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Up Topic General / Letters and Opinions / Can somebody delete Trump's twitter account?
- - By mutiger [us] Date 2018-01-03 7:30 PM
Ive had enough of his shit. :roll: + where does he have the time to do this while being POTUS?
Parent - - By tasmulder [us] Date 2018-01-03 8:16 PM
I think young son is doing it for him:laugh:
Parent - - By mutiger [us] Date 2018-01-04 1:07 AM
you mean the little kid?
Parent - By tasmulder [us] Date 2018-01-05 5:35 PM
Parent - By Tommeke Date 2018-01-04 5:12 AM
I still don't get how he is able to pump money from the government into his businesses, like Mar-a-Lago, just by staying and organizing stuff there.
Same with Trump Tower. Suddenly it becomes a building that tax-payers should put money in to protect the family. Of course the whole security contingency needs to stay there and pays premium.

In Belgium an important politician got into trouble because he was present at a big birthday party of a big real estate developer/entrepreneur.
That's where the standard is around here regarding ethics and corruption.
But then the whole system of party-funding you have in the US is highly illegal in most European countries (and probably a big part of the world).
Not that it doesn't happen, you have corruption everywhere, and certainly in big governments like Belgium (usually through nepotism), but at least things that are just happening in the open in the US are definitely seen as corruption here and can only happen in back-rooms.
Parent - - By sideshowbob Date 2018-01-04 7:25 AM
Hell no—S. Colbert
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-01-04 2:18 PM
Parent - - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-01-04 1:44 PM
Trump's on Twitter?
Parent - - By mutiger [us] Date 2018-01-09 7:55 PM
I don't have a twitter account, I see his twitter posts all over NPR
Parent - By Mookiethedog Date 2018-01-09 8:51 PM
Thank you for your timely reply :hug:
Parent - By Elcontador [us] Date 2018-01-04 3:39 PM
There is some entertainment value if you only check up on him once a week.  But as someone else wrote, maybe his youngest child is doing it.
Parent - - By gadget girl Date 2018-01-09 12:05 PM
Since all other options have been tried to no avail, it seems like the only reasonable course of action is for Twitter to stop operating for the next 3 years, for the good of the country.  : pbbt:
Parent - - By N70SAK Date 2018-01-09 2:25 PM
Win. Win. : pbbt:
Parent - By gadget girl Date 2018-01-09 3:58 PM
:cool:: pbbt:
- - By tizzy319 (gaping five hole) [us] Date 2018-01-05 9:39 AM
Interesting analysis

The article above is a little disturbing but am glad someone is studying these kinds of things.  It at least begins to make sense (as much as this can).
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:33 PM
So perhaps he isn't imbalanced, he just plagiarizes because he is too lazy or dumb to think for himself?

That is a very interesting article.
Parent - - By cowboyjunkie Date 2018-01-05 12:40 PM
There was a Washington Post interview with him before the election where in the course of the article he stopped 5 times to watch TV.

But he says he doesn't watch much TV :meh:

This is what really troubles me. To paraphrase Shakespeare, it will all end up being sound and fury signifying (or resulting) in nothing. Except the destruction of what we once knew has the U.S.
Parent - By noel (Kilotons of Honky Tonk Badonkadonk) Date 2018-01-05 8:04 PM
- By LDR (100 Mile Stud) [us] Date 2018-01-05 12:22 PM
I was reading something on VOX yesterday morning and learned of a Twitter feed you can 'follow' - @trumps_feed.  I gave it a go, and was nearly overwhelmed by the volume, much of it FOX news.  Interesting insight into what he feeds off of...
- By sideshowbob Date 2018-01-05 4:39 PM
At least  he is consistent. His supporters got the same guy they voted for, more's the pity. I have a number of relatives and friends that I talked to last fall before the election who vocal advocates of Trump
They are more quiet now , but still not openly critical of him.
To me, it's like holding long standing religious beliefs . Even when discredited they still believe. Cognitive dissonance, I guess.
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