-3 volunteer hours at the library. I am always wiped out after that. There is so much walking, reaching, carrying books, pushing heavy carts, etc. on a cement floor. I think that is what is so tiring. I’ll run before I go.
Safe and happy runs, All! :hug:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 1:33 PM
Is there a sign telling people which way to run? Or do you have to remember Thursday = counterclockwise?

You know what's scary -- a couple of decades from now there may be a problem because the digital generation has never seen a clock with hands and doesn't know which way is clockwise and which is counterclockwise.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2018-01-19 1:38 PM
Er, not a couple of decades from now - my own daughter stares at me blankly when I use those terms with her!  And we have several analog clocks in the house so it's not like she's never seen one - she even knows how to tell time from them.  It's just not phraseology that is used amongst her peers.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 1:48 PM
Can your DD read cursive? I just found out last year that my kids couldn't read the notes I was leaving them. And my handwriting is clear and easy to read (so I've been told). I now text anything important, but I was horrified to find out they couldn't read cursive writing.
Parent - - By skigirl Date 2018-01-19 2:09 PM
Yes, she can, fortunately!  Are you sure your kids can't read your notes - or are they looking for an excuse to disregard the information/requests therein?  :wink:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 4:37 PM
Could be...I wouldn't put it past them. But they claim they can't read them even when the information contained therein is favourable to them!
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2018-01-19 9:53 AM
Slept through alarm today :meh: hoping to squeeze in 8 mile hill run between work, O getting home and my appointment for a much needed brow wax. The benefit is it will 40 degrees this afternoon!
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-01-19 10:06 AM
Maybe this afternoon.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 1:32 PM
Hope you can get those 8 miles in.
Parent - - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2018-01-19 10:40 AM
Tales from the gym...
The pool is a three lane pool, which means two lane lines.  Today, one of them was out.  So the cluster **** from wednesday continued. No one really knew where to swim.  There was one person in the one lane, and 5 of us in the double lane (three were water walking). And at one point two more guys came and they joined the one in the one lane. But none of them knew how to circle swim, so they all just kinda crashed into each other.  I finally got the spot against the lane line and just stuck to my lane.  But a lot of people were back stroking, and no one really backstrokes straight.:roll:

Then the woman with the music in the shower was there, and playing music. And she's now bald.  Not sure if it is chemo bald or shaved head bald, as she has some fuzz. Either way, it doesn't excuse rudeness.

I couldn't take on two things today, so I only talked to gym management about the pool. I asked about why the lane line was out, and none of the three people at the desk seemed to know. I was wondering if someone had thought it would give us more room after wednesday. So I told the woman about wednesday and she seemed horrified (especially when I said I saw a swimmer swim over another-- ok in a triathlon, but not in a recreational pool). I suggested signs. So perhaps we will make some progress.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 1:31 PM
WE had people singing in the shower yesterday (not with the radio, just singing) and I thought of you.
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-01-19 4:53 PM
I'd focus on the pool. The shower singer can wait.: pbbt:
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2018-01-19 11:04 AM Edited 2018-01-19 11:11 AM
SDO today. I am in that mindset in which I want to do all the things and get all the fitness NOW, but gotta respect the need for recovery time. A walk today is probably all that is on tap.

Yesterday at yoga class, a new guy came in and joined us at the last second, wearing jeans and looking very casual. Guy of moderate height and middle age, but obviously in great shape. And he just goes through the class like a pro. Tons of strength, amazing flexibility, can do moves that the rest of us can't...and I am just watching him out of the side of my eye wondering what his deal is, because he is impressive without being show-offy or a jerk about it, but...yeah.

Made a comment after class about how nice it is that jeans these days have some Lycra in them for stretch, which made him laugh a little, and we introduced ourselves and I complimented him on his flexibility, and he said he'd been doing yoga for over 40 years...and that he had started taking classes at age 7 as an adjunct to his interest in diving. He went on to become an Olympic diver!!! I didn't feel quite so backward then for not being able to do all the moves he could. : pbbt::laugh::laugh:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 1:31 PM
Wow! On both competing at the Olympics and on being able to do yoga in jeans.
Parent - By skigirl Date 2018-01-19 1:42 PM
A couple of years ago I was spectating at the midway point of the Canadian Birkebeiner xc ski race and, amongst the front-of-the-pack skiers, was a guy skiing in jeans and a plaid shirt - quite incongruent with the spandex-clad skiers around him.  The first aid volunteer was a little concerned about him and kept asking him if he was warm enough and could continue, etc., and he just looked her oddly and said he was fine.  I was super-curious and after the race looked up his bib number to find out his name and then googled him - turned out he had represented Canada at two Olympic games!  So there was certainly no issue about him being fit enough to do the race (although blue jeans would not have been the most comfortable ski-racing outfit, to be sure).
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-01-19 4:54 PM
Maybe it's like the blue jean mile, but he's going for a blue jean yoga title.:wtf:
- - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 4:38 PM
6.32 miles. I was a bit annoyed to find out that the reduce speed button on the TM wasn't working, so I had to key in each speed decrease by hand. Finally gave up and made it a progressive run, increasing by 0.1 every 4 minutes.
Parent - - By noquitter [us] Date 2018-01-19 4:55 PM
Someone might get hurt if they didn't know that.:shocker!:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2018-01-19 10:40 PM
Possible, or at the very least be in trouble if they didn't have the presence of mind to stand on the side rails rather than keep running at a high rate of speed.
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