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- - By Dave59 [us] Date 2017-11-03 5:27 AM
Hey folks. What's Up?

A Facebook friend who is an exercise nut spends his bike rides & runs listening to podcasts and was giving a very high recommendation on some headphones. I don't remember the brand and I can't find his post on them, but they rest against your cheek bones near your ears and the sound travels through your cheek bones. It leaves your ears open to still hear things.  I was intrigued and went to Best Buy yesterday to see if they sold anything like that, which they do, so I tried them. They are very cool. I kind of want a pair because I don't really like stuff stuffed in my ears, but I haven't been listening to anything when I run for quite a while now. I left my MP3 player in my pocket and it went through the washer.  I've never bought a replacement.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass that on.

A girl at Best Buy said a deaf girl bought a pair and was able to hear music for the first time. I'm not sure what to believe on that claim. 

When I asked about the headphones, one guy working there had a pair on and let me try them. After a couple minutes we had a group of about 6 people trying them and passing them around.  Everyone was amazed.
Parent - By Dave59 [us] Date 2017-11-03 5:38 AM
Put me down for an easy 3 miles this morning.  I haven't been sleeping very good for about a week now and today was no different. Restless night and then woke up at 4:00 AM.

I am totally burned out at work so I am taking today off and taking a 3-day break from work. I will not take my work laptop out of the bag. (I almost always do a "little something" on the weekend for work.)  I'll probably take a mini break from most of my computers and tablets this weekend except for some forum and social stuff now and then.

I really liked those headphones at Best Buy, but I almost never use headphones so it is hard to come up with a rationalization to spend $100. I did buy a new Kuerig while at Best Buy. I don't know how many years we've been running our first Kuerig, but it has been a long time.  It won't make a full cup of coffee anymore. I ran vinegar through twice to descale it and I followed all the directions on the internet to make sure everything was cleared out but nothing helped.  The new one is doing a good job so far this morning.

I am going to clean up the house.  That always seems to steady my restlessness.  And then I'll do some reading.  Maybe go to a movie.  Cindy is gone to the Smoky Mountains this weekend for a women's retreat.  It'll be nice to have the place to myself for a few days.
Parent - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2017-11-03 7:34 AM
Morning Dave. My SWIM MP3 player (which i never use anymore because i dont swim) has those kind of cheekbone earphones. worked well under water.

Running 5 miles or so at lunch time
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-11-03 8:51 AM
Hi Dave.  I thought you were going to be telling us you picked up Iphone X.   I'm glad that wasn't the case.

I had an audiologist  put the headphones on my skull behind my ears once.  This sounds similar.

Today is the only sunny, dry, almost warm day of the week.  My grass is about 9" long so today's plan is to cut that down to size for one last time.  Then we have rain and thunderstorms changing over to snow for the next 10 days.  The lack of sun really gets to me, the rest of the weather I'm ok with.

I've been to the library and grabbed a couple books recommended over on L&O.  And I've got a body weight workout to get to today too.  Probably before the lawn mowing session.  So yeah, wild times here.:roll:
Parent - By Dave59 [us] Date 2017-11-03 9:01 AM
I'm not an Apple guy.
Parent - By Dave59 [us] Date 2017-11-03 8:51 AM
Not even 11:00 and I've vacuumed the rugs, Swiffer wet jetted the floors, cleaned the bathrooms, and then I rented a Rug Doctor from the grocery store and cleaned the carpets.

It pays to live in a small condo.

Got the laundry done too. Last load is about to go in the dryer.

This should give me a good mental boost.
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2017-11-03 9:40 AM
I have my earbuds in every run.  Not for music, but for podcasts.  Those headphones are interesting but I don't think I want to shell out the money for them.

My morning run was 5 miles.  That was purposeful as a way to lessen the typical daily miles so that maybe I can have a good long run tomorrow on trails.  I got up at the same time and had much more time to linger over coffee and some reading before I had to leave for work.
Parent - By DottieO Date 2017-11-03 10:43 AM
I have a couple sets of Bluetooth headphones I like them. I spent around 45-50$ on each. One set for home and one set at apartment. No iphone X for me yet. As soon as my contract with ATT is done I’m probably going to get onto a new plan with no kids! :laugh:

This morning I had an early 3 mile run then stacked wood so Danny has plenty while I’m here on the mainland. Right now my clothes are getting washed in a laundry mat. :cry: I’m in my truck playing on my phone and listening to Avenging Annie on the radio. Haven’t heard this song in a long time.

Parent - By OldAndInTheWay Date 2017-11-03 12:07 PM
Got 2 cords of firewood delivered today.
ran 5.01 miles at lunch time.
Work was rough this week. happy its almost over.
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-11-03 5:18 PM
I am in Mobile AL.  Long driving day.
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