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- - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-01-05 6:16 AM
It's Friday.  It's cold!  The weekend is almost officially here!

Who's running today?  And ... go!
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-01-05 6:22 AM
I ran 6 miles in -2 windchill ... again ... for the 4th morning in a row with the chill factor being a sub-zero.  I'm getting used to it now.  When it warms up to 30F, I'll be sweating bullets.

Melissa and Ryan are going to her grandmother's funeral today.  Makayla is at home recovering from her oral surgery.  Pain is still there and she looks like a chipmunk with her face swollen.  I'm at work.

No big plans for the weekend.  I will spend some time with Ryan before he drives back tomorrow. 

We finally took down our Christmas tree last night.  We've never kept one up past New Year's Day until this year.  It was a real tree, and I kind of liked having it up and decorated, but the branches were getting pretty brittle.  Some of my neighbors still have outdoor Christmas lights shining in the morning.  Makes a nice view for early morning running.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-01-05 7:05 AM
My tree is still up.  It's very dry as I haven't watered it since Christmas.  I want all the water evaporated so I make less of a mess when I drag it out.  I turn on it's lights each morning and sit with my coffee and the quiet for a bit and its a good start to my day. (and then quickly unplug it) Today though was the last day for that.  The tree recycle service comes tomorrow morning.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:15 PM
I love twinkle lights. I use my kids as an excuse to decorate for every occasion.
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-01-05 6:42 AM
Good morning

It's 41 degrees here and should be a sunny day.  So glad.

May Melissa and Ryan have a safe trip.  My friend is burying her Dad also today.  The burial will be in Ohio.

I will probably spend most of the day at our church office today.  We are mailing 700 invitations to the annual volunteer dinner and placing a prayer in Spanish on all the missals.

Have a good day all and stay warm.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-01-05 7:06 AM
enjoy the sunshine and your church friends.
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-01-05 7:15 AM
Thank you.  Have a great day yourself with the church ministry.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:16 PM
it sounds like a great and fun day. there will be lots of laughter I'm sure.

I'm sorry about your friend.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-01-05 7:10 AM
Still sub zero.  Still not minding it.  Misha and I took 3 walks yesterday.  All that fresh air and some green tea each day will keep the flu away I hope.  If it lasts much longer tho I will be getting a little stir crazy.

Today is day 4 of True Yoga.  I've not done consecutive days of yoga before so this is a new experience.  Yesterday was focused on stretching so it really felt good.  I haven't looked up today's practice yet but since yesterday was an easy day.....:shocker!:

Who's running today?    Ask me next week.:happy:
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2018-01-05 10:34 AM
You make Misha's life a happy one.  Hope the yoga goes well.
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:17 PM
I can't do yoga every day. I wish I could. I just hurt myself

stay warm
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-01-05 8:37 AM
10° here with -4° windchill.

I went to the gym and ran 3.5 on the treadmill. After a mile warm-up  I did 5 x .25 at a quicker pace followed by .25 slower to recover.  It wasn't anything planned. Just an idea that popped into my head during the opening mile.

Work is up and down. Today is "full crappy" mode.  There are too many project managers and they all want to know "how long this will take".  They don't like it when I answer, "How do I know?"  or "I can let you know after I finish." 

On top of that, I am supposed to be managing 2 people. Keeping them busy, checking their work, doing the annual performance reviews, and now I am supposed to be setting team and individual goals. :roll:  I had to attend a S.M.A.R.T. goal setting class and then a class on how to add the goals to our human resources software.
Parent - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-01-05 9:43 AM
Parent - - By runnergeel [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:18 PM
Dave what do you do for a living. nosy rosy wants to know

great job on the mill. when I'm  healthy I like to play around on the thing
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:33 PM
I'm a computer programmer for a company that pays claims (medical, dental, vision) for self-insured companies.  But I have been at the place since 1984 and that leaves me involved in practically anything that is going on. 

(My fancy official title is "Applications Systems Engineer" but I don't ever get to drive trains.)
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2018-01-05 1:11 PM
got it. it seems stressful.
Parent - - By runnergeel [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:18 PM
4 miles  in -2* what the heck. it's the wind. my buff froze.
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:48 PM
your buff and probably everything else!
Parent - By runnergeel [us] Date 2018-01-05 1:51 PM
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2018-01-05 2:56 PM
Well I am back from my volunteer duty.  We did our tasks in 2 1/2 hours -- not bad at all!

I did my video workout, 30 second plank and one push up before I left.  This afternoon is gorgeous; sunny, blue skies and 57 degrees!  Hard to believe that we were freezing earlier this week.

Stay warm and be careful if you are out and about.
- By Ron274 [us] Date 2018-01-05 3:30 PM
Happy Friday! Off to the gym this morning and did a walk/run around the perimeter 2xs as a warm up. Upper body session and another lap around the course before heading home and hoping on the bike for a short 15.0 miles. Think I hit all the disciplines but swimming today.
Pool is too darn cold for my ole bones.
Bible study group this evening.
Run safe!
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